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    Thanks Haleks. Especially for the new equip list feature
  2. miasdad

    Castle Composition

    I'm quite impressed.You came pretty close to the original(which I still play sometimes).Now if we could get someone to recreate neutron's The Dam my game 's on :)
  3. Not only does it affect reloading rifles I also have a problem reloading GLs. But I still use EM,just on Ravage missions, to climb walls & other obstacles.Otherwise,it's a looong walk going around fences.
  4. I know this is an old thread but I've had a recurring*freeze*problem with sniper/marksman rifles for awhile until now.Before I finally broke down & started troubleshooting I was under the impression it was the particular weapon mod itself(so I dropped it)then I thought it might be devbranch so I switched back to stable(wasn't it so).Well,I have finally nailed it much to my dismay cause I've gotten used to this mod..Bad Benson's Enhanced Movement.Of course it might just depend on which weapon mod is used in conjunction with EM but for my sake I'm running NiArsenal/SMA & sometimes Breaking Point and with EM disabled I know longer have the freeze problem.I had an anti-sway mod loaded but after disabling it problem was still there..so that's when I looked at EM.It's taken me 3 hours enabling/disabling mod for mod to straighten it out.
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    Haleks removed in the 1.46 update.If you have previous release's (pre-1.46) just grab it & drop it in mission folder
  6. miasdad

    Arma 3 inventory idea

    There are already scripts out there that handle 2nd primary & handle it well.If anything,I'd like to see melee weapons like a knife added.There are scripts out there that already handle ???? but do not do it very well.Also,as far as breaching,some good weapon mods out that provide M4 masterkey.
  7. miasdad

    Winter 2035

    As it stands now..I'm perfectly content with what you've done. I've been waiting for someone to add a winter texture to Altis forever. Naturally,though, some people are gonna expect you to give'em the moon.
  8. Having a problem with the skirmish feature when leading an AI squad...player's commands become hijacked when ever I lead a team of two or more AI squad-mates.For instance ,we're just moving along & then the game barks out command(using players voice)"move to grid**** " & the squad stops until I command to regroup. This continues until I get so annoyed I quit. Anyway to turn this off?I'm using the mod,not the script version.
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    Who's mod are you using to separate that poor fellas head like that?<<<<Scratch that didn't see ConJon's post
  10. miasdad

    Animation dump

    Just as I start thinking I've had enuff of this game somebody outta the shadows drops a cool new gadget to peak my interest again.Good job & much appreciated.
  11. Abu Tahseen, AKA Sheik of snipers, died in a battle few days ago in iraq, in the last 6 months he killed 175 ISIS members while he's 63 years old, he killed 341 terrorists in total...https://www.timesofisrael.com/iraqs-sheikh-sniper-who-fought-idf-in-73-killed-in-battle-against-is/
  12. Lol..just saw what I did there..meant skirmish although scrimmage is good as well. Anyway its on its way
  13. Is there anyone on this thread that uses TPW's scrimmage feature?I've never been inclined to do so till now but apparently (to me) it's a bit more complicated than the rest of the code.I'm trying to use the custom factions for BluFor/Opfor yet either the game crashes or they don't spawn(Vanilla units spawn instead).For CUP I enter "CUP_Creatures_Military_USMC" but the game crashes with this error:File userconfig\TPW_MODS\TPW_MODS.hpp, line 276: '/TPW_ANIMSPEED_Key_Setting.tpw_skirmish_friendlyvehiclestring': Missing ';' at the end of line; with RHS I enter rhs_faction_usmc_wd & no error but NATO spawns instead?Tried enterting individual unit classes but have the same effect.BTW..this is using the mod,not the script.TIA!
  14. miasdad

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    Good enuff.Just feel like CSAT looks out of place on this terrain and RHS .IMO,looks more at home.
  15. miasdad

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    Good job on ChernoRedux,Major.One question:any chance I could swap the vanilla factions for RHS?Sick of these ants
  16. miasdad


    Thanks EO. Think it's a browser issue,using Chrome when I got the error...used Firefox & d/l wasn't a problem.Thanks again,friend.
  17. miasdad


    Whats up with dropbox,EO?Keeps telling me "failed to downlaod".Is it available on Workshop?
  18. miasdad


    @FireWalker Its not Ravage I'm sure.I 've placed additional units myself and never had a problem.
  19. miasdad

    Saving Zeus edits with MCC from mission start

    You should post your query here=https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/142042-mcc-sandbox-3-dynamic-mission-creating-tool-for-arma-3/ but I'll answer it best I can..when you export the mis file during preview the objects pos will be saved at the location they were at when exported.That is if you exported during preview play the units pos will not be the same pos he started in .
  20. miasdad


    Thanks & my apologies
  21. miasdad


    Heh,heh..my bad.Was in such a hurry for a solution post went to wrong forum(thought this was the Ravage forum)It's hell growing old
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    Thanx EO.I tried that & none spawned.Either I missed something or it was just the map itself (Bystrica) b/c I got an error "Ravage mission No locations found".Zeds spawned although .In addition the loot module I placed had just static spawns but again no loot either.I'll try it again.Also the population factor..if I raise the bar does it affect number of renegades also?On a side note..these new animations for zeds are kinda funny<not a critique,just an observation :)>walking like they just finished a day of horseback riding.
  23. miasdad


    Can't get enough of this mod but want to change things up a bit if at all possible.Is there a way you can spawn just roaming renegades or lone bandits instead of bandit groups(2 or more on a team)?I've tried using AI spawn scripts but with little success(WP's mostly what gave me probs along with spawns with no weapon/gear).
  24. miasdad


    Made a Ravage mission on Malden 2035 the day I got it & ran flawlessly.Also i have to add despite the lack of spawns in the new buildings there were enough of the originals from vanilla to make up for it. Just my 2¢