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  1. 4SCOTS is a new, British Realism unit based in ArmA 2. Our aim is to provide a realistic, and professional experience to all of our members through our high quality missions every Monday and Thursday at 7pm local time (British times). We use a variety of mods, such as ACE, ACRE and a bundle of armoured vehicles used in missions and operations. We have some basic requirements we ask from people joining, but the most important is for people to be mature when we are playing. Any age, but mature | We do allow young people, as long as they can be mature. But anyone under 15 will be monitored for 2 weeks to ensure they are complying to this Working Microphone Own Arma 2 and Arma 2 : Operation Arrowhead Speak English fluently Can attend trainings/missions Monday and Thursday at 7pm GMT Willing to learn and stick around As we are so new, we are still working out how to modify existing British Army combat procedure to fit the game, but we are trying to fit it as close to reality as possible which is something that some of our members have not been able to see in other clans. Although of main aim is to have fun, by a realistic experience, we also aim to be really professional and efficient. The ranks we have are what I call 'functional'. They only exist to fit their own function. For example, as we are only up to one section currently, there is only a need for a Cpl to lead them, as that's what a section commander would be. But there won't be a need to call anyone 'Sir'. Although we like people that enjoy the British element particularly and are more well suited to give them what they want, we also are happy to have anyone that is looking for a realistic experience. If you are new to the game, we will also invest a lot of time in to getting you up to speed with everyone else. And if this post has managed to persuade you to sign up or at least ask a few more questions of what we can do for you, then either sign up by contacting a member of the recruitment team on our teamspeak server - ts120.teamspeak3.com:9849 or message me on Steam - sjt4973 Hope to see you soon! And thanks for reading, S. Towler Recruitment Officer 4SCOTS