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    Drag Dead Body Script

    Could the concept of this script be remade into an escort for someone that is handcuffed? So far I have got that there is an scroll wheel option on the AI That says Handcuff and they play the animation GUARD. Could you make an option once handcuffed that says Escort and it works in the same way as Dragging dead body's? and then an unescort which will let go of the guy and Leave him standing still in the GUARD Animation? I think this would be a cool idea also things like putting Handcuffed AI into vehicles and a way to release them. I guess this is quite complicated and Im a noob at scripting but Ive got this basic script so far that allows you to Handcuff someone: [badguy1, "GUARD", "ASIS"] call BIS_fnc_ambientanim; Thanks