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    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Since I firmly believe there is a reason for everything, let's categorize this one under eye-hurting outdated coding architecture. ;-) Some speculation: the vehicle seems to be grouped to the other one and desperately tries to reach his place in the formation and cannot see the obstacles preventing it, even if it's a house. Some of this behavior is probably intentional, as it is more efficient to let units follow their leader than to let them scan and adjust individually. I believe some of the AI structure came from the older games such as OFP (2001) which had less dense maps with fewer obstacles. There was also a time (still is?) that tank formations acted like infantry formations, which is very inadequate as well. You can't expect a tank to slide a bit alongside a building like an infantry guy can get away with. Point 1: in my missions I almost never group tanks and just control them separately to give them some more space and put them on different hills and roads and such. Point 2: it hurts my eyes and soul that tanks (my favorite!) need so much babysitting. One of my dreams for driving AI in the future is scalability, meaning that if you use only a small number of vehicles (let's say 10), they all automatically get a lot of processing power to navigate their environment with high accuracy.
  2. joostsidy

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Well, sometimes I try to replicate examples, so If you say you put them on safe, I expect them to be on safe. I don't mind at all to tweak the vehicles a bit with behavior modes, speed limits etc if necessary. I have some good results with mixed convoys on CARELESS mode and with a speed limiter. The big obstacles I encountered where bridges and sometimes stopping an intersections. These can ruin the whole setup and I hope are fixable. Your video hurts the eyes of course with regard to stupid driving behavior but there are some alleviating factors involved regarding the AI. For example, what is the vehicle, or vehicle group trying to do, what did you tell them? following the road or driving cross country (not in safe mode)? Did they encounter an enemy? Is the second vehicle (stuck behind the house) part of the group of the first vehicle? If this is the case it might influence the driving path. What kind of driving formation did you tell them to assume. It is very easy to create examples with stupid looking behavior but a lot of these will definitely not be fixed due to outdated AI coding architecture. On the other hand, I think reasonable driving / convoys can be achieved with some configuration on our part and the most glaring errors fixed by BI.
  3. joostsidy

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Is it truly set to safe? I don't see any crew turned out (or is that not possible with this vehicle?). I usually put vehicles on careless, in my experience that will relieve some (but not all!) of the problems. In careless mode, they will stick to road and shoot at enemies.
  4. I'm pretty sure they will fire the AA rocketlauncher at Black/ghost hawks. ;-)
  5. joostsidy

    Code not works in mp

    Did you make sure the code only runs on the server?
  6. joostsidy

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    I think the devs made their understanding very clear; they are aware of problems, but they never had a good amount of programming resources to fix this once and for all. Besides that, at this stage, programming resources are limited even further as development of Arma 3 is closing. BI never steps back, just like Stalin ;-) Besides that, BI does not know how reversing works ;-) My guess is that stepping back is not as simple as: newDriving = false; oldDriving = true; Reverting driving also requires programming resources. I share the feeling that driving could have been a lot better at this stage. IMO BI nailed a lot of aspects of the game in the 80% awesome range, whereas driving is stuck at a much lower level. It becomes a blemish on an otherwise excellent game. Because they didn't say super-duper-hard that they are not doing anything in this area anymore, I have a tiny bit of hope that resources can be invested to polish the blemish away a bit. Hopefully some internal negotiations / awaiting certain developments is going on.
  7. joostsidy

    Trigger question

    Yeah I think when you do an animation, they can get pretty hard locked in them. Suggestion: _unit switchMove ""
  8. So basically my experience of helo KOTH is a couple of youtube videos: this is a popular one: From the comments on the video it seems, this is a most impressive style of helo play you can do in KOTH. And fair enough, there are some cool stunts to be seen. However, with this style of play you're not really flying a helicopter, more like a spaceship that looks like a helicopter. From the video and the comments you can see he plays 3rd person with default fly mode. There are no gauges to be seen, because you don't need them with this type of play. He's flying nap-of-the-earth in good weather so his orientation is very clear. Default fly mode of course has 'rough landings allowed' on by default. As you can see in the vid, there are other measures in action preventing his helicopter from being destroyed. The helicopter, especially the rotors, seem to be partially indestructable (it's a server script, he's not cheating). In the comments he says he's playing m&kb. 1. This style of play requires very abrupt memorized movements that are easier to implement with m&kb I think, the keyboard gives digital input and the mouse has a very rapid input (small movement), but with high resolution (gaming mouse) 2. The technology for good joystick axis is complicated compared to the simplicity of a mouse. You need a good joystick to give accurate input (good axis that don't wear out). For example my joystick has different springs that you can put in to modify the movement resistance. 3. Most importantly, I think there is still a little lag between joystick and arma (google it on the forums for more information). It's an Arma 3 problem.
  9. I agree, IMO Arma has the *ambition* to also be helo simulator, but does not reach that level. This is indeed probably what D. means: if you want simulation, buy DCS. However, for a player like me it's perfect. With advanced you get a more 'real' feel, but it does not take the amount of time and effort as a more advanced simulator like DCS. Because of Arma limitations, some parts of flying are (from what I've heard) actually a bit *more* difficult than DCS/RL. For example the stability of helicopters is not properly modelled in Arma, which can make flying sometimes a bit more difficult and less realistic, so again, not a true simulator. I am not convinced that you have more control with AFM in every sense (I also used mouse and default fly model before AFM existed). I do not play competitive (KOTH for example), but what I've seen of it in videos, my guess is that they use default fly model with mouse, to be able to pull of ludicrous/impressive stunts like super-sharp flaring combined with 180 turn and landing on a tiny platform. These game modes sometimes use scripts that give partial indestructability to the helo, because in Advanced mode/RL you would totally wreck the engine and/or blades with these kind of maneouvres. Of course it looks spectacular and requires a lot of training to pull off and you might put yourself at a disadvantage if you used HOTAS and AFM for this. And it's probably time I should buy a trackIR as well.. everyone is always so exited about it :-) I have a SAITEK X55 HOTAS with pedals and just using the 'equipment' is already cool as hell with the real stick and throttle and dozens of customizable buttons (which are really needed!)
  10. Some bugs have become a tradition of the Arma series. It would be weird without them..
  11. I fly with advanced flying model and HOTAS, this is more realistic and more fun IMO. It's not hyperrealistic because of limitations of the game and hardware, but it can teach you a lot about about real helicopters. Flying is somewhat easier with mouse and standard flying model. This is less realistic but I suspect most people use this in competitive multiplayer. I think Dyslexi flies like this, combined with headtracking. 10. what is that chirping sound when my helo goes up or turns Helicopter sounds are complex, the sounds depends on from where you are listening and what the helicopter is doing. This chirping (swishing?) sound is probably coming from the main blades, where random air disturbances create this effect as blades pass in each others 'slipstreams'. Of course the sound of this is in the game, but it is not actually modeled in detail. Another thing you can hear is 'blade slapping'. This is what you hear when a helicopter descends or banks such that one blade strikes or just comes close to the tip vortex left by a previous blade. So with the helicopters in Arma you have the default engine (turbine) and blade sounds, combined with a rapid main blade swish-swish-swish and sometimes wop-wop-wop (blade slapping)
  12. joostsidy

    Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    This is because you put an empty marid on the map and then got in. The empty marid is still of the old type without activated interior. It is a bug. If you put down a manned marid, remove the crew, and then get into that one, you will see the interior.
  13. joostsidy

    Zamak truck driver seat is too high

    These comments are actually a kind of relief to me, I suspected that the whole truck model might be scaled a little to small which makes you feel like you're bumping your head to the roof in the cabin. So the scale of the truck is ok, but the headcam is too high. It would be nice if it was a better head position by default though, so that we wouldn't have to use the buttons. I always adjust the head position in helicopters as well, so I have a feeling it would be worthwhile for BI to just have a critical look at the head position in all of their vehicles.
  14. joostsidy

    JBOY Longboat [Release]

    And after your exciting boatride you can relax here: http://johnnylongboats.com/ (found this while searching for the longboat script)
  15. If you don't actually create anything, you run the risk of just being an Ideas guy EDIT: clarification: there are so many people with just ideas, but usually the interesting challenges and problems that are valuable to discuss will only be revealed if you've got a working prototype. If it's just an idea, maybe it can go here:
  16. joostsidy

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Sometimes, drivers are overwhelmed by their inability to drive normally, so they temporarily stop to break down and cry. Some of the more experienced AI take regular brakes to think of the road ahead of them and plan their route carefully, even if it's just a straight piece of road. Finally, a high percentage of Arma 3 AI drivers are unfortunately alcoholic. One of the biggest reasons for rampant alcoholism among Arma 3 drivers is the existentialist realization that they are just a crappy driver, and not a specops marine with their own campaign. Arma 3 tries to counter this by requiring regular mandatory stops for drivers where they have to clear a breathalizer test that is part of the vehicle. If they don't pass the test, the car won't continue. I hope this anwers your question.
  17. joostsidy

    Re-mapping is a train wreck

    I'm a righty that started playing fps (Doom, Wolfenstein etc.) that don't have mouse control; right hand on numpad for movement and left hand for shooting and strafing (ctrl and alt). When games started to use mouse I kept my right hand on numpad and moved my left hand to the mouse for aiming and shooting. So I play like most lefties. You can be a righty, lefty and/or ambidextrous, where lefties tend to be more ambidextrous.
  18. joostsidy

    Firing from Vehicles feedback

    IMO there is a big difference in spending as many resources as BI can on getting an authentic / realistic game feel, besides unfortunate 'gaps' like flying blackfish tanks, versus spending resources on clearly unrealistic features. I would like Arma to be as authentic as possible where I will do the messing around with stupid shit in the editor or with scripts/mods if it pleases me.
  19. I agree It's not realistic, but IMO it is a good game mechanic. It is a useful tool to quickly take over the controls of AI controlled stations. The AI is not dependable enough to perform well in all situations.
  20. joostsidy

    Former modders interest to come back?

    Did you upload this to the Steam Workshop? I need this for my upcoming Dieselpunk Survival RPG mod. I agree with x3kj. Do it for yourself, or you might go crazy. The internet can be brutal. I've created some very modest mods (mostly retexture/recoloring), but even these can take dozens of hours to create with proper color masks and finetuning the textures for Arma lighting. I've created them just for me and added them on Steam in the interest of sharing. I expected nothing* so I appreciate the downloads and a couple of 'thanks, cheers'. IMO: I feel it is often not worthwhile to invest hundreds or thousands of hours into modding. You will be hindered and disappointed by life events, boredom, restrictions of the game, lukewarm reception, criticism, lack of Arma playing time, etc. For some projects I wished the (very talented) people would have just invested the time in creating their own game instead of attempting an over-ambitious mod for Arma 3! Of course, everyone is free to try, and some beautiful things have been made, but maybe there should be an Arma mod project planning checklist which will give you an estimate of the feasibility of your idea. Some suggestions for questions: true/false - Has anyone ever called you 'idea guy'? - Your mod idea is particularly funny or interesting and will remain so even after staring at it for hundreds of hours - Your mod idea attemps to reflect real life as close as possible with a never ending asymtotic approximation to reality. For instance, it features a CUP compatible Snickers bar with proper 1986 model wrapper delivered to the map in realistic quantities calculated by an economic model with era appropriate parameters. - You are a little surprised that no one attempted or apparently thought of this great idea of this asset that requires full underwater simulation and walking on movable decks with asset size larger than 300m2. * full disclosure: with one mod I decided that I would consider it a succes if more than ten people would download it. They did! :-)
  21. I would be very surprised if the physics calculations are updated by variable framerate, in fact I don't believe that. Visual updates are updated with each frame, but calculations should be done with fixed update determined by delta time method. Else all physics would be completely broken.
  22. joostsidy

    Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    We used to complain about 'magic radar' for tanks that they could spot units close by that they couldn't realistically see. This was fixed, BUT with these extra camera's it actually should be harder to sneak up to a tank isn't it? We'll if it isn't, we'll just pretend the crew is focusing hard on their weapons systems and not their immediate surroundings :-)
  23. joostsidy

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    T100 has an electric drive. It is stealthy and conforms to 2032 Geneva Convention standards on environmentally friendly warfare.
  24. joostsidy

    Tanks DLC: Premium Content Discussion

    I just saw the main dlc page and I am impressed! There is a lot stuff and it will be fun exploring all the new options. To me Arma has always been a unique blend of authenticity and quirkyness. I think this DLC reflects that blend well. There is some seriously impressive equipment in there, but I cant wait to design a mission for me and my friends using the Nyx. It's such an interesting contraption. The addition of missile launchers to lsv's is a very cool addition as well. You can really see the modularity of Arma assets coming together. Now I'm off to sacrifice the four kittens and two bunnies I promised to the gods if tank interiors would ever become a reality again.
  25. I think BI set it like this exactly for the reason to simulate infinite resources. Just as with the fuel consumption / supplies, it's kinda hard to determine a reasonable level of these supplies because of the large variation in mission scope possible. Some missions go on forever and can use realistic fuel and ammo supplies. Most missions are more 'gamey' and could use smaller supplies to add a logistics factor to the mission. A complicating factor is that the whole arma-verse is 'compacted' with much shorter missions times and distances compared to rl, so what is realistic / authentic? Personally, I don't mind the slight cop-out of infinite supplies. In missions where limited supply is a factor I add my own script to give for instance three reloads to your vehicle. Now that I'm thinking about it, another complicating factor is that the supplies consists of magical matter that can be transformed into any reload, like bullets or missiles. If you decrease the supply number you can get weird situations, where you can reload your Browning M2 ten times which sounds good, but can get only one missile from the truck, because the missile is so expensive in 'points'. And maybe these cost points are related to supply mass, so you cannot change it to whatever without creating a mess?