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    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    1. the ai is pretty good in some places, especially compared with other games 2. you have to imagine that the bad parts are made of a network of pipes of a type that are not manufactured anymore. The map of the pipe network is incomplete and the pipes are leaking. If you fix a leak in one pipe, it causes another pipe to leak. Some of the leaks are necessary for the game to run. 'one of the ai guys from the community' would probably run away screaming after a week.. ;-)
  2. joostsidy

    Laws of war van retexture?

    My guess is that the light bars are a hidden selection, but something else than the ones you listed here: "camo1", "camo2". Have a look in the config viewer in the editor to see the specifics of the van.
  3. joostsidy

    What dlc should i get

    Especially if you like diversity and playing with the editor, getting all the extra stuff is a no-brainer. One day you could play a very serious mission or campaign, the next day you can just drive around sightseeing in one of the numerous vehicles. On another day you can test your flying skills by attempting to land on the aircraft carrier with a fast jet.
  4. joostsidy

    AI Spot distance

    {_x disableAI "AUTOCOMBAT"} forEach units(group this); Paste in init field of the squad leader. It prevents soldiers from going automatically into Combat Mode.
  5. joostsidy

    Slow soldier

    Maybe you played Arma for too long and it's affecting your health. You need a break.. We've all been there.. ;-) Seriously though, I did not notice a change in character motion with the last update, so the first thing you might want to try is disable any mods you have and see if the problem is still there.
  6. joostsidy

    Where can I find a copy of the Beast Bandana IRL?

    This is not true about the community. It is just @Grumpy Old Man. He doesn't like a lot of things, whereas you will find for instance that I am a most agreeable person. ;-P Congratulations (no sarcasm) on your acquiring of the bandana, wow, you really wanted that bandana! Also, good call on posting the design on reddit. I was just about to say you can't rob a bank with it if you're the only person in the world with this design.
  7. joostsidy

    Lack of good usermade SP content

    Friends of mine are interested in making missions, but intimidated by how much time I spend on mission making and scripting. I decided to create a MP coop mission without any scripts. Still took me five hours for a very basic linear mission with 4 transport helo's dropping of 8 squads surrounding a target and attacking, supported by a gun ships and two slingloaded LSV's. Finding out how to do stuff with only the editor and just calibrating the whole thing took a lot more time than I expected. A 'normal' mission that I create which usually has a very basic introduction, has no cutscenes etc. however some intelligent variable gameplay and interesting details through scripting takes me about ten hours I think. After OFP I decided to 'cap' myself a bit on mission editing and only create short scripts and recycle them a lot. My main advise for aspiring mission makers would be: work with the quirks of Arma, don't fight the game engine and end up wasting hours getting tiny details right.
  8. Well, imo, if you want to get 100% achievements, you just have to get really good. It is not *collecting* medals, it is *achieving* them at the highest difficulty. I don't mind at all that some achievements are brutal, as long as they are achievable it's fine. These are for the people that really really want it. If you get them, you can be proud and get the bragging rights :-)
  9. joostsidy

    Lack of good usermade SP content

    I have a whole bunch of single player / coop missions that I play myself and with my friends. I think they are fun, but they have almost no story and can be quite difficult. I sometimes think of publishing them but I'm afraid only very few people will like them, so my motivation is low for this. And publishing takes time, you have to kind of 'clean up' the mission to make it suitable for play without further instruction.
  10. joostsidy

    Random though: why did CSAT not receive a MLRS?

    That's because compared to reality, Arma 3 average operation scale is pretty small in area, numbers, weapons, duration etc.
  11. joostsidy

    A vacation on Altis - or - To Limnos and back again.

    I visited Lemnos (Altis) last week and I was very impressed. It is so cool to see the comparison where some parts of Altis are different for esthetic or gameplay reasons (BI made some good choices there) and some parts are so a-like that you get weird deja-vu feelings. In real life, I got surprised in the dark by the sharp bend in the road west of Agios Dionysios! A memory never to forget is to explore the Ghost Hotel in real life! For a long time I thought it was a fictional addition to Altis. I highly recommend visiting the Island if you have the chance. If friends and family object to visiting your 'game island' just mention the charming capital, the beautiful beaches, the historic sights and the famous surfing area. :-) https://imgur.com/a/NA4oG5J
  12. Mortar in direct fire mode, aka hip shot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cB-r352j2FI
  13. The instruments with 'eyes' far apart are called rangefinders.
  14. I did buy the whole HOTAS setup specifically for Arma. I don't have the time to invest into the serious sims, Arma is a nice middle ground for me.
  15. joostsidy

    Random though: why did CSAT not receive a MLRS?

    Yep, I think it got added with a recent update. I have it in Vanilla Arma under the AAF faction.
  16. joostsidy

    Encore Plus

    There is a special thread for wishes and ideas, you should have posted it there: :-)
  17. joostsidy

    Where can I find a copy of the Beast Bandana IRL?

    I am a university library information specialist, who teaches students how find and process information, and I approve this message.
  18. joostsidy

    Arma 3 Navy (Jets DLC)

    It is one ship and it will never be pilotable / walkable, because it's impossible in Arma 3, because of the big size and problems with movable units on movable units. So you have to wait until possibly Arma 4. :-) That said, I like the previous creations of hired studio B01 a lot and I'm happy they are working with BI again. I trust that they will use the time and resources that they have for this to the best of their abilities. The fact that 'fully detailed interior' is mentioned so prominently perhaps indicates that B01 themselves might have wished for more time to work on interiors for the USS Freedom and this is a second chance where interiors are a prominent feature from the start! Anyway, I didn't expect anything of this sort so late in development of Arma 3 so I'm looking forward to this!
  19. joostsidy

    Arma 3 Navy (Jets DLC)

    No, it's a static ship, meaning it is like a building at sea. You can walk on it and in it and it will have nice interior spaces. It is perfect as a launch base for weapons and vehicles or as a target that has to be secured :-)
  20. When you join a forum, maybe do some research first and get acquainted with the community and not start immediately with criticism and know-it-all attitude. I think it's the polite way to go. To answer your question: - It is because of game engine limitations that it is currently impossible to spawn thousands of bullets per minute, especially when multiple vehicles or soldiers are in a scene - I think besides the true in game firing rate the game is already using a trick with spawning one bullet, but deducting three from your ammo kind, to fake a higher firing rate. - Arma 3 is not supposed to be a simulator, it's an entertainment game with some realistic aspects. BI calls it an 'authentic game', not simulation or realistic. All current 3D games are full of tricks and inconsistencies to make us believe we are in a real world. When you look closer at almost any aspect, like the minigun in this case, you will begin to see flaws.
  21. joostsidy

    enemy AI tank

    The best way to kill a tank with explosives is to put the explosives inside the tank and then detonate them. ;-)
  22. joostsidy

    A Mod to manage the AI Squad...

    Can it be that your problem is actually due to mods? I play SP a lot and with me (no infantry related mods) the numbers stay consistent. Nr 3 is the AT guy, and will remain nr 3, even if nr 2 gets killed. This is very useful if you see a tank lumbering around the corner :-)
  23. joostsidy

    Toxic Gas Grenades

    Why is the spawn part included twice in the script?
  24. joostsidy

    USMC 2035

    With each Arma game, I think BI gives priority to the gameplay and the assets to see what is interesting for players and what is do-able for the company. After that/ in combination with that, they tie in the game/assets with the lore. Although this sometimes can lead to some weird or surprising story aspects, personally I like it because it add to the distinctive quirky Arma feel. Some parts are realistic, but you should never take it too seriously. Examples: - I like the main campaign, but it is a lot of Rambo-ing, mainly, I think, because combined arms warfare was too hard too integrate into the campaign - Some of choices for military hardware are dubious, but I am one of the fans of the vanilla assets! BI always tries to insert a little twist in the options that we have. For example the mini-tank (Nyx) in the tank DLC. So the marines are just not there, because it's basically NATO vs CSAT, whereby NATO is US and UK for recognizability and convenience. To make further distinctions in different US army (OOPS, military) branches would not yield extra benefits for most players. Like others said, fortunately we have modding to cater to people who want more authentic details in the game.