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    [WIP] Female base model project

    Get females working in Arma 3 and Ill send you my tears in a crystal bottle for fucks sake.
  2. foogoo


    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't stop work on this and keep doing the amazing thing you are doing. this is the last thing I need before I can be completely content with arma.
  3. foogoo

    [WIP] Female base model project

    If you get this going and a basic version released soon....I think I might cry tears of happiness...the all male world of Arma 3 is making me go bonkers now that they added a map like Tanoa, the thing is beautiful and feels lived in but a bunch of men running around and no women to be seen will kill the immersion for me... Your mod, may fix this and if it does, will be the best mod of 2016.
  4. foogoo

    Zee Identity Pack

    Was just wondering if the work on females has gone away for this other stuff? Was happy to see females being added into Arma 3 but it has been kinda disappointing as this mod moved away, was the only mod working on females that didn't give off a creepy vibe....