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  1. This is what the Trigger has set @killzone_kid and @Lucullus
  2. I have it set to ANYBODY and PRESENT. I agree it's very peculiar. I'll keep trying to mess around with it until it works on everyone. Thank you though!
  3. I want to add the Fired eventHandler to every player that walks into my TriggerArea. My current setup is below. However, what seems to be happening is that it is only applying it to a few players (for the most part none). It always seems to add it to me, but not really to the other 70+ players. Condition: this && (player in thisList) || (vehicle player in thisList) On Activation: eh1 = player addEventHandler ["Fired", {deleteVehicle (_this select 6);}]; On Deactivation: player removeEventHandler ["Fired", eh1]; This works perfectly on me, and 1 of my friends. However, it is not adding the event to other players that walk into the TriggerArea. Would it be smart/efficient to loop through theList and add the event to everyone in On Activation?