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  1. FrostyWheats

    [WIP] Halo Covenant

    How long do you think it will take? I'd really love to experience this mod before I'm gone for two weeks. Also, is it still just you working on the mod or is there a team of people?
  2. FrostyWheats

    [WIP] Halo Covenant

    HYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPE But take your time, seriously
  3. FrostyWheats

    [WIP] Halo Covenant

    Yeah, it looks like a bent spike rather than a finger. I think more beefiness throughout the fingers would help
  4. If I were you, I would also ask on the Reddit for more help. The input I put in is minuscule; I wish I could help more but Arma has been crashing five minutes after launch lately.
  5. The magnet lifting on the pelican I don't believe was added in the mist recent release but will be included in the upcoming hotfix. As far as the helmets go, i couldn't help you.
  6. Just my tiny opinion: I think all ODST armors look BA and would be happy with any of them or an artistic combination of them that looks like it could be in a true halo game. But this is still very early in development and don't care that much about texture improvements or armor alterations. I'd rather let the debs work out what assets are to be included at what times. Just my one cent.
  7. I don't think the zeroing has any affect on it. In fact, I think zeroing to 100m removes all drop to the bullet compared to the 300m zeroing, but I haven't done much testing.
  8. FrostyWheats

    [WIP] Halo Covenant

    Do you plan to have it able to overcharge?
  9. How did you guys manage to make caves? From what I've heard caves were hard, if not impossible to make because of engine limitations. And rocks are a bit wonky in Arma, so that wouldn't be a gameplay-friendly option
  10. I think we've touched upon a couple things you brought up, like the camouflages and night vision. I do agree with some points like the camouflages (Not really a fan of the current ones, I like that ATACS-looking camo in the first pic :D) but in the end, it is not our decision but it is out input and suggestions. The devs have the final say and I would support them in any decision they make because it is their mod that they are making for the community. Also, to all newcomers, if you have time you should go back and read all of the pages on the forum. It has useful information regarding the mod, it's progress and direction.
  11. Too me, it feels like the turning radius is too large. But that's just me :D Although I could be wrong. I haven't had much time on the recent update because my Steam doesn't like to stay open for more than 10 minutes.
  12. The way I see it, the devs can take as much time as they want. It is their mod and their vision. The only reason I could imagine why they wouldn't do something they wanted to do is the limitations of the ArmA engine. So, let the devs do what they want and let them pick the assets they want to add.
  13. Don't think so since I flew a Pelican through it to find out
  14. It feels SOOOOOOO good killing innies at 1k away with one shot. I love you guys. My body was not ready.
  15. I really like the community involvement you guys are doing. For me, it makes me feel more important and have a bigger say in the development of the mod's assets. I can't wait to help out with the terrain :D