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  1. I think I have it working now. In needed to modify the description.exe file located in the mpmissions sub folder of Altis_Life.Altis. I stubbed out this line: /* disableChannels[]={0,1,2}; */ I'm not sure which channel it needed 0,1,2 so I enabled all three. Perhaps you know what each is all used for? One of the enabled channels is a Command Channel. Not sure what is is. This is probably a Tonic question. Anyway, thanks for your help... you lead me in the right direction.
  2. Ok... how doe's one get on an unknown channel? I'm not seeing any hits in Google. Global chat is Side Channel, right? Does BEC.exe and/or Steam need to be running as admin? What else should I check? How do I test this in Arma3 using Altis Life mod? I'm not making any headway :(
  3. Global chat is Side Channel, right? I've tried them all. When I type it shows on the screen. I'm assuming if chat is disabled by the mission I couldn't see it... but I did. I've installed Altis Life and just got it up and running. I'm learning fast but have quite a way to go and have made many assumptions that may not be correct. I thought I read that it would be announced in game when an admin in the list logs in... although not certain about his. I'm not seeing that either. Does BEC.exe and/or Steam need to be running as admin? Can you confirm that? Also not seeing anything in the Chat folder. Thanks for the quick reply by the way... that was appreciated. Here is what shows in Bec: 15:21:52 : Checking for new Bec version... 15:21:56 : Bec is running latest version! : 1.601 15:21:56 : Connecting to Battleye server 15:21:56 : RCon admin #0 ( logged in 16:14:16 : Player #0 Foosie ( connected 16:14:17 : Player #0 Foosie - GUID: 8e728714189a4588ed599b63c72a525f (unverified) 16:14:17 : RCon admin #0: (Global) BEC : Super Admin [KS] Foosie Connected 16:14:18 : Verified GUID (8e728714189a4588ed599b63c72a525f) of player #0 Foosie 16:16:05 : No Valid response. Trying to reconnect.! 16:16:05 : RCon admin #0 ( logged in 16:16:35 : (Unknown) Foosie: !help
  4. Greetings. I have version 1.601 of BEC installed. I renamed A3_Admins.xml to Admins.xml and edited it in XML Notepad making myself a Super Admin and gave it my GUID, group 0. I haven't made any changes to the Commands.txt. I can see myself logging in as Super Admin in the BEC console verifying my GUID just fine. I have tried almost all of the commands listed in commands.txt, yet they are just echoed to the arma3 screen. On the console, it echoes my command, and says 'unknown'. I'm sure I forgot to dot some i or cross some t but I can't seem to figure this out. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.