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  1. fercyful

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    Thanks! After that works perfectly :) Time to start renaming all the other SQMs ^_^
  2. fercyful

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    Thanks for Version 9 B) Have some problems loading missions created with Version 8 :unsure: http://imgur.com/a/KZQ7s Tried with "optionals" and without them... S.O.S. Thanks!
  3. fercyful

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    Thanks accuracythruvolume :P for the reply and status reports. Those additions are great news. Maybe you can have one "hollywood option" with lots of loud screams and other one with realistic volume , but I think is too much asking :unsure: I enjoy your mod so much, play always with it. Thanks!!
  4. fercyful

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    Agree! ^_^ Sometimes intense action don't let you hear them well... thanks!
  5. fercyful

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    The "Akbar" voices adds a lot to realism. Great work there!! any chance to get them every time units use RPGs, grenades? (remember an OLD mod for Operation Flashpoint that screams it every time RPG was fired and was so fun) Thanks a LOT for the MOD B)
  6. Just reporting a bug about voices. "Takistani Army" speaks "farsi" but "Takistani Militia" + "Takistani Locals" speaks English. Hope it can be fixed. I know I can change voices under editor but some pre-made missions loads the units and hearing them in english sounds weird :) Thanks!
  7. Hello! Hope you can help me. Each time I select the Artillery Support with F4 in the MCC console while reading "Connecting to steel rain..." game hangs and I have to ctrl+alt+del. I'm using only this mod. I try in MP and SP after watching many tutorials videos to set up things. I try with the invisible arty or mortars created in MCC 3D Editor. Always is the same: game hangs there :( Then I try also enabling CBA along this mod. No help either. Thanks for any advice. Update: Fixed with version 1.60... of ARMA 3 !! (at least here) Great MOD!