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  1. miasdad

    Custom oilrig

    Very impressive and VERY intricate,higher scale than the one on Workshop.Good luck
  2. miasdad

    FATA & Afghan Village Pack #1

    Thanks Phantom,glad to see your missions in Arma 3.
  3. miasdad

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Sooo that's it.Been having the same prob except w/RHS after last patch am now able to use their m67 frag,but unable to use any of CUP's grenades. Thanks for clearing that up.
  4. miasdad

    Ghost Recon - Wild Lands

    Yep.Burned me after GR1 with GRAW & subsequent titles.Looking forward to Wildlands especially with it's open range roaming.
  5. miasdad

    Turkey Coup D'Etat

  6. miasdad

    Advanced Urban Rappelling

    Great Job!Finally this game is going somewhere!Can't for the life of me understand why BIS hadn't implemented this yet but nevertheless thank you.Perhaps my endeared grappling hook is not far behind ;) ?
  7. miasdad

    Turkey Coup D'Etat

    Sources on Twitter saying Germany turned Erdo away now he's headed for London
  8. I agree.After the update everything went dark.And thanks CUP for finally turning the streetlights on,although b4 the update they weren't really necessary but now they are:)
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    Good Job Haleks!
  10. miasdad


    That was cruel...lmao.Thanx for the laugh tho
  11. miasdad


    ^^^^^^^grandelemental^^^^If you're comfortable with mission-editing(Eden)you can increase the amount of bandits by multiplying Ravages AI module or simply(as I do sometimes)copy the bandits trigger zones(which spawn the bandits/camps) and paste as many as you think your rig can handle.elsewhere on the map.Simply de-pbo the mission into your Arma 3 mission directory(user/documents/Arma 3/missions)then launch Arma then the editor then the particular terrain the mission is based then the mission itself.
  12. http://soldiersystems.net/2016/03/31/rumor-has-it-hk-wins-csass/
  13. Why would you want anyone to shoot your dog?Other than that I don't think its possible in A3...yet.I know it worked in A2/OA via script.
  14. Novel idea.O/T..this world is getting weirder.
  15. miasdad

    Error when players try to join Eden map.

    Well,outside of that couldn't tell you what caused it..unless you disabled a mod that was used on the mission in the editor,which is usually the case.
  16. miasdad

    Error when players try to join Eden map.

    Did you use MapBuilder?"MapBuilder_A3_ExtraObjects.pbo" is what the error is referring to,if I'm not mistaken.
  17. miasdad


    Checked it out.Cool but how about howling wolves?
  18. Napf just released for Arma 3.It's already being used for Epoch/Exile mods. NamalskA3 also but not sure if this one would meet the criteria.It was a blast though for zombies
  19. Is there a way to enable something like this for spawned AI?Or yet get a "kill-ticker"that keeps track of whom/what you killed & display it?
  20. Just played the mission on MSKE Isle.Got dropped in the middle of nowhere near the coast & came across only 2 bldgs after walking for hours which only netted me a pistol and a uniform, then died of starvation.Not a lot of structures on this end of the map so be prepared.This mission is a must if you have a death wish or nine lives.
  21. miasdad

    Namalsk for Arma 3

    Been waiting on this one.Thanks guys :P Second I get it gonna unleash some of Halek's Ravage.
  22. miasdad

    Namalsk for Arma 3

    Been waiting on this one.Thanks guys :P