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  1. dragonblade117

    Freedom issue

    Have the Freedom on our server with no problems whatsoever. Have some ambience going and the server performance hasn't been impacted at all. Not even an expensive one.
  2. dragonblade117

    Freedom Bug

    Sorry if this has bee mentioned before, but I couldn't find a post for it. I have found that if you try and the longways of the carrier that your tend to fall through. Have not noticed this on the actual side where the elevators are, but if you get on or close to the runway and start running, there are gaps like the old Nimitz. It is more reliable though than the Nimitz and only seems to happen on or in proximity to the runway when running the length.
  3. dragonblade117

    Enhanced Movement

    Your work is appreciated, and my unit can't wait to get our hands on the fix.
  4. dragonblade117

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Does the missile explode at a distance from the vehicle then, because I had people watching me go down. They said I sped around a hill with a missile hot on me popping flares the whole time before the missile hit me dead on.
  5. dragonblade117

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Is there something wrong with flares on the helicopters? I was in the apache, moving at speed and slowly in two different instances. I got engaged at a distance both times and had plenty of time to pop flares. The missiles beamed onto me even when I was evading with turns, flips, etc. No matte what this has happened in multiple RHS helis.
  6. How and where do I find the IED?
  7. Does the cellphone work? I have been trying to figure it out for a while now.
  8. dragonblade117

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Please read back a bit. The grid smoke is a known issue and is going to be fixed in the next build if he hasn't fixed it already.
  9. Sorry if this has been asked, but can someone elaborate on the weather feature? I thought it was already synced between clients. I am wondering if there will be any noticeable enhancement to it. More dynamic fog, rain that rolls across the environment, with varying effects on your goggles or eye protection. Also, will having eye protection a point? In AGM all it served was a couple visual differences based on situations or type of eyewear. Why wear it and possibly suffer from some visual obstruction when you can wear none and be fine. Maybe make a module that makes it where not wearing eye pro has drawbacks, like rain causing some blurring or something, permanent visual obstruction after being near an explosion. This might be taking the realism too far, but I think it would be a neat feature to have. Edit: Also, does the no talking player avatar mean our ingame character will no longer move their mouth when they speak? Why remove that? When I am in a unit op, I have snuck up on a group of people, and heard the persons voice and saw their mouth moving which let me identify the right target. Or sitting on a hill watching players mix with ai walk around. The factor that helped me spot them was the fact they wouldn't stop talking.
  10. dragonblade117

    Combat Space Enhancement 0.2

    Ok, what is going on. This smells more and more like an elaborate April fools, meant to spawn rage on the forums at the loss of two of the best game enhancing modifications.
  11. dragonblade117

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Incredibly disappointed by this decision. My entire unit is based around AGM and your mod team. I cannot blame you for not working on a project that hasn't warranted a victory in the MANW contest, and sincerely hope that is not why you guys have decided to end development. I am sorry that having a massive portion of the Arma community relying on and looking forqard to the work your team does and having your mod on thousands of servers is not a big enough motivation for all of you. I am hopeful that people who are as competent and as motivated as you once were will continue the project regularly, but I am doubtful. These people would have most likely joined you guys already in working on the project. So though I hope someone picks up the torch, I am fearful the mod is dead. I wish the AGM dev team and all people who contributed to this wonderful mod well and hope that ypu succeed in your future endeavours, and look forward to any content you all might release in the future, on the grounds that AGM has been an outstanding mod up untill it was shelved.
  12. I have a class to attend, but when I get back, me and a friend are going to boot TEI and RHS to try and find the points where the mods disagree. Depending on how things go, we will be looking to see how to make them compatible without breaking anything. We also have a couple concept missions involving a small amout of UNSC forces assaulting/infiltrating a facility after being displaced by something(forerunner artifact maybe). There will be at least 2 versions, one for coop and one for pvp. I am wondering if anyone can tell me how insurrection does their "pick up intel, auto-mark a postion on the map" system. Wanted to have UNSC marines attack a compound trying to secure a "device" that can help them be relocated. They can then call in ODSTs to either support the compound or secure the device once a location is found. I saw that script for calling in ai, but I need the one for players being able to hotdrop themselves. Since that is already in the template mission, all I need is the insurgency script.
  13. Can anyone who has tried running this in tandem with RHS tell me what happens and where things go wrong? I want to look at the combination and find where certain parts can come together in maybe an interesting mission dynamic. Also, where would I go to request making the biofoam a functional item in AGM, like a more powerful bandage? It would be their post right? And if anyone knows where I might be able to set a value for it in the files of AGM, could you tell me where?
  14. Is there any way to change the transparency ourselves? Or have that function added in?
  15. dragonblade117

    F/a-18x black wasp

    What are the odds of getting a two seater, and would it have any unique features compared to the one seater?