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    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Dear mod author :o Any thoughts on which new effect we might get to see next? I'd love to see your latest work with grenade, mortar and bullet-metal impacts. Thanks and good luck finishing the next version of the mod :)
  2. Simple mod, but makes a big difference. Thanks for taking the time to make/release this :)
  3. gepanzert-faust

    [OPEN BETA] [SP] bCombat infantry AI Mod

    Thanks, I really couldn't figure it out. Thanks for the reply, I have it working now - its nice to see the mod in action. I also have another question, could you elaborate a little more on the bCombat suppression system and how it compares to TPWCAS? Will all weapons i.e. HMGs, GMGs, handgrenades, autocannons, mortars, bombs etc apply suppression to units the same way ordinary bullets do? Also is there an option for suppression to affect the player in any way, for example screen blurring or shaking? My balloon stays white even under heavy fire :) Thanks :) EDIT: I keep seeing a black balloon appearing above certain units, what does that one mean? :confused:
  4. gepanzert-faust

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Somebody buy this man a drink! :cheers: Blastcore really makes Arma III a different game to play.
  5. gepanzert-faust

    [OPEN BETA] [SP] bCombat infantry AI Mod

    Hi all, could somebody please help me with my question about bCombat? I am fairly new to the game and have been testing many AI mods to find out which one I like the best. Will enabling the debug balloons in the config help show me bCombat's suppression system in action? I am interested in comparing this system to the one featured in TPWCAS and in that mod enabling the balloons shows the current suppression states of each unit. Could somebody please let me know how to "uncomment this line" from the config so I can enable the balloons, I'm afraid I really don't understand scripting and after many internet searches I'm still stumped about what that actually means :confused: Thanks! :D