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  1. Yes and still the same bug....
  2. Hey I have my Autosend bug still with version 9.7.... and this Only with the Short-range radio. And if i used this have my Teamspreak too autosend why dont i know. I have my Arma3 4x New Installed and always all addons and still the same bug :( i have no idea what i can do...
  3. Hey Nkey How can the dates from V0.9.4 or 9.3 downloaden? all what i find are the 9.6 oO and all pbo's or only one? oO I will try it then.
  4. Okay...I am very unhappy, I have my Arma 3 Complett reinstall and i have the same Problem still "I Press Caps look its send...I leave capslock ist still send i Change my freq and its stop send..." :/ hmm :(
  5. yes the work without problems
  6. Yes i have Change the Key too = the same I press my key its send and then Screen show me Send if i the Key not more Press = Still send the same Problem Still... I think i reinstall my Arma3 maybe help it too :(
  7. Soo, I have now the Problem find i think. Always if i Used the Little and Press with Capslock too Talk sending it (thats Normal) but if i not Press more this Key send still it... I dont know how i it can explian or show to you... and my English are very shit so make this too very hard... I can only say I Press to Start Capslock its Send normal...then i not more Press this Key and its send Still.... its have strat with version 9.0.5 and the new one the same...and if i Change the Freq. then will stop it send... very crazy...
  8. I have today my Task Force Radio again new Install in the Hope that this "Autosend" not more are...its failed. Befor the Update was have i the Last days a Error massange have but that have i Fix but why still the same problems? hmm
  9. john85oc

    Zeus Problem Again.

    Oh okay well nice too know
  10. john85oc

    Zeus Problem Again.

    Hello Guys, I have again a Problem. On my server and in the Mission work "Zeues" you can connect in zeus via adminlogin and we have in the mission the Zeus-Class the Zeus-Class Work without Problems! but the Zeues as Player (with Adminlogin) works still not you press "Z" and its coming nothing :( nothing happend. i dont know why it now not more Worked. Please me/us Thanks
  11. john85oc

    Zeus Problem Again.

    Hello thanks for youre answer! Yes in the mission are both types from Zeus controll the Zeus- class work without problems but the zeus controll from person with adminlogin work not more after the last bi update 1.2 gb last week...we dont know why. i upload later the Missions file and the list with the addons the in the mission work...
  12. Wow nice update but i have a Problem... I have not Change my Keys or other only the Update 1.2 gb arma3 update... and today 1 or 2 h after it. coming now Problems the SW Transmit have Buged. Always if i send with Capslock and this Buttum Leave are in the right side still in Green "Send" if i the crtl or other Key press stop it to send. I leave the crtl key or other and agian still send for me looks like "Autosend" how can i this trun of? or are it a new bug? whatever i have not idea sorry...
  13. john85oc

    CAData Error with CBA

    Okay we try it I am sorry for my bad english too and for my bad mood and talking! :) and thanks for the helping :) /edit Its Work now! Thank you for you very nice help Thanks Robert and Belbo very good Support @RobortHammer Thanks for you nice Addons and the Weapons <3 the are so nice nice work Men! ---------- Post added at 19:35 ---------- Previous post was at 19:15 ---------- push it^^ i have it
  14. Hello! I have very Bad mood about BI! The Update Yestern have for my Clan doing very shit! the Update 1.2 GB have Kill our Mission the we used ago we cant Play this we have Error 'bin/config cadata! this are happend after our last shit Update! How can we this Solved!?!
  15. john85oc

    CAData Error with CBA

    Hello We have CBA on server Yes but i dont know how the version its. btw can the Problem coming of a Older Version of CBA? if yes know you of it a New version of CBA give? @Belbo I have today a Update again Install, but its was not the Hotfix 16,3 MB was it big.
  16. Hello Guys, I Can now Start Thead verys well. But frist my Englisch its not well 2. have i Problems on my arma3 server my Arma3 Server works on a Root server system Linux Debian 7.6 very well too, with addons like Zeus XMed TastforceRadio But now have we problems. 1 its Desync 2 its in the Server.cfg have we kickduplicate 1 to 0 make its the server its it no metter.. why? the Next its why have players in a Car the prob with Desync Go in the Car and try to coming out the Car work not... with Desync The other its why work Kickduplicate 0 not? Please help.
  17. john85oc

    Desync Issues

    I have too problems on my server but i want my Topic startet but i cant not yet lol :( I have a Linux Debian 7.6 Server on this work a Arma3 Server with Xmed and Taskforceradio and other and Zeus.. But if the Desync coming and Person in the Car its coming not more out the Car too...
  18. Hi Guys I have too a Arma3 server on a Linux Debian 7.6 Install its work but maybe not really i have befor problem have like Zeus but thats done now have i problems with others more if i can start thead I find good that Arma3 now work on Linux servers. With Arma2OA Server have i yet Problems port blocked more if i have can my own thead opend