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  1. 3 hours ago, sammael said:

    Added Range PBO (allowing units to spot and engage targets at longer ranges) (#246)

    How it is work? Any example numbers - meters? 

    It works via a Tweaked config parameter. Vanilla Units on Default is set to 1.75. if I remember correctly that value was one of the values that I think got changed around the Apex DLC time to that value on the Base Class for Man, before Apex from what we could that value was set to 3. And as the Change you are Referencing is from the Current Devbranch we are experimenting a bit around with that value and set it to 6.
    The Value is, from what the Wiki and also our testing shows, logarithmic. So that means that 1.75 is about 130m, 3 is about 250m and 6 is about 300m

    Those values were Tested on Perfekt View Conditions(AKA VR and in Full Daylight), so all Vanilla Influences count into it, so Night time, Smoke and just bad Weather reduces the distance AI can Detect someone.

    Some Mods Overwrite those values so it may not change on all Units but only Vanilla Units or Units that Inherit that value from the Vanilla Class Man

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  2. 19 minutes ago, johnnyboy said:

    Thanks man, this is greatly needed!  Will it work with Prairie Fire RPGs and LAW rockets I wonder?   I'll give it a try.


    Thanks nkenny for all your important contributions to the community.

    no it wont. those changes are config changes and if SOG does not inherit from those Exact Vanilla Classes or overwrite those values them self it wont work for those RPG/Launchers

  3. On 5/27/2021 at 3:23 PM, mickeymen said:



    I have a question about Suppress-version-2.04. I don't see suppression working for explosives, that explodes relatively close to the player.

    Why doesn't your mod work for explosives, so it should be or I have personal issue?

    At the same time, I saw videos of players on YouTube, where explosives have a suppression effect (blurring the visibility of the irok). I still could not find the name of the mods that do this.

    Suppress is for Bullets only! i think you may talk about Immerse made by LAxemann and Me

  4. 10 hours ago, lifetap said:

    This may be a known issue, we're experiencing script errors since the last update:


    20:05:53 Error in expression < (alive _projectile) then {_projectile say3d [(selectRandom _sound), ((position>
    20:05:53   Error position: <say3d [(selectRandom _sound), ((position>
    20:05:53   Error Type Any, expected String
    20:05:53 File LAxemann\DynaSound\addons\DS_sys\scripts\Rocket\RocketEngine.sqf, line 20



    I think I fixed it I only have the problem I can not reproduce it my self. when you would have a repro description. i can look deeper in to it

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  5. after a little bit of testing, I noticed that the Sonic Boom is a little bit buggy.

    1. you hear your own Sonic Boom in the Vehicle. what should not be possible?

    2. and in 3rd Person camera is the sound sometimes a bit buggy when you move the camera around the plane. and sometimes you don't have any sound at all,

    here is a video where I show both issues 

    here is a video where I show both issues


  6. i just noticed that the current version dont uses the new vaules for soundSets what makes the sounds work very wierd. this new config entrys for soundSets are occlusionFactor and obstructionFactor. default values are 0.5 and 0.3. that should fix the issues that the sounds are very hard faded when you have something between the shooter and you

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  7. 19 hours ago, Capt Childs said:


    Suppress 2.0 is still suffering from the above, though I've discovered it only manifests itself when you place the Force L_Suppress editor module in a mission.


    Sames goes for the current version of L_Align when you place the Force L_align module in the editor.

    i just fix this issue in our dev branch for all our mods. so in the next update this should be fixed

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