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  1. Bohemia employee training: "Now repeat after me, this is a limitation of the engine that is too complicated to overcome" XD
  2. I tried it with vanilla arma and it works fine. So its probably AGM or some mod doing weird stuff
  3. Nope still doesnt work. Tried all of it. Even made a clip to show exactly what im doing and the result. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8zg4e8nFuw
  4. Thanks F2k Sel, I tried that at the beginning, but it didnt work. Ill try and neaten up my first post ;) (im not sure how todo the PHP code thing, but ive learned colours XD) My solution sofar, or the one thing ive found works is: in AI's init: this addEventHandler ["HitPart", {EH = _this execVM "CivKilled.sqf"}]; and in CivKilled.sqf : _killed = ((_this select 0) select 0); _killer = ((_this select 0) select 1); hint format ["Guy hit = %1\nShooter = %2", _killed, _killer]; that returns the killer and killed names correctly, but its not ideal. ------- Did some more testing and theres definitely a ghost in the machine on this one lol Im using a custom character from our community and setting his load-out, with LEA and loading him with RH M4 RIS. So i used the normal BIS NATO->Men->Rifleman. but still gave him a loadout = Same result ( Civvies name returns twice.) So i removed the load-out on him, which i do by adding nul = [this, "SpecOp"] execVM "loadout\gear.sqf"; to his init (thus spawning a stock standard BIS rifleman) and the result was the same, at first. Then i just tried again with the STD BIS Rifleman and it worked! yay Then tried it again, and it didnt, So its really intermittent, but if feels like Im getting somewhere. but to be sure, in the init of my custom character with loadout i checked side and it does return west
  5. Sorry idk how to wrap the code in the forum, so it looks abit messy. Thanks for the quick reply!! I have tried 654wak654 way but got : Error select: Type Object, expected Array,Config entry I just tried again, but used "hit" instead of killed, and it worked 100% but then i put this in the CivKilled.sqf : _killed = _this select 0; _killer = _this select 1; hint format ["Guy hit = %1\nShooter = %2", _killed, _killer]; and it returns the guy, that was hit's name, twice :confused:
  6. Ive got a AI civilian and in his Init i have: this addEventHandler ["killed", {EH = _this execVM "CivKilled.sqf"}]; CivKilled.sqf : That gives no hint. So i wanted to check if the player was returned correctly, So i put : this addEventHandler ["killed", "hint format['Killed by %1',_this select 1]"] in the civ AI init. It returns the civvies name and not mine. Im using a Nato unit from side blufor to kill the civvie and checking it in the preview of mission editor. What am i doing wrong?
  7. An easy way to test (all though for altis life im not sure) would be to have everyone in the map screen before missions start and then to click on everyones name, til you crash. If the persons XML is corrupt, everyone will crash clicking on him, or being in his vicinity in game. in our case the one persons .paa image was corrupt, i have no idea why or how it happened. We are a smaller controlled group so it was easy to fix. I have no idea how to make ppl stop using xml's but Ill ask around abit and definitly let you know if i find something. You could try setting the allowed image size to 0 on the server? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/basic.cfg MaxCustomFileSize=<size_in_bits>; Users with custom face or custom sound larger than this size are kicked when trying to connect.
  8. Zeppelin33

    Arma 3: Aircraft custom load-outs

    Thanks Raptor 6 Actual, now thats a reply :) I havent had time to get back to this, because after arma, life happens hehe, but I will indeed drop Peral, John Spartan, Saul a message when Ive got all my ducks in a row. Id like to make the mod usable on all default Arma 3 aircraft, fixed and rotary wing, but if i had to focus on a specific one, id choose the AH-9 for now. Partly because it has allot to benefit from a mod like this and also because it has 2 weapons that are fixed. the M134 and the Hydra 70mm. So if i can somehow manage to get other weapons working on it, then the road is pretty much paved for the rest. Reason I'm saying I need to get my stuff together first is: A. If allot of the aircraft will need to get remodeled, The mod mite get big and I'm not sure it will be worth it then. B. Id like to see what happens when BIS releases the helicopter DLC. but maby a good start would be to speak to the guys that have managed to make similar mods first and then take it from there.
  9. thx, I hope this will helps someone :)
  10. Zeppelin33

    Arma 3: Aircraft custom load-outs

    Awesome idea, but it seems arma weapons are just Strings, and you cant hide it :( It looks like it mite be necessary to make new models, all though, if you cursor over the weapon pod with the camera view, it returns a different classname when looking at the pod and AH-9. When you look at the pod, it returns Weapon_holder.p3d and the chopper is vehicle_x. Ill scratch around with a few more things, see what i can come up with.
  11. Zeppelin33

    Arma 3: Aircraft custom load-outs

    No worries, i am bad with forums and was also probably not clear enough. But progress thus far. If i removeMagazines and weapons from the AH-9, the pods and miniguns are still there, altho you cant switch to the pods anymore.
  12. Zeppelin33

    Arma 3: Aircraft custom load-outs

    But its neither a request for a mod, nor just a question. I want to discuss this mod here, because I'm going to make it myself . Hence, why its here. I also thought its pretty genius ;) So have any of you 2 tried something similar, may be tried working on the DAR pods of little bird, seeing as it doesn't look removable, or do you just troll new posts to see if they are in the right thread?
  13. Zeppelin33

    Arma 3: Aircraft custom load-outs

    Apologies i just noticed theres a Mods:discussion thanks This thread can be deleted, Ive made a new one there.
  14. I want to find out if there is already a mod, that enables custom load-outs for standard arma 3 aircraft. It doesn't seem like there is. I know the F-18 mod has a excellent custom load-out screen and it would be great to have something similar for all standard Arma3 aircraft and helicopters. http://www.armaholic.com/datas/users/bzda_4.jpg Picture is taken from http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22594 which is a really nice aircraft and the guys did a excellent job!! If no other mod like this currently exists, Id like to try and start one. Is it possible? will aircraft models need to be changed?