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  1. Loads of progress in the work! Just thought I'd get a more 'general' showcase for you guys to know what it'll be like! A lot of details are missing still, and things are to be added, but it's beginning to take shape nonetheless! Enjoy, more soon to come! Cheers, and stay tuned for lots more to come!
  2. Just finished up placing all the forests, trees, valleys, among other things in the map! Object count was 57.000, now going around 86,000! I've made more adjustments to some towns, added more roads and a few more places, extended some towns in size aswell where I found fit and saw the opportunity! Things are still to be modified, and now I start to dig in deeper into details, such as fences, walls, and other minor objects that add more life to the map. Focus is now on building landscapes and environments for interesting gameplay and playability. Cheers! 🙂
  3. Hey y'all! What's up? Hope all is good. Work is steadily being done on the map, I've decided that I'd re-do the forestation in a few of the towns after some testing and feedback that it needed a few more open areas, I tend to get carried away with forests sometimes. I've also added more to the farms and factories, along also doing few decorations, walling up buildings, fencing places, etcetera! All still very WIP, but still in the process, and in progress! Cheers and have a good one! 🙂
  4. Update & status: Been working on placing down trees, adding fences and other minor details to towns that were already pretty finished, made a few changes to roads and connected a few places that were otherwise unreachable through land vehicles before. Added a new military base, quite a few farms around the long roads across the island, started adding scientific research centers around the map & micro-islands (inspired from how the South Georgia Islands in real life & the present are only inhabited by scientists for research), added another city, made more roads and bifurcations within cities themselves, along extra work on making forests and snow wastelands. Updates: Object count: 20,058 to aproximately 57,000. Object placement: 6% to 9% Detail placement: 2% to 5% Added: New military base, new factory, a few scientifical research centers, more farms, fleshed out a city, added some extra roads to make more connection for going across the map. Cheers!
  5. Hey there! AI react positively to the roads, rock underpass and the long roads across the map, I haven't been able to spot any errors so far throughout the development and testing. There currently isn't passes over water, and I'm not sure if I'll be adding any, but it's something I'm considering, cheers!
  6. Hey, what's up everybody! Work is still being steadily done on the map, I've been adding a few new cities, planting a few trees, fencing up towns, military bases and fences, among some other various details. I've also made highways and roads connect parts of the map that were previously inaccessible thru ground vehicles. Cheers, some update pictures below!
  7. We all have an opinion, our requests... And our wishes! Here's the time to share them! I'm working on a Terrain, and I've been making a few cities, farms, military bases, factories... Etc. But I wonder, what are things people would also like to see implemented in a map? Big urban CQC areas? Ghost towns? Open fields? And so on. What are things you like seeing, or wanna see more of when it comes to a map? Things you'd like to see being done differently? Things you've never seen? Or even things you really don't like! Everything is valid. I'm sure I'll learn a lot myself and so will other terrain makers in the hunt for ideas and what people want! Cheers.
  8. Hey! Everything seems to be working perfectly now, here are some updated pictures of the terrain in-game, still a WIP, but much more to come!!! 🙂
  9. Work has been resumed, the biggest issue seems to have been resolved after long hours of troubleshooting and working together along with the ArmA 3 #terrain_makers Discord chat, people such as Ice, HorribleGoat, Mikero and bludclot who've extensively tried to help me figure out what my errors were, and with enormous special thanks to M1lkm8n for specifically helping me one on one to fix programming, hierarchy, and general issues along with troubleshooting with me, he has really helped and his effort is really appreciated, totally cool guy and absolutely helpful, I owe a big one to him, and funny he was one of the few people who -also- helped me out when I was barely starting to work on this map years ago! Still as helpful as always 🙂 I'll resume working and progressing development of the map as of this notice! Expect updates on the thread sometime soon. Cheers.
  10. Hello, yes, that's where I've been this whole time since I started making the map. I am currently going over a few things with a few of the experienced terrain makers in there, chatting back and forth, and getting specific individual help aswell - when it's more clear what will fix this is when I'll reupdate everything here. Getting a great deal of help from M1lkm8n, and bludclot, horriblegoat, mikero, and ice, among others! Thanks for the feedback and stay tuned! 🙂
  11. Hey, bit of a necro here. I used to have a custom face back in 2016 that I made for myself - and this transparency issue was happening! Googling to see if ArmA had released some sort of update or someone had found a fix made me come across this thread. Just thought I'd give it a little bump or support, or just to see/know if you or anyone else ever came up with a solution to this slight transparency? Anything that's black/brown coloured is just rather transparent upon lighting, in the dark it looks fine, but otherwise it blends with the default face and acts transparent. Cheers.
  12. Edit: The problem has been solved and regular work has been resumed!
  13. It's been a little while since I last updated this on here! I've been taking a little break, and have been having a rather unsteady development process, but as of recently it's been getting a lot steadier, work on the map is still being done, and the object count is now of 33,000+ objects. Still has got a long way to go! Cheers! -Rhaonoa.
  14. That's rather strange. My TB also takes a while to load-up at times aswell, and interactions are extremely slow until I open up a project. Infact, if I open up TB and tab out of it without any projects opened and etcetera it may even freeze my computer interacions (aka I can't click anything at all but move the mouse around.) So I'm not exactly sure about how to solve that issue, I've just went along with it for now since it gets fine after loading up a project for me.
  15. Okay, so I've managed to do some advance by looking at the latest update of hoverguy's thread. Here is what you need to do to fix this: -Go into STEAM, then click the "Library" tab -Look for ArmA 3 then right click it and select Properties, then on the "Local files" tab, click "Browse Local files" -It'll open the root directory of ArmA 3. -Copy your newest "Dll" folder and paste it over into your Project drive (replace the existing "Dll" folder if asked to do so or if there's one already). -Copy "steam_api64.dll" and paste it over into your Project drive. -Try launching ArmA 3 Tools and then Terrain Builder. The issue should no longer be there. If there are more things you are missing when you get the error pop-up message, make sure to follow these procedures to find the rest, ask here, or make sure to take a look at hoverguy's thread over here: It does not have the solutions for this in specific, but I took inspiration from a few things he mentioned, saw some keywords that were related and the lightbulb turned on in my head and I was like "Oh!... Wait!" and I was able to sort it out. Hope this will help you too, if anything else, feel free to ask or post your procedures here. Wish you all best of luck, hope it helps. Kindest regards, -Rhaonoa.