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  1. You sir, are a gentelman and a scholar! also ww3weasel when?
  2. 1) That's a good idea but problem with that is missions might not be designed that way. Because: - Mission might need the truck to have the driver inside. - If the AI gets out of the truck via the mods script the missions scripts will not know if the AI got out by mods or missions script. So best way to use this script would be with the script implemented in the mission not in the mod. 2) I was going to make a script with similar idea where the entire group stops to engage the enemy for a bit then move on for a bit and do it again and again until it reaches the waypoint. But I ended scratching that idea because if some unrelated script uses "move" command then the group wont be able to follow that "move" command later on because doFollow command only works for waypoints. 3) Melee combat script for AI? I don't know how melee combat scripts work in either of these mods. Also the mods scripts are done so it's coming up soon I'm just making missions thats designed around the design ideologies that I made for the mod. It's definitely going to take a while.
  3. prototype1479


    good job, congrats!
  4. Ai can now take cover. Its now a fact.
  5. prototype1479

    ToH Characters

    For CWC i used 4x on soldiers and 2x on everything else. I didnt touch most .paa's cus they caused problem and looked uglier. I'll send you the files at an apropriate time
  6. #vote kick krzychuzokecia

  7. prototype1479

    Detecting forests (With mods)

    Maybe we can do smth in config to detect them?
  8. Is there a way to detect forests with mods with nearestBuilding or nearestObject command and use buildingPos to get their path positions? And I'm not talking the old way where you have to use "getPos forest select 2" to detect them, so is there a new way?
  9. I'm still up on the project with the mod. I'm currently trying to fix AI pathfinding in houses.
  10. prototype1479

    Advanced AI Mod - WIP

    I think he got scared on the fact that this game's scripting commands are horrid and can't be optimized easily without it being half-baked or having features taken off from it. I have done the same thing as he did also I can tell from years of scripting experience on this game + he really hasn't been online for a while. Just in case if he came back, I got few things to say : What are the AI features you are going to add? And also if you got questions about the AI of this game and if you want on learning tricks on how to optimize your scripts in this game I'm always here you can ask me.
  11. prototype1479

    Unofficial patch ArmA Resistance 2.01

    Is this project still being continued? Can I make suggestions?
  12. This is awesome. I never knew that! I will use these to test out new models, textures, config and sounds but for scripts I'll still be using something else. For example: class Man:Land { class EventHandlers {init="_this select 0 exec {..\@Mod\Scripts\Exec.sqs}";} ... With this way you'll be able to edit the scripts and then just restart the mission to see its effects. It doesn't even require restarting the whole game (it doesn't require script to be PBO'd too btw).
  13. Have you used reveal command? It makes it appear to player much faster been doing it for years. Edit: not faster just instantly.