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  1. Fighting Chance Gaming


    http://i.imgur.com/Q1qeF1x.png (198 kB)

    Fun First, Sim Second

    The Home of Practical Realism

    Teamspeak: fcgaming.community:9987

    Website: fightingchance.enjin.com

    Bottom Line Up Front

    Fighting Chance was founded on the idea that part of the fun surrounding the ArmA franchise is the simulation of real life warfare and tactics, but there are inherent limitations of any simulation. What works in real life will not always work in game. That being said, FCPMC will follow infantry and logistics doctrine as far as having a good time will allow.

    There are no ranks, there are no reserved slots. If you show the group that you're proficient at a skill and the operation calls for it, then play the role in which you're strongest.

    We are new and we are recruiting talented mission makers and community leaders who want to have a hand in guiding this group upward and onward.


    FCPMC's scope of operations will include tactical COOP and PvP events. We are open to joint operations with other units. The intended schedule now will be weekend operations, late evening EST.


    There will only be organized training events if the community asks for it and will be in advance. The founding members are mainly current and prior service military, so there is a wealth of knowledge to be passed down.

    What We're Looking For

    Any and all mature individuals, preferred 17+, who are interested in growing this community and having a good time while simulating real-world tactics as far as the game will allow. New players are more than welcome, I personally love teaching people.

    Are We For You?

    FCPMC toes the line between casual and serious play. If you are looking for military simulation, we may not be for you. If you want to have a good time while simming, we're your guys. Hop in the teamspeak or head to the website if you have any questions!

  2. Hi! I'm spoon and I've been here awhile and finally discovered that this is the only place I can post! Props to the mod who steered me in the right direction. :)

    I'm the ex First Sergeant of Task Force Mamba and current director of Fighting Chance PMC in A3. Hope to see you guys in a game somewhere!

    IRL Background: 24, US, EST, US Army, currently working IT.