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    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    http://outontheporch.org/2009/06/15/running-on-air/ http://www.the-two-malcontents.com/2009/06/iraqi-special-operations-forces-us-soldiers-take-on-special-forces-challenge-compete-for-braggin%E2%80%99-rights/ "Soldiers in full combat gear sprint for approximately a quarter of a mile" (400m)
  2. blackthorne556

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    I understand that. I am making a comment on their endurance. I do not expect to sprint, run, or even jog for 40km. I am saying that if a soldier can walk 40km in full ruck that a sprint of 150m leading to a complete slowdown to walk is absurd. While I do not agree with the distance at which it occurs, let's say I did. At that point the sprint, and the sprint alone should be locked out. I should not from that point progress so quickly to the point where I can't even jog.
  3. blackthorne556

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    I will concede that point, but to tell me that my soldier is so tired after top speed movement for 150m, that he slows to a jog for a few moments then has to walk, is a farce. Soldiers routinely participate in the 40km Boston marathon carrying full ruck (40lbs). http://www.motherjones.com/files/tough-ruck-finish-line425.jpg ---------- Post added at 20:04 ---------- Previous post was at 20:02 ---------- The article specifically states that they are in full gear.
  4. blackthorne556

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    I recently rewatched the film Black Hawk Down. I had intended to return triumphant with reference to the "Mogadishu Mile", as portrayed at the end of the film. In the scene, the soldiers are left behind by the convoy, and forced to run back to the Pakistani Stadium (a safe zone in Mogadishu). However, upon further research, the film exercised liberal creative license. The distance was not a mile, nor did they retreat to the stadium. They "walked expediently, in a tactical formation" for approximately 800 meters, where the convoy awaited them at a defensible point. It should be noted of course that the men were suffering from sleep deprivation and dehydration. I found one example worth noting, during the developmental testing of the LSAT light machine gun "Another test had the soldiers sprint 200 yards wearing body armor and a basic load of ammunition, then rapidly engage close-range targets" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LSAT_light_machine_gun . And this was just a test in a weapons development program. These soldiers were not in combat, or in any life threatening danger. I still maintain that in a life or death situation, with adrenaline flowing, a soldier running for his life would not slow down after 150m. Perhaps my problem lies with the speed and body movements of the in game "sprint". The character hardly seems to be moving at a "top speed", hence why I view the 2 higher speeds as a "jog" and a "run". I don't know... I'm not asking to be able to move at top speed eternally, or even for kilometers. I just think the "stamina cap" is too low as is for trained infantry.
  5. blackthorne556

    US Helicopters (HAFM OVerhaul) MOD

    Take all the time you need, but when you do, is the pilots habit of rocking back and fourth something that could be addressed? Or is this a vanilla thing? I was door gunner with an AI pilot the other night and it was impossible to hit infantry at medium ranges because I was riding a teeter-totter. *Edit I never tried in the vanilla birds because I hate them so...
  6. blackthorne556


    Have to say, you're Rangers are my favorite faction to play as. Very well put together. Your USMC is great too, but Rangers lead the way.
  7. blackthorne556

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    Thanks for the fix JonBons. Any chance of taking a look at Canadian Forces too? ;)
  8. blackthorne556

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    Well, thank you for clarifying. And I apologize for my confrontational tone. Yes, I do, admittedly, sprint at top speed when I want to get somewhere. Which, yes, is unrealistic. And while, no, it shouldn't be possible to sprint for 10km, it is silly that a soldier should not be physically capable of pushing himself more than a few hundred meters. I would honestly be fine with increasing the "stamina bar" by a multiplier of 2 or 3. Weapon sway should still be an issue at lower ends, but the extreme of forcing me to a slower pace should happen MUCH further down the line.
  9. blackthorne556

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    I don't think limiting the sprint distance of a trained infantryman to that of a 50 year old full time smoker is tactical. As you have pointed out, there are NUMEROUS elements of the game that make the player think about his actions without making him asthmatic. And there are many more options to increase the challenge with the active modding community (see bCombat, TWP, etc). I'm not asking for the ability to influence how you play, but there is no reason why I shouldn't be able to toggle the severity of this effect in a single player game. The ability to run at a sprint for more than a few hundred meters does not make the bullets less deadly, it does not let me fly, or blow up tanks with my eyes. It allows me to act as a soldier would in real life. I'm not looking to remove the effects of fatigue, my ONLY qualm is with the distance a soldier can move at top speed while carrying realistic loadouts. He should still be out of breath while trying to aim after a 1k run, sure, but an infantryman who stops running after a few hundred meters would earn some pretty bad nicknames from his squadmates. I don't want to get rid of weapon sway, I don't want to hold my breath for 10 minutes. I want my soldiers to quit smoking, and run to their destinations.
  10. blackthorne556

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    At present, using a realistic loadout for an infantryman, I find my soldier unable to sprint more than 150-200 meters. An infantry soldier is expected to sprint much greater distances in full battle-rattle. Helmet, rifle, HUNDREDS of rounds for same, grenades, smoke, vest (with plates, nowadays), boots, camelpack, and all associated gear. The slowdown is exceedingly unrealistic for men who do this for a living. EVEN IF IT WASN'T, for those who have actually played ARMA, it is well known that now and again you will find yourself without a ride, 3km from your next target. This is a military sim, not a walking sim. I don't want to spend an hour walking to a firefight. As realistic as that would be, this is still a game, and I play it for enjoyment. I know a lot of people are pro-fatigue effects, so I am not suggesting we set the same hard limit across the board. Why not add sliders/variable limits? We can adjust head bob and ambient occlusion (blur), these elements effect realism and difficulty. Why not have options for fatigue? It seems counter intuitive that we don't, considering how divisive this issue is.
  11. blackthorne556

    1.24 weapon exaggerated sway got fixed

    Does this effect the slowdown when you "reach your limit"? I use bCombat, which seems to overwrite the sway and recoil, but I still reach a point where my TRAINED soldiers - INFANTRYMEN - in fact, can "no longer run"... At about 150 meters. Absurd.
  12. This is a great idea. Thanks for the work. Would it be helpful in future versions to have a look at the roll animation perhaps for going over the wall? Would be nice if someone was working on increasing the distance you can fall. I've died from heights that real soldiers are expected to jump from and hit the ground running when they do obstacle courses.
  13. blackthorne556


    I had a similar problem while playing a quick preview of China PLA. My squadmates chatted happily back and fourth in Mandarin or Cantonese, to which I replied "F*CK, I need to reload!"
  14. Yeah, I had given up my game for frozen after having a full yellow load bar for over 15 minutes. Again, my system cries when I say "let's play Arma 3!"
  15. blackthorne556

    N'Ziwasogo A3 terrain (Released)

    Too true. But I've been wanting a theater to engage the Chinese in since I downloaded them. The Mediterranean seemed a little off base. This map will be perfect. I already set up a collision of 2 patrols meeting in the jungle in nearly pitch black, rainy conditions. I sat on the sidelines as a civilian with no NVG. With Blastcore running, the jungle was alight. It was glorious. EDIT I just now noticed an Asian faction in the FSF EUP. I had thought it was just African. My mistake.
  16. Don't use my mission as a template. 12,000 made as much sense as an ashtray on a motorcycle.
  17. blackthorne556

    N'Ziwasogo A3 terrain (Released)

    This looks like a good place to put Massi's Rangers up against the Chinese I just downloaded from Majoris. I know it's supposed to be Africa, but that vid reminded me of scenes right out of "We Were Soldiers". I'm already envisioning a midnight amphibious insertion, clearing an LZ in the jungle, and sweeping out on search and destroy missions. Gonna be a blast. Thanks for the map!
  18. So I built my first mission with ALiVE. Seems I was a bit over zealous. Stuck at loading screen. I guess my 4 year old Core 2 Duo can't handle 10 Military Placements at Battalion(1200). :p EDIT OHMYGOSH it worked. Alt tabbed back and the battle was going. LOL
  19. blackthorne556

    US Helicopters (HAFM OVerhaul) MOD

    I've been playing around with this mod and enjoying every minute of it. I didn't realize just how much I missed my sexy sexy Blackhawks. How would I go about moving them from the NATO faction into my USMC faction? I just picked up ALiVE, and I'm still a little unclear as to how, but I want my bases to populate with these heli's rather than vanilla. Still a complete novice, but I assume it will be easier if it's done that way?
  20. blackthorne556

    recoil, weapon sway, fatigue whats happend?

    Again, I wasn't looking for a reprimand on how you think I should play. I am asking directly if anyone knows how to disable the portion of the system that cancels sprint at a certain stamina level, without loosing the "out of breath" status as it pertains to aim sway. I don't care if you want to play it this way. I don't much care if you think it's the way I should play. I asked if anyone had been working on removing this feature. I did not say "BI should make their game the way I like". Hence why I am looking for help here, in a troubleshooting thread about fatigue, rather than joining the MOBS of people who are asking BI to change the engine for everyone. There must be some threshold in the code for when the game enforces the slowdown. I will pledge my firstborn to the modder who finds our fix.
  21. blackthorne556

    Refined Vehicles

    Think I may have to give this one a try. Thanks for your work!
  22. blackthorne556

    VTS Simple weapon resting

    Looks good, downloading. Thanks for your work!
  23. blackthorne556

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    I think this is to simulate the fact that sound is effected by the position of the observer. With weapons fire, the sound wave is emitted from the muzzle, so standing right behind the gun has a very different sound than to someone beside or in front of it. It's not a perfect system, but it works well given the abilities of the engine. Of course, I'm no expert.
  24. blackthorne556

    China - PLA Infantry (Alpha)

    So I've been waiting to try this because I thought that the sounds were waiting on a patch to fix after bootcamp. Got impatient and downloaded it to check out the skins. No error messages. Units look fantastic Majoris, well done. Possible to release a JSRS version? All my other custom factions sound MUCH louder in comparison with this set. Firing in third person isn't bad, buy looking down scope sounds like a cap-gun. Also, I got a real laugh when, in the midst of all the Chinese chatter my toon exclaimed "F@CK, I've got to reload!" All around though, this faction is coming along awesome. Look forward to further updates. Thanks for the mod, sir!
  25. Awesome SaOk. Thanks for the info. Will be trying this mission out again for sure then.