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  1. Squad name: Dynamic Zeus Operations
    Timezone/location : AEST / Australia
    Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): COOP
    Contact email: http://steamcommunity.com/id/rowantrek/
    Short description:

    We are a casual milsim focusing on community and member dedication. We recruit mainly from the oceanic regions. We are looking committed and mature members. We aren't restricted to any one army/unit as our end goal is to create fun and enjoyable operations for our player base. Our operations are held weekly on Saturdays at 6pm AEST. We use around 10 Gigabytes of Mods, Experienced players may already have many of our mods such as CUP Terrains, Ace, etc. If your interested in joining contact myself or come on teamspeak ts3.syd.wombatserve.rs:10146
    Language: English

  2. The 9th Royal Queensland Regiment (9RQR) is a small military/realism simulator in Australia. We are looking to have a fun time while being realistic. Our Unit is currently deployed in Chernarus aiding the Russian Government regain control from the Chernarus Defence Force.



    • 14+ (Exceptions can be made)
    • Can attend at least 3/4 ops a month. Operations are held at 8pm AEST on Friday nights.
    • Understand English and have a working mic.
    • Willingness to download our mods in order to play our servers
    • Legitimate copy of ARMA III 

    How to apply?

    Head over to our website to apply



    Post Application Acceptance

    After you application is accepted one of our recruiters (should have a | 9RQR name) will add you on steam to further discuss your application and give you the appropriate information.



    We are currently filling Infantry roles, in the future we are hoping to expand to Aviation, Recon and Engineering.






    Lt. Macoy Johnston

  3. Hello,


    Today i am asking if any advanced scripters are happy to take on the job of helping to create a Altis Life 'Like' variant. I wish to create a user friendly and mod friendly Life framework that is free to use. Features include the normal altis life like features: Cops, Civs, Federal Reserve, shops etc. Some of the features i want this framework to include in the default build are: Dynamic Economy and Market system, Custom Textured Phone/Tablet, Local Banks as well as the federal reserve up for robbery. It will also an inbuilt admin panel which will have multiple uses such as; comping players, banning and kicking (maybe), whitelisting (maybe), teleporting, godmode and a vehicle and weapon spawn system.


    This project will be 100% FREE, only that i ask that you leave the crediting in the files. Their are currently a Head Developer spot which i will give to a veteran scripter who can manage the overall development. I will just manage content of the mission file. Notes for anyone who is thinking of becoming a developer: Since i am looking to get skilled scripters any previous work would be great.


    Application Link:


    This application's results will only be seen by myself and my community's other owner. Please only apply if you are serious 


    Regards, Rowantrek



  4. I would probably suggest you have your feedback at the A3 Life homepage, since this is related to it.



    Honestly, though, I would love to share some of my ideas, but unfortunately I don't want them to be a selling point.  <_<

    I would probably suggest you have your feedback at the A3 Life homepage, since this is related to it.



    Honestly, though, I would love to share some of my ideas, but unfortunately I don't want them to be a selling point.  <_<

    I have already tried to ask for feedback, but because you can't mod Altus life with out permission they locked my thread :I

    Star Wars Life if I go through with it will be purely non-profit and will be a condition of me distributing the server side mods.

  5. Not this s**t again!

    You know there is already a SW mod in development that will be free of charge or any "application requirements"?

    This "I made a mod, but don't share it/share it under follow conditions" is a real pity for the whole community!

    All client side mods will be allowed to be used on any server by anyone. This is a feedback stage so thank you for your feedback. if I get feedback like this then I can change it.

    EDIT: The application is essentially contact info for mod updates and the the community agreeing to some rules e.g.

    No monetisation and to provide proper credit

  6. Hello Forum Members,

    i am posting this thread to get your opinion on an idea that a community i am in had. The idea i had is Star Wars Life which is a modded Altis Life. Through the use of custom and public mods i wish to create a sci-fi experience with Police/Blufor getting replaced with the Imperial Empire. The Imperial Empire will be armed with various weapons uniforms and aircraft including Tie Fighters, Imperial Shuttle and more. Civilian will remain mostly unchanged but with the addition of new vehicles, weapons, uniforms and ways to become rich. Medics will be replaced with the Galactic Emergency Medical Services which will gain access to fast vehicles and tools to save lives. The modpack will most likely include the ACE 3 or X-Med medical system. A new faction will be added (Opfor) the Rebellion Alliance which is a whitelisted faction that is designed to roleplay with the Imperial Empire and protect the civilians of the Galaxy from the evil Empire. I also hope to get a custom map made based off a planet from star wars. If i get positive feedback i will start to get a development team to make this mod.

    Please post your feedback. :)

    Regards Rowantrek

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  7. I attempted to launch overpoch though the CCG Launcher and later attempted to launch unmodded Arma 2 OA

    This continues to Pop Up

    "Failed To Start BattlEye Service.

    Installing BattlEye Service

    Failed To Install BattleEye Service.

    I have downloaded the 20.3 MB Arma 2 OA update though steam though i still get this error

    Thanks :confused::confused::confused: