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  1. Been having a problem with Arma3Sync, something about IOException caught while copying happening a few seconds into the download, anyway I can find out what's causing it? It used to do it occasionally, now the downloads fail everytime.
  2. Could that be it? I had noticed most of the people on the ts server were on 0.9.1 and mine was .2.. I noticed this after system restoring my computer, and destroying my Arma 3 so I have to now download it again xD
  3. Problem with that is, the group I play with use this mod xD So I can't play with them, without it
  4. Been having a problem with TFR past few days, whenever TFR and Arma 3 are active and I'm in a server, my microphone output goes all static and messed up, anyone know how to fix this?