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  1. So basically from what I've gathered don't use any modded content with the Eden editor and try to host it on a dedicated, I've down loaded all of my mods through the Steam Workshop and for whatever reason I can't change the file name,

    I resorted to downloading every single mod my unit uses only enable those build a mission with those mods saved it put it up on their server and it's still doesn't work.

    I'm out of ideas here and I'm so burnt out on trying to get it to work i give up.......

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  2. I am also having this issue, however NONE of the above is working, there must be an issue with this mission.sqm when using Eden editor, its the only thing i can think of. when you look at your mission.sqm after using the 2d editor it looks completely different than a mission made in the Eden editor, there must be a disconnect somewhere in there when that mission goes to a dedi server.



    1. I think one of the hang up might be if the playable units were placed from a user made composite group being made in one map and being placed in another there may be an issue with the mission.sqm not understanding that those units are playable in MP when hosted by a Dedi server even tho they are all set to playable.


    2. or it might be a an issue for bis with the menu when editing a units playable status, i dont know if its listing that unit as a playable unit in the mission.SQM on a Dedi server


    Like i said before i have tryed everything in this topic so far with no positive results any help would be great.

  3. GOOOOD DAY ladies and gents!, i am having a Major problem with the ambient sounds after the 1.60 update, all i can hear is crickets and birds at an ungodly sound volume, its so loud i cant even hear my weapon firing, i am a scrub so not sure if it is a setting issue or a issue from the update exactly was checking to see if any of you were having the same issue.


    Shadowmarine578 aka J.Short

  4. @Raffal79 in reffrence to getting units to respawn are you placeing your code in the mission init.sqf?


    also are you useing a BTC revive script or the defalt respawn modual?


    if your useing the arma 3 respawn modual then just place in the int of that respawn pos

    this setPos [getPos this select 0, getPos this select 1,17]; and it should work its what i do and havent ran into any truble yet

  5. There are likely lots of ways you can accomplish this BL1P.

    Using the uiNameSpace variable BIS_fnc_arsenal_cam will tell you whether the arsenal is open or not, its objNulll if its not open.

    How to check for this could also be written slightly differently dependent on how/where your calling the arsenal in the first place e.g from an ammo box, player action or from inventoryOpened.

    Heres some code from a quick test. It checks via an onEachFrame, its stacked ID is added to the player in a variable called "VAcatch" just incase you maybe want to turn the stacked event off (no sense checking for arsenal ever frame if the only place you can use it is while your back at base). It also checks to see if the player has changed their uniform and reapplies their insignia. Not thoroughly checked but should give you something to go from..

    player setVariable [ "VAcatch", [ "VAcatch", "onEachFrame", {
    if ( !( isNil { _this getVariable "VAcatch" } ) && { !( isNull ( uiNamespace getVariable [ "BIS_fnc_arsenal_cam", objNull ] ) ) } ) then {
    	_this setVariable [ "VAcatch", nil ];
    	_thread = _this spawn {
    		_uniform = uniform _this;
    		waitUntil { isNull ( uiNamespace getVariable [ "BIS_fnc_arsenal_cam", objNull ] )  };
    		_faction = _this getVariable [ "Faction", nil ];
    		if ( _uniform != uniform _this && { !( isNil "_faction" ) } ) then {
    			[ _this, _faction ] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia;
    		_this setVariable [ "VAcatch", "VAcatch" ];
    }, player ] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler ];

    As i said above there are likely better ways to implement this based on what you actually need but the above serves as a catch all example.

    so where does this go into the mission init or a trigger? i am confused where to place this

  6. Format creates strings, so there is no need to put quotes around it...

    [this,"RscAttributeDiaryRecord",["Bomb Schematics",format ["To disarm the bomb, cut the %1 wire",disarm]]] call bis_fnc_setServerVariable;

    what would be the best way to place that code into the init of a object spawned by script i have made a function that i want to loop after the intel file is found to spawn another one within an array of markers to be found again.

    this is a PVP map so players will be moving around there FOBS trying to take out sectors. so the intel files need to update and be able to show where the Intel file is.

    this is what i got but no mater what i try its not compilable with the setVehicleInit command would u know a work around?

    FNC_Tracking_OPFOR_FOB = {
    hint "BLUFOR have found a Intel File";
    if (!alive OPFOR_Intel_File) then {
    	"FOB_OPFOR_1" setMarkerPos (getPos FOB_OPFOR);
    	_OPFOR_Intel_File = ["Intel_File1_F" createVehicle getMarkerPos "OPFOR_Intel_File1_Marker",["OPFOR_Intel_File1_Marker","OPFOR_Intel_File1_Marker"], 0, "NONE"];
    	_OPFOR_Intel_File setVehicleInit ""
    	data = [OPFOR_Intel_File,"RscAttributeDiaryRecord",[  "A letter to CSAT Gen(1).",
    	"TO: General Atlia<br /><br />  From: LT. Kouse<br /><br />
    	Subject: Operations in Zones 1 and 2<br /><br />
    	General our situation here is dire we have the USA forces to our North East. We need more reinforcements here.<br />
    	We are currently locked in engagements with the 2nd Marine Division on the North Eastern border.<br /> 
    	The battles are getting worse by the day but we will hold out till the last man.<br />
    	We have built a <font color='#84e4ff'><marker name = 'FOB_OPFOR_1'>FOB</marker></font color> it will serve as our Launch point into Zones 1 and 2.<br />
    	As a precaution I have stationed a platoon to guard the outpost so we can buy time for reinforcements.<br /><br />
    	CSAT Command<br /><br />
    	LT.Kouse Sector 1 Commanding officer.  ",""]] call bis_fnc_setServerVariable;""
    	while {alive FOB_OPFOR} do {
    		"FOB_OPFOR_1" setMarkerPos (getPos FOB_OPFOR);
    		OPFOR_Flag_trg setPos (getPos FOB_OPFOR);			
    		if (!alive OPFOR_Flag_trg) then {
    			OPFOR_Flag_trg = createTrigger["EmptyDetector", getPos "FOB_OPFOR_1"];
    			OPFOR_Flag_trg setTriggerArea[50,50,0,false];
    			OPFOR_Flag_trg setTriggerActivation["WEST","PRESENT",true];
    			OPFOR_Flag_trg setTriggerStatements ["player in thisList", "'FOB_OPFOR_1' setMarkerPos getPos 'BLUFOR_Flag', hint 'OPFOR FOB Nearby'",""];
    		sleep 5;
    else {
    	if {alive OPFOR_Intel_File} then {
    		"FOB_OPFOR_1" setMarkerPos (getPos OPFOR_Base_Flag);
    		deleteVehicle OPFOR_Flag_trg;

  7. I have heard that just moving around at mission start before every thing has loaded like V.A.S. can clause Desync issues through out the game maybe you need your vehicles to start off from the ground then fly them out to where they need to go after all players have loaded. my crew mostly just tells every one to wait till they get green light to move normally a cemlight or some one just says it.