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  1. Any chance we'll see the BCM Jack Carbine to be updated to use the B5 Systems SOPMOD stock it is actually equipped with IRL? If not, keep on trucking... You definitely produce the highest quality weapon mods for Arma 3 at the moment. Great work!
  2. presidenthill

    MK18 Mod 1

    Great update! Although I would like to point out some trouble I've run into regarding the sounds of the guns. I can definitely hear the new sounds of the unsuppressed rifles by lord jarhead (which are awesome)... Although, when I place a suppressor on any of the rifles, it just sounds like the vanilla Arma 3 suppressed rifles which are god awful. I've used all of the additional configs included with the download and I'm not sure as to what might be causing this to happen. Again, great update and I am very thankful to have some awesome looking 203 Block 2 variants.
  3. Hey there, at the moment something has me quite stumped. A mission that I have created will not run saying I cannot run/edit this mission due to deleted content "uns_traps"... Where I am confused is, this said file is not a required addon in my my mission.sqm... And even so, "uns_traps.pbo" is definitely present in my @UNS mod folder. So I'm not sure why its saying I don't have it, or why I even need it since I haven't placed any traps on the map. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  4. presidenthill

    Multi-Session Operations v4.5 released

    Can anyone please help me? I've searched everywhere and cannot for the life of me figure out how to add additional enemy factions to the MSO script. I know the correct faction name and everything, but I can't manage to add the faction to the enemy/init.sqf without it breaking my mission. (If I use the exact syntax as the other factions, yet just use the name of the new faction, it crashes my game.)
  5. Thanks for the quick reply :) Now my mission will allow for blasting gooks in the jungle in place of taki insurgents. XD
  6. Hi I was wondering where I could find the technical faction names of the Unsung factions? I'm creating an MSO in Unsung atm and I need the names of the factions that would go into a .sqf file. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I was just wondering if you think the CMS medical system would be compatible with the new Unsung release? My friends and I have been working on creating an Unsung realism unit for a few months now. Seeing as how ACE does not work with the new version, we are trying to find every possible route to avoid using the absolutely god awful medical system available in basic Arma 2.