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  1. Hello i have Problem with CUP Terrian Complet pack. On the Map Takistain (and other maps!) on the North Airbase its a Street with a little city. I have there no House where are the? Then the other ask a friend have the same. We just used the CUP Terrains Complet pack. Need we the CUP Core to fix it?? and if yes why? I think in the Complet pack are all in...like Core and maps ??? confused i am...
  2. Peral do you work still on this? If yes we need updates please. and I have a asking, can you please make a script that we can this mod used if we Planes with Zeus Spawn and the script this sync with the Moduls like Nimitz mod? Thats make this mod i think more dynamic
  3. john85oc

    Airfield Logistics

    Hello, I have a asking, can you please make a script that we can this mod used if we Planes with Zeus Spawn and the script this sync with the Moduls like Nimitz mod? Thats make this mod i think more dynamic
  4. Hello, I have a asking, the Sync ingame Modul its very nice. its that a Mod? I need this for "airfieldlogistik" :D
  5. john85oc

    Bombardier CRJ200 (Ivory)

    Work you really again on this ? :) very nice! What you have plan to comes too? :D
  6. john85oc


    Okay what have you doing with this? I cant run BW mod anymore on my server at the moment. always if i try to join "Connection failed" My Server its a Linux Root system. The server show not in the console that i Connect too... I dont have no idea why.
  7. Hello/Good Morning, It is maybe posible to add Fast Rope for Ace3?
  8. john85oc

    Arma3 available for Linux

    I let a Arma3 server on a Linux Root server run and this sinces 3 Years Arma3 was in this time not yet Compatible for Linux.
  9. john85oc

    MCC Sandbox - The Mod

    I have still the Access denied problems on my linux arma2 OA server i need help or helpful ideas
  10. Hello Guys! I have still Problems with Version on my Linux server. Thats make my Server after Install Ace Version 3.2.1 Work without Problems this why i know thats its Ace. More doing the server not! see it in Screenhot
  11. Hello Guys, I have a problem with the last Versions from Ace3. the Version 331 and 332 dont work here. PC and Linux Server! The Problem ? No Error but Game Crash. PC: I Install the New Version from Ace3 like 332 or 331 then i Start i my Arma. I come only to the Screen BI Prensets not to the Mainmenü from the Game. = Crash. with the Version 321 no Problems... Linux server: I install it. I start the server but the Start up from this server will not end. = Crash No Error not other Infomation nothing. This i have since 331 and 332. The Version 321 work here too without Problems. I dont have no idea why. Sorry for my bad english i dont used it much :D
  12. john85oc

    Arma3 Server Problems

    We gonna try to reinstall the server. I will answer if it work or not
  13. Hey Guys, We have a little problem with our server and we hope that you can help us. The server is a Linux Debian and since the second to the last ArmA and ACE update the Server load the mission, after we got the „wait for host“ message we fall back to the lobby or stay in the loading screen. The interesting point is that one of our outdated mission build with ACE 3.0.1 still work but we tested it with new modules as well and it still works but as soon as we put more than one playable unit on the map the server refuse to load. We tested every module for it self with one player in the VR map and even that works. The server gives us the following message: 'bin\config.bin/CfgPatches.ca_hotfix_vaz_rope' And he gave us a few other messages like: „bin\config.bin/ca_buildings“ etc. We hope you can help us and thank you. Kind regards. The admins 85th Operations Command
  14. john85oc

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Fuller Please be nice to me i have just asking then I used Armaholic and in Armaholic are still Version alpha from Date: 2015-05-01 21:54 and this Version i have. with the Version cant i the B2 not with Zeus set only with MCC and i cant not Taxi the E3A she let not move. She blocked from the Maingear. and if it fixed i am happy! :D i will fly fly flyyyy :D and cant wait to see the Updates ^^
  15. john85oc

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Hi Fuller, I have a asking coming soon a bugfix for the E3A to Taxing(maingear blocked the Plane) and the B2 to set with Zeus?
  16. Hello Guys I have a Problem in this topic http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?127214-MCC-Sandbox-The-Mod/page62 I know here its the topic wrong but i need help. Have no one a idea whats happend?
  17. john85oc

    MCC Sandbox - The Mod

    Hello. I have the Same Problem. I have MCC as @ Folder Install in my server but here Work this nothing. With the Modul and without both Acces Denied... and i have no idea why. I have too try with the Acces Modul with this setvariable ["names",["myname1","myname2"]]; and still Acces Denied. On my server comes now this here [mcc_actionInedx] call CBA_fnc_removePlay> 2015/05/21, 18:49:42 Error position: <mcc_actionInedx] call CBA_fnc_removePlay > 2015/05/21, 18:49:42 Error Undefined variable in expression: mcc_actioninedx 2015/05/21, 18:49:42 File mcc_sandbox_mod\init_moduleAcess.sqf, line 16 And still Acces Denied...With and without module! -.-
  18. john85oc

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Hi nice mod ! But i have a bug in the E3A the Plane can not moved the maingear blocked. Can you this fix with the same from the KC135?
  19. Hi I have my Problem Fixed. CTab Loading too long and thats look for me like Arma Crash Sorry.
  20. Hello! I Have a big Problem with Ctab... I install it as @folder or take the files individually plays no role in both freeze my Arma it and brings it to the crash if I take out and Delete CTAB I can use my arma without problems does anyone have any idea why this is so?
  21. john85oc

    Airfield Logistics

    nice !! but someone plans need a slow rod I have killed with the ac 130 itself is something lol ... still in planning?
  22. So. I have a New Problem. The Server can i start with ./start order (yes its a Linux system!) I can select a Mission and a role for me then i press "Start the mission" and then coming Wait for host. and here coming the moment. Here closed the Screen myself and in arma "Server lost connection" I dont know why or what happend. But this happend now for all Missions. Standart Arma missions and my missions... I think thats a addon. Or what other but dont know what.
  23. Hi! My Arma2 server on Linux Start not more really. I can he see in Arma2OA but if i try to Connect i will be kicked with the Error "Sassion lost" I have this Problem find and it is that here: Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 33930 in Steamcmd say he me 33930 not Forund. WTF its that ?!?!... :mad:
  24. john85oc

    After install Addons...

    I have this fixed...
  25. Soo Key Changing work not its solved not my Bugs i have this still same in the little Radio! and this say i here too... no idea...