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  1. miasdad

    Namalsk for Arma 3

    Arma 2 map had additional mods for sound + atmosphere + mutants(Zeds).The sound mod tho drove me batty because it followed me on other terrains & couldn't hear anything BUT wind.Hope it's not the case this outing. :huh:
  2. miasdad

    co10 Escape

    That happened to me a cpl times and was caused by wrong RHS mod version
  3. Well,can;t help you there.Take it up with devs
  4. Same as whats on your plate plus @Cup Terrains,units.weapons ^ vehicles.Noticed you didn't list CUP.Maybe thats why?
  5. They're there:http://imgur.com/DWrweFV
  6. Using a mod which you can get the link in the post#11 I gave Inlesco
  7. Okay..the path I gave you in post #7 was for the 3D editor..which I thought you were inquiring about.If you're using the old 2D editor(which I no longer use) they are ,well...GONE.As stated b4 since Eden I no longer used the old editor and was certain all the empty objects would still be there til I just checked and they disappeared,apparently with the Eden update.But they ARE there in the 3D Editor.
  8. If you still don't see it install this:http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20821&highlight=101%2BOBJECTS
  9. Props(the icon at far right under assets)/Stuctures/Military/Hedgehog<--2 entries for that object
  10. Did you check "Things/Military"?I may be mistaken on the folder/category but I know they are there b/c I used them the other day.Tents are in Camping I think Edit:Hedgehogs and other Fortifications located in Structures/Military after dbl checking.Military tents also.
  11. miasdad

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Thanks Benny,just tried out the SP missions both Altis & Stratis and all is well done at start but after the first objective completed & arrive at the 2nd the AI become stupid & lazy.They just loiter around barking commands but not a shot is fired from either side?I've had the enemy rush right by,paying me no mind.
  12. They look deadly but is there any chance I can use them without ACE dependency?
  13. miasdad

    Enhanced Movement

    Thanks Cosmic,didn't know about the EM button
  14. miasdad

    Enhanced Movement

    Same here...but what I'd love to see in this game is the ability to ascend/descend,like using a grappling hook.
  15. stop the teasing already..I want substance.Stayed up all night watching for the release. :confused:
  16. miasdad

    Albatros Flugzeugwerke

    Awesome work on these,Sabre.Since you've just about covered WW1 era planes,there a chance next will be WW2?Corsair.P-38 maybe?J/k !
  17. miasdad

    co10 Escape

    Send me that camo you're wearing,lol,cuz they can spot me 500m out behind a boulder,under a boulder,under a house,in a house or underwater.In total darkness even. :(
  18. Oh & BTW...something's out of sync when you try & scan dead bodies for inventory.Normally you could simply walk up to them but in this mission I have to sidestep 2-3 meters before the action appears?
  19. The weapons are vanilla.Is there a way to use 3rd party weapon mods?It's not a priority just wondering.
  20. :) :) Thanks ZK,.As always you never fail to deliver!.Just played it( I starved to death early in the game but now got the hang of it..lol) and it's totally awesome!Great job! :627:
  21. 'Net problems still?Unable to d/l: No data received ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE
  22. miasdad

    [WIP] Terrain Diyala province Iraq

    Not to chide the other middle eastern map-makers but judging from these shots this one appears to be closer to authentic than most. :o