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  1. Sgt H. Taylor

    Arma3 Videos

    Two videos by a brilliant guy in our unit; some of the best cinematic work out of ArmA III I've ever seen:
  2. Sgt H. Taylor

    Parking Lots

    Got it. Boy, that's a bloody pain. Awkward way to do it.
  3. Sgt H. Taylor

    Parking Lots

    Nope, no asphalt in map_data, just the white washed-out concrete. The cfgsurfaces config doesn't have any clues either, nothing similar or related in there (good thinking though, I missed that).
  4. Sgt H. Taylor

    Parking Lots

    Question on an issue I've seen no data to answer: Where are the built-in textures or models for parking lots, such as the one in front of Altis International Airport? I see no textures or models in the P:/a3/ folders, so I have no idea where to start. If someone might at least point me in the right direction towards the appropriate PAAs or P3Ds, that would be exceptionally helpful. Thank you! EDIT: Specifically, it looks like it has a road type texture with specialized lines drawn... just can't find that to save my life.
  5. Sgt H. Taylor

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    I have a suggestion that would be much appreciated in the terrain building community, and I hope you all will be able to implement it: In Buldozer for terrain heightmap editing, a smooth brush that does not smooth to a LEVEL ground, but does either one of 3 things, depending on what you guys think would work best: 1) Average the slope of the terrain area you're attempting to smooth and smoothes the terrain area based on that slope 2) Uses some sort of algorithm to allow changes in slope while performing a similar function- essentially a bumpy-terrain-fixer. 3) Allows you to select a start and end point (1 and 2) , and smooths between x1y1 and x2y2 the desired brush width in a straight slope between z1 and z2. Either of these three options would be incredibly helpful, especially for smoothing terrain for overlying roads. Thank you very much, I really hope you consider adding this!
  6. That seems to me to be a different issue based around how the exe is attempting to read that sqf... maybe bad formatting in the sqf or where it is? That's just me blowing wind and guessing, the real experts will definitely know more than me.
  7. Sgt H. Taylor

    PBOProject crash on converting WRP

    You know, I think running that exact util was a portion of my fix. I managed to undo the rats nest and get it working again, and I've been painstakingly terrain-smoothing and adding roads since then with no errors whatsoever. Basically, Mikero For King of The World 2015.
  8. Hey everybody: Sorry, two new threads in a day might overload this here enterprise, but I'm hitting an annoying brick wall, and I have a question that NO tutorial has answered. Does every single terrain have to perfectly match a power of two in size? In tutorials involving real world terrain importing, people seem to sort of magically end up with a consistent 2048x2048 meter terrain- exactly one size for the tutorial, with no explanation of how they happened to perfectly get a 2048 meter square map out of, for instance, a 176km square island, without rescaling it and thus messing up the whole point of importing real world data. Specifically for me, I'm trying to use a block of territory roughly 10.5 km square in size. Is TB so completely damn restrictive that I have to confine myself to either carving out a chunk of that at 8192m square or expanding to an uncomfortably sized 16.384 km square terrain? In short, nothing I've seen explains the rules of numbers in TB in an adequate or half-complete way. I can size down a BIT if necessary, but I'm looking to use a very specific 10.5km area. How the hell do I get that to play ball, or am I literally stuck with chopping half of it off to make an 8km map or including extra garbage to make a 16km map? By the way, if it's any use in recommendations, all my sat/mask/heightmap sizes are 2048 square in pixels. Thank you all, I hope your answers can help me resolve some serious stress. I have no idea how to fix this without rescaling the map (which removes the entire purpose of me trying to do a real-world map)
  9. Sgt H. Taylor

    PBOProject crash on converting WRP

    ===================================== = =EDIT: Please disregard this thread. Per this thread, an update to A3Tools and Mikeros Tools plus a redo of Arma3P fixed the issue. (which makes sense, since A3 updated recently) = =====================================
  10. Sgt H. Taylor

    PBOProject crash on converting WRP

    As I edited, you can probably disregard. Per the other thread I found, I just need to reinstall A3Tools and redo the P, and update Mikeros tools. Anything will say it builds in Addon Builder, even if it has fatal errors. That's why I switched to pboProject. Thank you, though. I'll post back if I'm unable to rectify the issue.
  11. ##PLEASE DISREGARD THE BELOW UNTIL FURTHER## (AKA I did a forum search with bad terms and just found a helpful thread to try) Hi everybody- Having already found this quote: I am having the same issue. My output ends with: rapify x32UnicodeVersion 1.75, Dll 4.77 "roadslib.cfg" No Error(s) 1Pro\umbc\texHeaders.bin 1 File(s) copied 1Pro\umbc\umbc.hpp 1 File(s) copied 1 file(s) copied. 1 file(s) copied. 1 file(s) copied. 1 file(s) copied. 1 file(s) copied. 1 file(s) copied. 1 file(s) copied. 1 file(s) copied. 1 file(s) copied. 1 file(s) copied. and my binlog ends with: No entry 'P:\bin\config.cpp/CfgSurfaces.Water'. No entry '.files'. '/' is not a value No entry '.rough'. '/' is not a value No entry '.lucidity'. '/' is not a value No entry '.dust'. '/' is not a value No entry '.soundEnviron'. '/' is not a value No entry '.impact'. '/' is not a value I know throwing no-entry logs is perfectly normal when I have nothing fleshed out on the map at all (other than a single road just to keep my roads.shp reference in the config happy). I'm a little confused though. pboProject gets to converting the WRP and almost immediately hangs itself, with the windows "Binarize for Arma 3 has stopped working" popup. Upon selecting close program, it simply reports packing failed, but all I get at the end of the logs are the two pastes above. Any suggestions on how to unmess this? Unlike the OP I found above, it hasn't magically unmessed itself. Thanks for the help.
  12. Sgt H. Taylor

    Polyline object ? (railway)

    +1, that's real nice work- good trick to remember.
  13. Yeah I'm at that stage right now with my first photoreal map- tracing my mask over top of my sat photo. Roads are tedious, but much less so with the PS pen tool.
  14. As a note to that, if you accurately map the concrete in your mask, you may want to keep it or a similar surface as a road substrate if you have clutter set up- otherwise, if you have grass clutter on and your road is on a grass surface for instance, the grass will poke up through your road in an awkward manner..
  15. Sgt H. Taylor

    Issue when compiling terrain from TB to ArmA 3

    Well now that you mention it, I guess that's exactly what I mean haha. I wasn't previously aware there was a difference! (I only had one sat layer as far as I know- the generated one from L3DT that shows in the Raster Layers menu, as that was what was used in the tutorial and I just wanted to figure it out before jumping in with both feet) EDIT: Having figured out some more on this topic... I don't have a normals layer, do I? I don't think I do, I think I just have the sat map..