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  1. Hello. I recently installed the new OPTRE version. But, the odst helmets have no scripts, nor does the pelican. I have the userconfig placed moved into the main directory. And I have the latest version of CBA. When I launch the game and get to the main menu, I do get a pop up about something about a Magnet file missing. Can I please get help? I was really excited for magnet lifting vehicles and weapon pods with the pelican, as well as finally being able to use the ODST helmet's features.

    The magnet lifting on the pelican I don't believe was added in the mist recent release but will be included in the upcoming hotfix. As far as the helmets go, i couldn't help you.

  2. Well The latest version of Halo Canon basically stated that All versions of the ODST armor is canon, Meaning Reach, Halo 2 Anniversary (Not 2 Original, Bungie stated the true versions of the 2 armor was suppose to look like 3's but the xbox original had limitations. and 343I/ Saber for Anniversary replaced them with the Insurrection Era models from Halo Wars) , 3, 3: ODST, Halo 4. This includes the Spartan variants. So they have a lot of kit to choose from.

    Just my tiny opinion:

    I think all ODST armors look BA and would be happy with any of them or an artistic combination of them that looks like it could be in a true halo game. But this is still very early in development and don't care that much about texture improvements or armor alterations. I'd rather let the debs work out what assets are to be included at what times.

    Just my one cent.

  3. I like that update, even tho I think the hog's brakes are too weak and the smg too powerful. Idk if its because ofanother mod of mine, but I cant do some zeroing with the sr99, what somehow makes the zoom stages unefficient

    I don't think the zeroing has any affect on it. In fact, I think zeroing to 100m removes all drop to the bullet compared to the 300m zeroing, but I haven't done much testing.

  4. Alright, this is frustrating me beyond belief.

    One, night vision devices. Halo does not go into depth with night vision devices, at all. They are present on the scopes of rifles and in the helmets only. Obviously this isn't the only way they would exist in a realistic Halo universe, but the Marines/Army helmets NEED, and I mean NEED a heads up display eye piece. That is how their NV functions! It is very obvious! The Marines in Halo: CE even had green heads up display screens on their eye pieces. The display eye piece is also present in Reach, confirming its place as canon.

    Second, the radio packs! There are at least 5 backpack/ruck variants that I know of in the Halo universe, and only two radio packs. The radio pack in the mods are very strange, first from all the images I've seen, they appear to be (in the games, will reference Reach) gray or dark tan, not bright green (which doesn't really match any uniform outside of the ugly Army woodland, which has another inaccuracy, British DPM, will attack that violently later, with love of course) It also seems to look very different, here's a reference, 54fbd71111ee9609ddac187eade43478.jpg

    Third, camouflage. I understand 100% that this has been stated before, mostly with references to the ingame portrayal. The UNSC is largely, if not wholly, based on the United States Armed Forces. DPM is a British camouflage, and I realize that you have artistic license, but it really kills the look of the soldiers. If anything, if you refuse to use the Halo 2-Reach patterns, at least use different variants of U.S. camo. The camo used in game is obviously based on the U.S. M81 Woodland camo pattern, with dual colors instead of quad-color. Halo 3's camo pattern is still based on the Swedish M90 camo pattern, again, this time dual colors instead of *drum roll* quad-color. Marine_Evolution.jpg640px-Soldier_at_Berga_navy_base%2C_Sweden.jpg

    The digital patterns in Reach make far more sense (With the exception of some Army units using a recolored version of the Halo 2 pattern, the colors mirroring UCP), since digi-camo is considered superior to other patterns in specific environments (i.e.; AOR 1, MARPAT, SURPAT) but please, ditch the hideous DPM.

    Another thing is color matching, the Army troops (1st Cav) in Reach don't have the same color helmets as you show them having in your mod. Their helmets are a lighter color tan than their body armor is, and their body armor itself is a closer match, in color, to your Marines armor in the mod.

    These are all small things, and I am very happy with the mod, but these small inaccuracies really throw it off course.

    Here's, what I consider to be, a big thing.

    The SRS 99DS-2! It has a MAJOR flaw in your mod.

    You made the recoil system into a "laser module"! This is horribly wrong. If you want to add a laser module, make it an add-on to the scope.

    If I were you, I'd throw everything 343 related OUT the window. 343 is ruining the Halo series, after all, look what they did to the gorgeous Pelican, they made it look like a Hind!

    Bungie canon is the most consistent and believable.

    What I would love to see is a fix to the SMG. In Halo ODST, the first time it is shown (3D) with a suppressor, it is not perfectly spherical. Halo-3-ODST-screenshot-halo-34030565-1920-1080.jpg

    As you can see, it starts off octagonal, and then goes round after a few heat-shield (the vents), which is most likely there to cool the suppressor more efficiently, given the SMG's high rate of fire.

    Hope this helps. Lots of love for this mod. It's a dream come true.

    I think we've touched upon a couple things you brought up, like the camouflages and night vision. I do agree with some points like the camouflages (Not really a fan of the current ones, I like that ATACS-looking camo in the first pic :D) but in the end, it is not our decision but it is out input and suggestions. The devs have the final say and I would support them in any decision they make because it is their mod that they are making for the community.

    Also, to all newcomers, if you have time you should go back and read all of the pages on the forum. It has useful information regarding the mod, it's progress and direction.

  5. Considering that you have an enormous assett list already i think thats a bit too ambitious and unrealistic...

    The way I see it, the devs can take as much time as they want. It is their mod and their vision. The only reason I could imagine why they wouldn't do something they wanted to do is the limitations of the ArmA engine. So, let the devs do what they want and let them pick the assets they want to add.

  6. so Red VS.Blue Season 13 is a thing

    Any chance we will be getting RvB Easter eggs? Even a Scorpion with "Sheila" written on the side would be good enough.

    Also, I think a good replacement for a blue chemlight would be one of those, for lack of memory of the actual name, light-stick-things that we see the Marines wield in Halo: CE. The ones that are scattered across the ground providing light on multiple levels.

  7. I leave for five minutes and people are blaming the devs? They had a problem that was affecting the way they worked and they couldn't handle it. If I were them I would do the same. It's not a vendetta against the community or the mod. Get that through your heads.

    it seem to (old)main dev vs other all.

    i don't know why relevant (old) main dev.

    Whatever the case may be, TEI now lost almost their old asset except some configs.

    Of course dev can acquire new talent using the money or something.

    It bought a Microsoft displeasure and will pulled project using thier copyright.

    it's a over. RIP.

    Wait, what?

  8. This is one of the most ambitious mods in ArmA history, and I hope that everyone can eventually put aside their differences to realize what potential this holds.

    If you are not doing it for the fame among the modders of Arma, do it for the future of Arma, the future where boundaries are not afraid of being broken. This mod has already turned heads and attracted so many people to Arma and this mod. It would be a shame if something happened to it.

    This is just an alpha.

  9. there was no conclusion. I was ignored with my comment

    Then I guess my post was a spotty memory of your post. Your post must have been absorbed by the idea of drop-jets and the release date.

    At least it's definitely been noticed now.


    Also it's crazy to think that this mod has had 100+ pages of forum posts since the release was announced. It just goes to show the amount of support there is for this mod and the fast growing community behind it. Keep up the amazing work.