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  1. I got it working, I'm super happy with this new possibility!
  2. The LIM LMG is a black colored weapon with a khaki colored grip used by the independent faction on Tanoa. The grippods' color looks out of place so I would like to paint it black (cue Rolling Stones). With a neutral color it is more useful for other factions. I thought it would be easy but I encountered some problems: - The LIM weapon texture does not contain the grippod texture - I have a suspicion that the grippod is recycled from another weapon, such as the MK200? - I can find for instance a seperate grippod texture of the Mk200, but no reference to it in a config file - Are some textures baked into objects and not accessible through config files? I suspect BI themselves had some problems with it / went for a quick and dirty solution, because the khaki grippod looks out of place on a weapon for Tanoa. I hoped this would be as easy as setting the weapon texture to grey scale to remove the khaki color, but it seems more difficult. I hope someone can help me or explain if it isn't possible.
  3. @DnA The dev log showed at page 46 (see link below) that this issue was resolved: 'Added: The ability to re-texture the grip on the LIM-85' However I see no change in the textures and config file and still don't see a way to retexture the LIM grippod. I would still very much like to create/have a LIM with a black grippod as this would give it a more suitable look for different factions and environments. Am I missing something?
  4. Nice analysis and pics, you make a clear and relevant point. However, I estimate the chances of BI working on this to be around zero. There was the development of the fatigue system and the addition of the limping leg. I think the default animations are considered by BI and most players to be 'good enough'. Nothing in Arma is perfect so I would be very surprised if BI launched a new project, opening the animation mechanics to really optimize this system. A final thing is that BI have announced that development on Arma is winding down, in order to move to other projects, which again makes it unlikely that they will touch the animations or animation system. Maybe Arma 4? :-)
  5. joostsidy

    Laws of War DLC Leaflets

    I did some testing for you: flyInHeight DOES NOT work with editor waypoints, but DOES work with MOVE and DOMOVE commands. So for this to work you have to use the script commands.
  6. joostsidy

    Laws of War DLC Leaflets

    Have you tried: this flyInHeight 30;
  7. joostsidy

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    You can borrow a Chinook from the Netherlands, but you have to bring it back by thursday next week, because we need both our Chinooks then. ;-)
  8. joostsidy

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    I seem to notice that vehicles also like to rub themselves (non-) sexually (?) on the ground. Not only cars, but also helicopters for instance when trying to land. It seems they want to hit a very exact location to achieve waypoint completion. The bigger the vehicle the worse it gets: for instance Blackfish or any big truck. This small waypoint radius effect was not present in earlier versions of ai driving.
  9. joostsidy

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Thanks for the explanation. With all this talk of the Lythium map, of course I had to look myself :-) (I normally only play vanilla maps) You can definitely see that they went for a more pre 1.60, more desaturated look which I like. On the other hand, with a washed out look, the sky and water (if its there) also become washed out. This is a thing that you can't fix with the basic visual settings. You mentioned the dark shadows. I noticed this as well. This is the result of the blacks being too black and looks a bit 'off-worldly'. Again, this can't be easily fixed, because if you lighten the map to try to get rid of the deep shadows, the lighter colors will get too bright. So IMO even though progress is visible, some problematic interactions remain between naturally saturated/desaturated parts, dark and light areas and textures that belong to different lighting configurations. Just to be clear, I enjoy the game a lot, including the visuals. It's just that some aspects I keep noticing or try to avoid that were totally not an issue with the old lighting. So I hope that improvement is still possible.
  10. joostsidy

    Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    It would seem to if you'd listen to me and my friends discussing mission events! :-D
  11. joostsidy

    Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    But.. but.. that would mean the things that you see in Arma, that are happening... aren't real... (*gets 'Truman show' feeling*).
  12. joostsidy

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Sigh, that's not what I meant Zack.. :-) Maybe I should have said 20-30 pages instead of posts. I'll give you you a quick recap as best as I can: - Once upon a time Arma 3 had beautiful lighting. - BI decided it would change the lighting. This coincided with Tanoa development, probably that had something to do with it - The new lighting arrived, and although it looked pretty in some circumstances, it looked wrong in other circumstances - Some suggested using the game's visual options to fix it - Some suggested using ColorCorrections script commands or mods to fix it - These suggestions don't work because: - There is some weird contrast curve on the current lighting that makes blacks too black and whites too white. This cannot be solved without advanced lighting config options. - This effect negatively impacts night missions because dark areas get unrealistically dark and flat colored - During the day, light colored objects seem to glow unnaturally. A clear example is the originally tan colored MX rifle, which now seems white-ish and visually popping. The CSAT grey urban uniform is now a snow suit. - Tanoan objects are better textured for the new lighting, which can give strange results if you use over-bright Altis assets on Tanoa. - To really solve these issues, a number of assets should actually be *retextured*. I suspect BI has modified some already to lessen the damage, like the white sheet metal garage building. I don't expect all textures to be fixed, which is a shame. - Some other examples: some black weapon parts look grey, some black backpacks look unnaturally deep black, like a light sucking thing. The early MX squad leader optic now has a pink reticle instead of a red one. - Some popular custom terrains got their lighting ruined. Up to very recently there was no info from BI with help to reconfigure the lighting - The lighting problem is so bad that at least one high profile custom terrain team abandoned their 1000's hours of work on their Island. - Our families and friends don't understand when we try to explain our suffering to them. They ask what Arma is, or why can't we play a similar game like COD. This leaves us feeling sad and lonely. In the mean time, BI has tweaked the lighting a bit, changed some textures and released some info. Some custom Islands seem to get the lighting right? Maybe your example? I don't know. A couple of screenshots don't mean anything for this complex problem. A lot of the responders in this thread just want to be given the tools to be able to change the lighting on the official and custom terrains to create a better lighting configuration than we have now.
  13. joostsidy

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    I appreciate you trying to help out but it seems to me you are new to the visual upgrade problems. If you want to help out, please read the last 20 or 30 posts or so in this thread or you'll just be repeating stuff or uttering nonsense.
  14. joostsidy

    Community feedback - improvments for Arma3

    You accidentally necro'ed an old thread..
  15. joostsidy

    Game Slowed And FPS Is So Low

    Was it normal water you tried to boil? What was in it? Try to boil water without mods.. 'Vanilla' water without any salt should boil faster. Also for best boiling water: just make sure you have the hottest stove with one burner you can get. Many people buy fancy stoves with dual or even quad burners to cook all kinds of different dishes, but these won't help boiling water faster.
  16. It seems you made this inappropriate post in the heat of the moment too. I do not see much improvement in five years..
  17. This config is meant to add a new Mk20 Black rifle, but it doesn't show up in the arsenal. If I replace 'black' with 'plain', it does succesfully overwrite the default Mk20 Plain rifle with my Mk20 Black rifle. So I can replace an existing rifle, but not add a new weapon (class). I'm kinda stuck now.. class CfgPatches { class SID_Mk20_Black { addonRootClass="A3_Weapons_F"; requiredAddons[]= { "A3_Weapons_F", "A3_Weapons_F_Rifles_MK20", "A3_Weapons_F_Rifles_MX_Black" }; requiredVersion=0.1; units[]={}; weapons[]= { "arifle_Mk20_black_F" }; }; }; class CfgWeapons { class Rifle; class Rifle_Base_F; class UGL_F; class mk20_base_F; class arifle_Mk20_F; class arifle_Mk20_black_F: arifle_Mk20_F { scope=2; scopeArsenal=2; displayName="Mk20 5.56 mm (Black)"; hiddenSelections[]= { "camo" }; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]= { "@SID_Mk20_Black\data\mk20_co_2.paa"; }; }; };
  18. In other news, while working on the Mk20 rifle I noticed that the EGLM (grenade launcher) doesn't have a hidden selection, so you can't retexture it and it will always be green (even on the vanilla 'tan' MK20). I posted this on the feedback tracker and I received a message today that the hidden selection will be added. With this, a complete retexture of the Mk20 rifle set is possible!
  19. Thanks for taking the time to reply! However I think the name should not be a problem since 'arifle_Mk20_black_F' doesn't exist in default game. Eventually I got it working with this, but it''s still unclear to me which part makes it or breaks it.. class CfgPatches { class SID_Mk20_Black_Pack { addonRootClass="A3_Weapons_F_Exp"; requiredAddons[]= { "A3_Weapons_F" }; requiredVersion=0.1; units[]={}; weapons[]= { "SID_Mk20_black_F", "SID_Mk20C_black_F" }; author[]= { "SID" }; }; }; class CfgWeapons { class arifle_Mk20_F; class arifle_Mk20C_F; class arifle_Mk20_GL_F; class SID_Mk20_Black_F: arifle_Mk20_F { author="SID"; baseWeapon="SID_Mk20_Black_F"; scope=2; displayName="Mk20 5.56 mm (Black)"; hiddenSelections[]= { "camo" }; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]= { "\@SID_Mk20_Black\data\mk20_black_co.paa" }; picture="\@SID_Mk20_Black\data\UI\gear_mk20_black_x_ca.paa"; };
  20. That sounds like a good solution. I have much respect for your endeavour, I made a similar script for only three or four building types that I used a lot, and already I was fed up :-) I like Muzzleflash's suggestion of a hash key for 'fixed randomization'. It's not necessary but would be a cool proof-of-concept! Maybe someone would pick up this challenge in the future. I would not take CQB aspects to much into account. Like you say, indoor movement is bugged. I consider CQB (almost) non-existing for Arma 3. And I don't mind. It's not (yet) that kind of game. I put enemies in buildingpos at the start of the game. Sometimes I let them run out of the building for fleeing, but that's about it. You can't do some kind of SWAT assault on a building with AI.
  21. It depends.. putting objects in some other positions may lead to soldiers standing on chairs, beds etc. not mission breaking, but looks weird. If I go into a house then leave town and return again, will there be other posters hanging on the wall or different chairs in the house? You would have to build a kind of house memory for this to remember the specific randomization for that house. Maybe a bit too much..
  22. joostsidy

    Arma 3 inventory idea

    Wait, no parachute?
  23. The trick is to track the living person until he's dead. The last known position is then the location of the body. For instance I use this script to track groups on the map. When the group is empty (everyone is dead), the marker changes to a faded grey. With this I can see where they (the group leader) died. For your purpose you would have to transform it a little bit. For instance have a invisible marker follow the unit until he dies and then make the marker visible and/or attach a waypoint to that position. _group = _this select 0; _type = _this select 1; _label = _this select 2; _countOn = _this select 3; _marker = createMarker [_label, getPos (leader _group)]; _marker setMarkerShape "ICON"; _label setMarkerType _type; _marker setMarkerText _label; // Loop while group is alive // ------------------------- while {{alive _x } count (units _group) > 0} do { _marker setMarkerPos (getPos leader _group); if (_countOn) then {_marker setMarkerText format['%1 (%2)', _label, count units _group];}; sleep 1; }; // Change marker on exit script // ---------------------------- if (count units _group > 0) then { _marker setMarkerColor "ColorBlack"; // destroyed vehicle _marker setMarkerAlpha .5; } else { _marker setMarkerColor "ColorBlack"; // deleted vehicle _marker setMarkerAlpha 0; };
  24. joostsidy

    Winter 2035

    Looking great! Urban CSAT soldiers already look white with the current lighting so they'll fit right in without modification ;-)
  25. joostsidy

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Thats not how it works, BI is (rightfully IMO) hesitant about this type of option. Each option has to be updated and checked by the devs, whenever something is changed about the game. Having too many options slows down development. BI has painted itself in a nasty corner with creating special (?) lighting for Tanoa, which doesn't fit the other maps. On top of that, post-tanoa assets are configured for the new lighting whereas older assets only look good with the old lighting. So even if the lighting is changed, some assets will always look bad. I hope that we get the option to change the lighting ourselves (with documention from BIS). On top of that, a number of assets need to be tweaked. I've tweaked some of them myself (making the mx rifles darker for instance). However, some assets cannot be retextured, so here is an opportunity for BI to make more assets retexturable so we can help updating the assets if BI can't/won't it themselves.