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  1. Adjusting the physx to get it right does take time, as so many factors are interlinked, both in the config and the p3d. Anyone of them can severely mess things up. This might help for starters - change these values in all 4 wheels: sprungMass = 163; // 650kg / 4 --- all of the mass of the vehicle must be supported by the suspensionspringStrength = 4075; // start at 25 x sprungMassspringDamperRate = 1630; // 2 x sqrt(springStrength x sprungMass) You might want to look at lowering the MOI to somewhere between 10 and 40 (and probably in the lower end of that range). Check that your centre of mass in the Geometry LOD is above a line joining the top of the suspension movement (so simplistically, c of m above the tops of the wheels). It doesn't like being below it. Run the Arma development branch, and use the diagnostic exe, then you can toggle on PhysX debug to look in detail at the suspension and other engine parameters as it moves in game.
  2. UK_Apollo

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Evrik didn't specifically say so, but just to confirm, taking the safety off the vehicle weapons is working fine for us and all in our group, with or without @ace3. So it's likely to be a conflict (mod or key binds) only for you bl2ck dog. We'll try to help you resolve it though.
  3. UK_Apollo

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Thanks for the links Mcnab, pretty cool stuff isn't it. Yes, we've had this on our To Do list for quite some time, but other things always seem to take priority. So it may happen one day, but no promises on that.
  4. I expect a mod will move this thread to the Editing forums for you... In class MyTestPlaneB you incorrectly have: sectionsInherit = "MyTestPlane_Bones_Base"; You can't inherit sections from a CfgSkeleton class.
  5. UK_Apollo

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Thanks for your suggestion runy, I've made a note of it.
  6. UK_Apollo

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Thanks JD. Flag and bonnet were known about and not considered important enough to worry about as the player can lower the flag and bonnet before strip down. The clan logo will be added to our bug tracker for fixing.
  7. UK_Apollo

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    The option to pre-fold, without using script commands, will be in the next update. It was slightly more complicated than just folding the tail/rotor, because the armed variants also needed to have their ramps closed and gunners locked out from the gun position. So, it's available in the Eden Editor under the vehicle Attributes:
  8. UK_Apollo

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    I'll look into it Tom. My initial guess is that yes, it should be possible.
  9. UK_Apollo

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Thanks for the bug report, confirmed present. This was actually the last fix we made in our QA testing, but through error it didn't get into the update files. We'll be releasing a hotfix, hopefully today.
  10. UK_Apollo

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Thanks Flax, that works nicely. I read the script command description too quickly and assumed "true" was the same as "1", but they don't give the same results.
  11. UK_Apollo

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Yes, da12thMonkey is right. Thanks for the tip off. Confirmed our flags are also broken when running with Cup Terrains, and without it they are fine.
  12. UK_Apollo

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Thanks :-) Yes, sort of... You can spawn them in and they'll immediately fold by adding this line to the vehicle INIT in the Eden Editor: this animateSource ['Fold', 1]; or this animateSource ['Fold', 1, 100]; The first takes the default amount of time to fold up, the second speeds it up 100 times, so it looks instantaneous. You could of course also run this command from a mission script or from the debug console on named vehicles. I don't know if there's a script command to force the animation state to 1 without any actual animation taking place?
  13. UK_Apollo

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Start with .tga. Load it up in TexView2 from the ArmA Steam Tools. File > Save As Change the extension to .paa on the File name > Save
  14. UK_Apollo

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    All the Arma 3 flags are .paa, 512x256.
  15. UK_Apollo

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    No, very unlikely. However any modder desperately wanting another nations flag on these British vehicles could easily write a small config over-ride to inherit the vehicle, then change the userAction statement to display by default whatever flag texture they desire. Wrong thread? This is for 3CB_BAF_Vehicles. 3CB_BAF_Equipment 3CB_BAF_Weapons 3CB_BAF_Units
  16. UK_Apollo

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    From the Eden Editor, add this line to the INIT of the vehicle: this forceFlagTexture "\a3\data_f\flags\flag_nato_co.paa"; or when in game, while in the vehicle as a player, open the debug console and execute: vehicle player forceFlagTexture "\a3\data_f\flags\flag_nato_co.paa"; to change to a NATO flag, or replace the path and file name with a texture of your own. If the "flag raise" user action is selected, it will reset to the British Union Jack.
  17. UK_Apollo

    why muzzle fires shows on model?

    Assuming that your muzzle flash proxy is named "zasleh" in OB, add this to the appropriate place in config.cpp: selectionFireAnim = "zasleh"; and in model.cfg CfgModels { } sections[] = {"zasleh"}; Do not include "zasleh" in any hiddenSelections (like "camo").
  18. UK_Apollo

    3CB BAF Units

    I'm not sure this will work: Removing a pbo, such as "uk3cb_baf_units_desert.pbo", will remove the desert camo scheme entirely, whereas, you have asked if it's possible to remove the "Airforce" / "Navy" components, leaving just "Army". There may also be an issue with the Steam Workshop EULA which states that to upload a mod you must own the Intellectual Property contained within? Not sure. EDIT: probably we'd need to assign IP to allow it, but it's a moot point as what you want can't be done just by removing pbo's.
  19. UK_Apollo

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Following a post from reyhard in the RHS thread, increasing the AI parameter maxSpeed has fixed our Apache, which now follows low level waypoints as it should. It'll be in the next update of 3CB BAF Vehicles.
  20. UK_Apollo

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Scott mentioned that our 3CB Apache had the same issue which is true. He also said we had fixed it, but quite the opposite, we said we hadn't and had added it to our bug tracker. However, I've just tried reyhard's suggestion and increased maxSpeed, and that does indeed fix it for us, thanks! So, I imagine it will for you guys too.
  21. UK_Apollo

    How would you model this?

    Just in case you're wanting to model this purely to get one in game, rather than for your own enjoyment of modelling, we (3CB) would be happy to include this in an update to our 3CB BAF Equipment pack. If interested, post a high quality image of the cap badge and Regiment name on our thread: The model was donated to us by a third party so we're not at liberty to share it, but all the best with your endeavours.
  22. UK_Apollo

    Floating Vehicle

    Distance moved = offset value x length between memory points axis A good way to deal with this is to set the memory points at the required travel length, with the offsets at 0 and 1. Then only move the mem points to adjust. But that's not the OP's problem with the wheels being underground. He may need to move the wheel_x_x_bound mem points, and check the physx wheelCircumference value.
  23. UK_Apollo

    3CB BAF Equipment

    I've just tested Scottb's mission and find that our Apache does exactly what he says, including on our latest dev build. I also switched it out for an AH-99 Blackfoot, which is the base helicopter we inherit from, and that does not have the same problem. So it looks like an issue we should try to resolve and I've added a card to our bug tracker. Thanks for the report! Just a quick note - we're in the wrong mod thread. It should be 3CB BAF Vehicles. Not to worry too much though.
  24. UK_Apollo

    Launcher Top Down Attack

    There is an option when using@ace3 and @3cb_baf_weapons with the Javelin to make top down attacks. Probably with other mod pack launchers too when using ace. Not aware of any standalone scripts to replicate.
  25. UK_Apollo

    Config.cpp error

    There is no occurrence of "NORFOR_Dingo_Base_F" in either of those configs that you posted. So it's unlikely that the error and the configs are related.