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    Laws of War DLC Feedback

    Still inaccessible because binarized? I couldn't find them on the 'p-drive' It's so cool that they added the if-tents with plain colors so we can (probably) repaint them for other factions than just Tanoa CSAT. All the confurable options that the van has shows where Arma vehicles can go in a future Arma 4. I really like this DLC. Something was promised between karts and regular dlc's and they delivered well IMO!
  2. I get you. The slowest moving animation is walking. This animation seems unnatural, I agree with you. It seems like the animation is too fast. This is because somewhere along the line BI increased the speed of the animation! (I think about the time they fatigue system was introduced) It used to be slower and more realistic! What I get is that the TPW mod decreases the animation speed of walk and/or let you set a speed for that animation. It sounds promising!
  3. You could try: - setting waypoints around the target (maybe this isn't necessary) - setting the Blackfish behaviour on 'CARELESS', that means it will follow waypoints no matter what, while still shooting at enemies: for example put this in INIT field of blackfish: this setbehaviour 'CARELESS';
  4. joostsidy

    How would you model this?

    It's just that if you don't know how to approach creating such a beret in Blender, it's very hard to give useful advice without making large posts with screenshots etc. For some 'external' advice my suggestions are: - I can't find a blender tuturial on barets specifically, but there are a couple on hats in general, just search in youtube on 'blender hat' - Searching on youtube for simple head tuturials in blender will show you some useful techniques for low-poly organic modelling. You could use the same techniques for a baret If these are too difficult, start with introductory blender tutorials and try to make a cube into a house etc. There's no quick and dirty way to do it, unless you are very experienced. You got to sacrifice Arma playing time if you want this :-)
  5. joostsidy

    How would you model this?

    This is Arma forum not Blender forum ;-) There are tons of Blender tutorials on youtube. 3D modelling is not easy, but an object like this is a nice starting project. Basing it on an existing arma model is very good advice. Probably makes it easier to get it ready for Arma.
  6. joostsidy

    .PAA Changes The Image

    - was it really a .png and not .png.jpg or something with a hidden extension? - did you convert like this: drag the .png in the BI Tools image viewer and Save As: change .png to .paa? (this always works for me)
  7. joostsidy

    Eden Objects

    Knowing your work, I assume the canvas texture can be set by the mission maker? I now desperately want to create a mission where you have to navigate a mine field with only the help of an impressionistic aquarelle painting of the layout of the area which was created by a wounded soldier, who was also an accomplished painter, during his last moments. Is this blot a bush or a mine? ;-)
  8. joostsidy

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    I think this is a little off-topic or was it a joke? :-) because this is nothing like AI vehicle driving, it's ant style exploration. It's also seems broken, because even after min 3 you see weird highways and area fills emerging that don't fit organic/efficient exploration behaviour. It does look pretty :-) My guess is that Arma driving uses a navigation mesh/map with some kind of A* navigation algorithm.
  9. Can the integrated grip/bipod of the LIM-85 be made a hidden selection or just colored black by default? It now looks weird on Tanoa with its khaki colour. With a black grip it would look very nice on CTRG soldiers for instance.
  10. joostsidy

    An Ode To Brute Force

    I always dread the moment when I spent hours on tweaking something until it works and then seeing if it still works when you do a complete restart of the computer/game..
  11. joostsidy

    An Ode To Brute Force

    This was the gate that was rumored to have ghostly vehicles falling from the sky crushing the gate and anyone trying to pass it. Of course the soldier is reluctant to move through the gate. Thumbs up for AI.
  12. joostsidy

    Tank drivers interior

    Probably a modest amount of tank related stuff will change with the upcoming DLC, but I'm excited for it nonetheless. ;-) There is some hinting of interiors in the gamedev updates, so that is already more than I expected.
  13. I took a while for me to return to the mission with this problem. The furniture was still poltergeisting, but It now appears that disabling the table is enough to prevent the moving AND weapons on the table are still accessible. So the gamelogic method is not necessary, but it is a nice trick that I'll remember. It might come in handy in the future!
  14. In my missions where I place tables inside an aircraft hangar, there recently seems to be some kind of collision error. Crates and tables start vibrating/wobbling/trembling and moving all over the place like the place is haunted. I checked with no mods and a mission that worked fine months ago and the trembling is still there. To replicate: place small camping table in Tuvanaka (Tanoa north Island/military Island) aircraft hangars. Has anyone else encountered this phenomenon? I can disable the simulation on the table, but then the items (for instance rifles) cannot be interacted with anymore.
  15. joostsidy

    What Makes a Good Arma Campaign?

    I agree, a lot of missions are too ambitious and too much RAMBO IMO. I make the mistake myself too. I had some missions where I continually kept dying at the most exciting part where I had to clear some houses. That is.. until I realized that trying to CQB a house garrisonned by professional soldiers that know that you are coming is not a workable strategy. I found that I had more success by surrounding the house with my squad and blasting the house with 40mm grenades through the windows and only move in to neutralize the last confused survivor. At first glance this is less fun and more work, but it the end it feels more rewarding to systematically break down the enemy's defenses.
  16. joostsidy

    What Makes a Good Arma Campaign?

    Arma 3 is a game that requires patience, I think a lot players (me included sometimes) don't have enough patience to think things through, to take a thorough approach and try a couple of times. I've created a lot of single player missions, this is my difficulty style: - The missions take 60-120 minutes - My mission are fairly hard but can be played with one life, no respawn or save/load - I do use playable unit on squad members, so you might have multiple 'lives' depending on the size of your squad - I adjust main skill level, but I'm still tweaking them: - Special forces: 100 (ha!) - Military: 50, 40, 30 - Militia: 30, 20, 10 - I've noticed that with a lot a randomization, missions can become extremely difficult. I use some adaptions to keep it playable. - I limit the amount of patrols, so you can encounter an enemy patrol on a jungle path, but if you manage to defeat it, you can be reasonably sure it's the only one and you don't have to spend much time crawling through the jungle - Same in towns: I used to spread enemies all over town basically. I now randomly select a couple of buildings and occupy them. To help even more, I may position a vehicle to mark an occupied building. So with some observing of the town, you can identify the 'hot spots'. - I use a script that randomly turns turrets on vehicles and static MG's. Sometimes I configure them to look around, but never 180 behind, so with skill, you can sneak up on them from behind. - A very cool feature is to have some buddies 'recruitable'. So if your squad gets decimated, you have to retreat before you get yourself killed and recruit your buddies to fill up your squad and try again. - Using artillery or CAS as an option that gives a penalty but can be used if you cannot complete the mission with less destruction. - I use flee script that makes units run away if their number is below x amount, so battles are not 'to the last man'.
  17. I have created a ticket for it on the feedback tracker. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T126504
  18. Hmm, ok, so main reason is that the grippod hasn't got a hidden selection texture so it can't be repainted. Still curious how this weapon is constructed, it seems like the grippod is borrowed from the mk200. I wish BI would give us the option to repaint the entire weapon. It's a cool lmg that can be used by multiple factions. It looks very good on the CTRG guys for instance.
  19. joostsidy

    Vehicle Door Actions

    - Taru helicopter has 3 openable doors! - Taru transport pod has 2 openable doors - Taru medical pod probably has openable doors - Hunter has openable doors, but I believe not all versions, maybe only the unarmed one - I think Strider has openable doors - VTOL blackfish has openable ramp - VTOL xian has openable ramp
  20. joostsidy

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    The text also used to be 'Copy my stance'. So they changed the text but could not replace the sound file, leading to some confusion :-)
  21. joostsidy


    The countermeasures in Arma are a combination of chaff and flare, you can see it in the particle effect if you use countermeasures on the ground standing still.
  22. CTRG Prowler Dazzle Sand texture to match the NATO Prowler Sand texture. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1109259958 - Works on any Prowler version - Bonus Dazzle Yellow Sand texture included - The texture can be set through the virtual garage Works great with the awesome CTRG Mod by Kydoimos: https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/201109-ctrg-mod/
  23. joostsidy

    Laws of War DLC Feedback

    They just made another faction, they didn't tell you what you should do with it. If you want to blow them up with one of the new cluster bombs then that's totally fine :-)
  24. joostsidy

    Laws of War DLC Feedback

    I was wondering for a long time why no one (BI or modders) made a van with sliding side door yet, since it could be done with current Arma 3 tech and would add a unique looking vehicle to the game with many purposes. Needless to say, I'm excited to see the new DLC van! As a more 'serious' Arma player, I also very much like the theme that adds to the grittiness and complexity of war. It counterbalances for a bit the more casual and fantasy playing styles of Arma, showing again that Arma is a very flexible game platform.
  25. joostsidy

    Sling Loading Feedback

    I understand your wish to make the game flexible, I agree that anyone should play as they wish, even if its two tanks slingloaded by a Little bird. I always get the feeling that people who say this have never created a game or mod themselves. I respect that.