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  1. hello guys, greetings, I am here exposing a small problem which I have not been able to solve, I have a script that I am trying to put together that indicates that if there is already an object of that class present on the map, do an action: limit = 1; Ship = "B_Boat_F"; if ((count Ship) > limit) then { hint "can't start"; } else { hint "starting process"; }; but it gives me error, I don't understand very well how to configure the count command, please help.
  2. Very well bro, the first one who publishes this does what I need, the second one I will keep
  3. thanks brother i had a lot of time trying to make it work
  4. Hi guys, a question, is there a page where I can download an example model for creating vehicles with object buider? I need an example vehicle to guide me, it is especially a boat
  5. Hello friends, I am here again, you are working on a mod where I am trying to block the player's free cameras during the use of the mod, thanks to many colleagues I have managed to block the splendid camera, and I am only missing the zeus camera, I have been investigating that the zeus unites the action of "curatorInterface", and I did a simple scritps where when the player presses the interface of zeus it immediately closes No_Modo_Dios = [] spawn { waitUntil {!isNull findDisplay 46}; (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["keyDown","_this call NO_fnc_keyDown"]; }; NO_fnc_keyDown = { _dikCode = _this select 1; if (_dikCode in actionKeys "curatorInterface"&& isNil "Nover") then {Nover = true; execVM "no_modo_dioses.sqf"; }; }; the scripts: //no_modo_dioses.sqf [] spawn { sleep 1; findDisplay 312 closeDisplay 2; }; the problem is that when it runs, it doesn't do it a second time, the second time I try to open the zeus it opens without a problem, please help guys, what am I doing wrong?
  6. Barba-negra

    Lock camera from menu

    thanks mate
  7. Barba-negra

    Lock camera from menu

    I'm trying to find it but I can't find the path, there is an addons called a3 in the game folder but it doesn't have the same path inside
  8. Barba-negra

    Lock camera from menu

    Everything works fine guys, I would like to ask you where I can find the list where you specify to which displayCtrl number each one belongs? I was reading this page but it does not specify the list of numbers https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/displayCtrl
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    Lock camera from menu

    excuse me friend, it worked, your scritp works
  10. Barba-negra

    Lock camera from menu

    hello brother, the script is giving me an error on this line ! hasInterface What could we be doing wrong? ... the other one posted by @larrow looks good, but I don't want to touch the description
  11. Barba-negra

    Lock camera from menu

    guys I would like to ask you another question, is it possible to also block all access to zeus? my intention is that the player does not have any access to free cameras
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    Lock camera from menu

    thanks friends, you are professionals in this
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    Lock camera from menu

    very well thank you, I will tell you what the result was
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    Lock camera from menu

    oh big brother thank you very much a question, with this I can also block the option just above viewer (espectador)?
  15. Update 2.8.3 named: Acoustic Warfare Analyst This Update is dedicated to the new added program which refers to a new job that the sonar operator has, it will allow you to hear and distinguish different types of boats in the directions that are in relation to the ship, it will be able to recognize a type of threat boat when submerged and know what decision to take at a certain time, this program is in its initial version 0.1, wait for more updates of this program. on the other hand a visual and playable improvement of the ship inside it giving a more comfortable touch for the crew on board, images taken in this new version: Greetings sailors, and have a good underwater hunt.
  16. This mod has been discontinued, please go to the link for updated version: OR https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2107281042 Combat Submarine USS Alabama Version actual 2.8.3 PLEASE, YOU NEED TO READ ALL THIS INFORMATION TO KNOW HOW TO USE THE MOD This mod recreates a simulation of underwater navigation, while transporting the players that operate the ship. Allowing to move, turn, submerge, emeger, armed with torpedoes, missiles, cruise missiles and nuclear missiles, this ship can fight other ships and submarines, and support the ground infantry, everything is managed from an area that simulates navigation inside of a submarine. and everything that is executed from the compartments, will be executed by the submarine that simulates the exterior of the ship. the submarine that can be damaged by the enemies and everything that happens to the submarine. could harm players inside of the compartments, the players will feel movements, water pressure, lack of oxygen, inclination, pain, heat, radiation, among other characteristics, if the ship is destroyed, the players inside will die, if the ship damages. will flood the areas by water, they will feel a strong movement of S, blows, pain and bleeding, fire in compartments, among other actions, the players can repair the ship from the compartments, with tools, seal broken valves and extinguish the fire , repair engines and electronic boards, among other jobs, this work was done with the purpose that players entering the ship can feel that they are inside a real submarine and that they work inside as if they were in a real submarine. IMPORTANT INFORMATION, if you want to edit the missions with the USS Alabama should be the following information: If you are inside the ship, and you close your EDEN server, your editor will remain dark To solve it go to tools, and press the camera Then press escape and close your Splendio camera. The 3d model of this ship is made by the author Gnat, you can locate the model that has been used for the alabama in the information that you find in the prolog of the navigation manual. The engine of movement of the ship is made by Mr. Stick_Hogue, they can locate their work from the prologue of the navigation manual. This mod is apart from a submarine a modality of naval simulation with combat of different ways and in relation to terrestrial missions, it is very important that you read the manual of the Alabama before manipulating the ship, this mod was made with the purpose to work in milsin, military simulation, so it is not possible to manipulate it in a player, you need a crew of no less than 4 to operate it. Submarine Militar USS Alabama, is a submarine navy, specially designed for the protection of maritime and terrestrial spaces, this mod is based on the simulated function of its operation in most of its aspects, so it will be necessary for a constant coordination and communication between the crew, the compartments that divide it, the function cameras, the tasks given, the position of government or ground control and command. You can obtain the navigation manual from here to know the ship before downloading it: Manual in Spanish: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AaFkwRVSeAKC4hMBcSbkdfx4VaHevUxl/view?usp=sharing Manual in English: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NdaWKFtmOB0_z9OCenkkEAIHF0JS4aWE/view?usp=sharing Among the features we have: Among the features we have: Crew and Command Propulsion engines shaft and Helix Atomic or Nuclear Energy Reactors Electric or Electric Energy Batteries Mechanical or Diesel Energy Snorkel System Gas combustion discharge system Replenishment Applicable maneuvers of the USS Alabama Possible Threats Enemy Strategies Individual and group offensive tactics of enemy vessels radial assistance system between enemy vessels, when one is attacked, nearby vessels will help missile cruises support of enemy vessels requested by enemies on land Nuclear missile support of enemy vessels requested by enemies on land Control compartments and electrical panels Depth chargue Unguided torpedoes Guided Torpedoes System Unguided Missiles Guided Missile System Nuclear missiles Possible Complications Repairs Auxiliary Electrical System Medical area Sonar Manipulation and Communications Sonar Passive Sonar Active Tracking System Threat Proximity Sensor Countermeasures Radial Silence System Enemy ships use radial silence maneuvers to hide from the radars Communications with Ground Bases or other Allied Vessel fax delivery system for communication Radio buoy Fire in Compartments Nuclear Safety Engine repairs Driving the Alabama Descent, Ascent, Port and Starboard Pressure for crushing depth Anticollision Reader Officer's Place At the Command of Ship Auxiliary Oxygen System Analysis to avoid Threats Maximum Silence Maneuver State of Absolute Silence System of enemy naval convoys (New) Hydrophone system, to distinguish the emanating noise of each type of enemy craft (New) Added new Diving System from the Alabama (New) mini-submarine for deep deployments (New) Scanner drone system to be deployed on surface (New) Coupling and uncoupling system for the mini-submarine and the drone scanner (New) Crush depth system for diver players (New) Function to the post of the captain in the bridge, for the manipulation of the drone Scanner (New) System of defense of enemy ships against divers players, deploying enemy divers squads to defend (New) Attack of Mortars Enemy Ships (New) Manual Driving System (New) Manual torpedo system straight line path (new) Eye contact system from the periscope with the laser marker (new) Missile interception system (New) Program start for Acoustic Warfare Analyst V0.1 (New) Trailer Mortars Tutorial I, Working with Atomic or Nuclear Energy. Tutorial II, Working with the batteries. Tutorial III A, Internal combustion propulsion. tutorial III B, submerging and emerging the ship Tutorial IV, turn to port and turn to starboard Tutorial V Maneuvers against depth charges. Tutorial VII, Weapons Tutorial VIII, Sonar System Tutorial IX, Radial Silence System Tutorial nomber 10, manual drivring please, if you have any questions, or do not find how to execute any of these features, please ask in the comments and we will help you. This mod was made in order to participate in cooperative missions between simulation clans, release version 2.8.3, new updates will come soon. link: From these Options of ZR_navy download the Version you will use depending on the case @ZR_NAVY Version 2.7 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1611319861 or http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=34641 This mod requires the mods: ZNV Complement https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1611033106 get the initial base mission from here Version 2.7 for both versions Pack mission version 2.7 with new model version 1.0 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ySgx-mfBevkJ_ofGFPRvHZYDiH4v_6YN/view?usp=sharing Current support maps for the development of missions: Altis Gulfcoast Islands the ship can only be used in the predetermined missions, you can do the initial missions or edit your missions on that initial mission, to know how to edit it successfully you must read the last subject of the navigation manual. Soon missing maps will be published. the load time of the modules of initiation of the ship and the configuration of the enemies lasts approximately of 3 to 4 minutes from the moment the first get on the helmet. please read the manual for any concern and if you have any questions you can do it through the comments, If you suffer some bigs or do not manage to operate the ship, please inform in the comments, to solve the problem as soon as possible, and I will gladly help you, greetings.
  17. Hello friends how are you? I'm currently trying to run a display script on a dedicated server, but strangely the image freezes, why is it happening? I think everything is fine, this scritps belongs to bangabob, and uses the following line: waitUntil {!isnull player}; private ["_feedArray","_MonitorName","_array","_newArray"]; _monitorArray=(_this select 0); _monitorHDD=_monitorArray select 0; _array=(_this select 1); _MonitorName= format ["%1",_monitorHDD]; _newArray=[]; { if (isNil _x) then { }else{ _call = format ["%1",_x]; call (compile _call); _newArray=_newArray+[call(compile _call)]; }; } forEach _array; _feedArray=server getvariable _MonitorName; if (isnil "_feedArray") then { _feedArray=[]; { if (isnil "_x") then {}else{_feedArray=_feedArray + [_x]; }; }foreach _newArray; server setvariable [_MonitorName,_feedArray,true]; }; player setvariable ["MonName",_MonitorName]; { if (isNil _x) then { }else{ _call = format ["%1",_x]; call (compile _call); _newArray=_newArray+[call(compile _call)]; }; } forEach _array; waituntil {!isnil "_MonitorName"}; _feedArray=server getvariable _MonitorName; if ((player in _newArray)and !(player in _feedArray)) then { _feedArray=_feedArray +[player]; server setvariable [_MonitorName,_feedArray,true]; }; _feedArray=server getvariable _MonitorName; if (!isserver || !isdedicated) then { { null = [_x,_feedArray,server] execVM "LFC\livefeed.sqf"; _x setObjectTexture [0,'#(argb,8,8,3)color(0,0,1,1)']; _x allowdamage false; _x enablesimulation false; }foreach _monitorArray; }; { _x setvariable ["MonName",_MonitorName]; _x setvariable ["MonitorArray",_monitorArray]; if (isplayer _x) then { _x addEventHandler ["Respawn","CALL fnc_PLAYER_KILLED"]; }else{ _x addmpEventHandler ["MPkilled","CALL fnc_AI_KILLED"]; }; }foreach _feedArray; fnc_AI_KILLED={ _unit = _this select 0; _corpse = _this select 1; _MonitorName=_unit getvariable "MonName"; _monitorArray=_unit getvariable "MonitorArray"; _feedArray=server getvariable _MonitorName; _feedArray=_feedArray -[_unit]; server setvariable [_MonitorName,_feedArray,true]; }; fnc_PLAYER_KILLED={ _unit = _this select 0; _corpse = _this select 1; _MonitorName=_unit getvariable "MonName"; _monitorArray=_unit getvariable "MonitorArray"; _feedArray=server getvariable _MonitorName; _feedArray=_feedArray -[_corpse]; _feedArray=_feedArray +[_unit]; _feedArray=_feedArray call BIS_fnc_arrayShuffle; server setvariable [_MonitorName,_feedArray,true]; }; [_monitorArray,_MonitorName] spawn { private ["_monitorArray","_MonitorName"]; _monitorArray=(_this select 0); _MonitorName=(_this select 1); while {true} do { _feedArray=server getvariable _MonitorName; _oldArray = format ["%1",_feedArray]; sleep 5; _feedArray=server getvariable _MonitorName; _newArray = format ["%1",_feedArray]; if (_newArray != _oldArray || (count _feedArray) <= 1) then{ { null = [_x,_feedArray] execVM "LFC\livefeed.sqf"; }foreach _monitorArray; }; }; }; I have tried it on a local game and it works very well, but I try it on a dedicated server and the imaen freezes and does not accommodate, any suggestions please?
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    liveFeed screens dedicate server

    I know what happens, it freezes when the unit is too far from the screen, for example a boat, if it is too far away the image freezes, open some way to increase the viewing view? on dedicated server, on local player it works fine regardless of distance
  19. Barba-negra

    Live feed control (LFC)

    Hello friend, your work is very good and I use it in my missions, but I have tried it on a dedicated server and the image freezes, why is this happening?
  20. Hi guys, released version 2.7, in which certain problems are resolved and some improvements are agreed, among which we have: -reduction of mods of requirements to the minimum, using the current version 2.7 of the new model -another corregion of the freezing of the game while turning the ship with manual driving -fixed some ad errors -fixed use of stairs in the passage to maneuvers and bilges or machine room -arranged of all the chairs of the boat -informative aggregate of load time of the initial load module -load time optimization when entering the map compuratized screen to visualize the conduction of the ship, in stern and bow