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  1. Maybe Diyala? It's very nice. Also not very large but at least larger than kunduz. I think it's around 9x9 km

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    Great work LordJarhead! One thing that I am probably getting wrong and/or is not that important by now, since the Apex content will not be in the next release yet: You mentioned that you've added new sounds for the SPAR-16, but I did not see that new sounds for the SPAR-17 have/will be added as well.
  3. Hi Guys, I've added a small script to the mission on our dedicated server, that only allows a player to switch to 3rd Person view while in a vehicle. While on food it disables 3rdpersonView. The changes to difficulty options in 1.58 screwed up the script. Here is what is in the script now: if (!isDedicated) then { //preventing start on server waitUntil {!isNull (findDisplay 46)}; //making sure player is spawned //changed from "if (difficultyEnabled "3rdPersonView") then" to adjust for difficulty changes in v1.58 if (difficultyOption "3rdPersonView") then { while {true} do { waitUntil {cameraView == "EXTERNAL" || cameraView == "GROUP"}; if ((vehicle player) == player) then { player switchCamera "INTERNAL"; }; }; }; }; As I understood it, I just need to change difficultyEnabled to difficultyOption. But this does nothing right now. I've also tried to replace "3rdPersonView" with "thirdPersonView", but that also didn't help. Does anyone has an idea how to fix the script?
  4. Maybe you have to delete the vanilla vehicles from scripts/shared/classnames.sqf But I am not sure since I didn't try it yet.
  5. Did you start the mission from a previously saved game? I heard that the unlocks are defined in mission start (not saved game). So maybe if you start over again, there will be only new vehicles.

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    There is a script and an addon version. Maybe you mixed them up?
  7. Probably yes.
  8. Hey guys, I've got a quick question: I am trying to build an alive mission with 3 factions battling over Al Rayak. Rhs usarmy starts at the airport island in southwest with military placement there and military placement (objective only module with taor on the mainland) , rhs Russia vdv starts at the central airport and uses military placement. Independent faction is set to asymmetric, friendly to Russia and synced to military placement civ obj. Now my question: Is it possible to set up "automatic" troop transportation (Helis or Boats) that the US forces, which spawn on the airport island, can and will use by themselves to reach their objectives on the mainland? TLDR: how to set up automatic overseas troop transport? Is this even possible? Gesendet von meinem SHIELD Tablet mit Tapatalk
  9. Hey Gotchi, not the time to check what the issue is in your code. But you can try to replace it with this code: This should fit your needs. If something is not working, or you want to add/remove something,lmk.
  10. @gotchiI will have a look at it as soon as I get to my computer. Too hard to go through it on a mobile [emoji6]
  11. After a restart when they are no longer in your squad:With a bullet to the head [emoji33]
  12. AFAIK liberation only saves stuff that is in a 200 meter radius around your FOBs to the savegame. Everything out of that area is not saved and therefore not there after restarting the server. Also others stuff will despawn after a while when I it is not in the radius of your FOBs (there is a song in mission parameters). Gesendet von meinem SHIELD Tablet mit Tapatalk
  13. Can you post your whole classnames_extension.sqf? There must be another error in it. Or did you maybe set the militia infantry section to "true" without actually adding the units into the array? If you set a section of classnames_extension.sqf to true, then it will override the default classnames.sqf. Therefore you need to add all units you want to build/have spawned Ini the section that you set to true.
  14. You did not finish line 37 of the script snippet you posted correctly: ["rhsusf_M1078A1P2_B_M2_wd_fmtv_usarmy You need to add ",0,0,0], To the end of that line. You have to be veeery anal when it comes to scripting. I recommend that you use notepad++ with the sqf addon from armaholic or poseidon for working on these scripts. Than you can easily recognize mistakes like this because it will be color coded. Use one of these editors and check your file for mistakes.
  15. Your'e welcome. Since I am just starting with mission editing and all that stuff myself, I have so many questions. Therefore I try to give something back if I can ;)
  16. That might be the cause for the issues you encounter. Also for single player you have to start the mission as hosting a Multiplayer via LAN. Actually this is the case for most missions that are playable in SP as well as coop/mp.
  17. Not sure, I did not encounter this issue myself. For me, soldiers I built all randomly stand on there place after restarting the mission. Do you start the mission via "PLAY-MULTIPLAYER-NEW-LAN"?
  18. You can remove those vehicles from "Militia vehicles to choose from" militia_vehicles = [ "rhs_btr60_chdkz","rhs_zsu234_chdkz","rhs_uaz_dshkm_chdkz..." in classnames_extension.sqf. Just remove the BTR's and ZSU's from that array. Keep in mind that there should be no "," after the last vehicle in any of these arrays. Otherwise it won't work, like in Gotshi's case.
  19. @Gotchi: You have to remove the "," after the last vehicle that you have added to e.g.the heavy vehicles list. Gesendet von meinem SHIELD Tablet mit Tapatalk
  20. Sorry, but you gonna have to add the Russian vehicles by yourself then. I will only have US vehicles in the BUILD menu.
  21. I've started it but did not really finish. But I have that on my list for the weekend. So by Sunday /Monday I can post the file here, if everything runs well at home ;)
  22. You have to add the classnames of the rhs assets you want to buy to the classnames_extension.sqf. Therefore you have to de-pbo the mission file.
  23. FAILIX

    NATO Replacement HQ

    Does anyone else have issues with the bikey? I used just the pbo from weapons only folder and it ain't working. Always get kicked because wrong signature.
  24. You have to start it via Multiplayer - new - LAN Then everything should work fine, including savegame.
  25. Matosh... You're awesome! Thanks again!