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  1. Hi there, sorry for the confusion, it is all on me. The wiki documentation (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Task_Enhancements) describes the next version of the task enhancements. Unfortunatelly release of the new version had to be postponed. I have updated the version info on wiki from 1.48 to 1.54 to reflect the current situation. As you found out, the current system uses (the older) definition that looks like this: taskManagement_markers3D = 1; taskManagement_markers2D = 1; //0: do not use new 2D markers (default), 1: replace task markers with new 2D markers taskManagement_propagate = 1; //0: do not propagate (default), 1: propagate shared tasks to subordinates taskManagement_drawDist = 10; //3D marker draw distance as UNASSIGNED (default: 2000) With A3 1.54 you should switch to the definition described in the wiki: class CfgTaskEnhancements { enable = 1; //0: disable new task features (default), 1: enable new task features & add new task markers and task widgets into the map 3d = 1; //0: do not use new 3D markers (default), 1: replace task waypoints with new 3D markers 3dDrawDist = 10000; //3d marker draw distance (default: 2000) share = 1; //0: do not count assigned players (default), 1: count how many players have the task assigned propagate = 1; //0: do not propagate (default), 1: propagate shared tasks to subordinates }; However the both version of task enhancements look same and players won't notice a difference, the new version is much more optimized (CPU load and network traffic wise) and provides more control over the different system parts. If you want to prevent any issues when the new system will kick in, I suggest to you to have both definitions in the description.ext. When the new system replaces the old system, it will automatically search for the CfgTaskEnhancements class and ints attribute - will need the definitio in the new format and will ignore the old definition. You can then safely remove the old definition you use now. The transition should be totaly smooth for both you and players. And one more thing, if you use the predefined task types, you dont need the definition of CfgTaskTypes in your description.ext. The default task definition is already in the A3 data (ui_f_mp_mark.ebo). Sorry for the troubles.