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    ANZINS Terrain

    As he stated it's for Altis & Stratis for now.Can't wait for Tanoa.Just looked at Altis and the vibrancy is unreal.Just imagining what it will do for the rich tropics of Tanoa!
  2. Working on that now.Yet after disabling all mods except for CBA & TPW vanilla vehicles won't even move.
  3. Here in the last couple of updates I've noticed all of the spawned vehicles from *Park* are locked?That is,you can enter them but you can't drive them?
  4. miasdad

    Enhanced Movement

    Another cause for it to stop working can also be attributed to too many moving parts.If you have alot of AI/vehicles,additional objects that will slow it down.But one in particular that has prevented EM to not even work is that one mod you mentioned-Bloodlust.
  5. miasdad

    Rosche, Germany

    Good job!
  6. miasdad


    Ahem..make that 29
  7. Found the culprit and its unbelievable!On a snow terrain you surely would like to see some snow,right?Well,after disabling 90% of my mods and the animals still didn't spawn I decided to look at the environment(had snow on my missions). I disabled the snow and lo & behold animals came back.
  8. I appreciate that ,EO.Conflict had occurred to me but for the life of me can't imagine which one causing it.Regardless,I'm just glad it wasn't the terrain.Thanks,bro.You've been a great help!
  9. I have a question about your animal spawns(Goats,Sheep,poultry).I've been working on a Ravage mission for Crazy Mike's Winter 2035 terrain & the problem is not seeing any animal spawns outside of the rabbit.I can manually place them with Zeus,yet they don't move.Also they WILL spawn in Eden with the preview mission and move about but once mission is exported and get in game...no spawns?This probably isn't related to your mod as animals spawn on all the other winter maps,just not this one.Is there something I can do to fix it,maybe force the spawn?Or is it the terrain itself and I need to just move on with my life?
  10. miasdad


    Tried it this morning..no degradation on my end(6300 simple objects spawned).And able to spawn loot items as well..which I was looking for anyway.I have Ambient AI dialed up to 15 with no zeds.
  11. Thanks for the scripts.What I would like to see though are bandit patrols outside of villages,not just on foot but vehicles as well..like a heli perhaps?I use VcomAI at the moment and they will steal vehicles but they just sit in them & won't budge unless shot at in which case they'll disembark and engage but the driver will take off to another corner and just idle.I can recall in the beginning Ravage had foot/vehicle patrols everywhere.Now except for the random renegades/traders I see'em only around villages/installations
  12. The soundtrack is definitely a +. Gave me chills
  13. ZK,what are you up to these days?
  14. Does this apply also with weapon add-ons?
  15. Yippee ki-yay!! Wolves!! Finally some decent animals!
  16. Pardon if this sounds like a dumb question but is their behavior similar to the hare in Ravage(will they run if alerted)?
  17. miasdad


    Thanks for this^^^^Been trying to do it myself for ages but always turned out too high or too low..this one is perfect
  18. miasdad


    I recall awhile back you had mentioned adding hunter heli's to the AI module,is that still in the works?Been having fun with the Sarifs lately(cat-n-mouse sorta thing)but pretty sure with helos it would be entirely different if not suicidal.
  19. miasdad


    They are but afaik the Marksman glitch is still there(just don't reload while prone)
  20. Thanx man.And I know about real life responsibilities also,so take your time,in no hurry :0
  21. Seems tpw is a far cry from Arma these days
  22. Great job on adding Max Joiners Zombie.But I noticed they don't appear when resuming a saved game...any way to fix that?
  23. miasdad


    It's possible what you are experiencing are not runners but bolters,who spawn with walkers but you can change the default ratio to 0.And the breath fog can also be disabled via module
  24. miasdad


    Actually,although not 100%,ACE will work w/o problems(has for me) as long as Medical module is disabled.You should try & use a "modded" version like ACE 3 balance or cpl others I found on Workshop.Just my 2 cents.