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  1. Hi All, Having issues when spawning AI via a function. When I attempt to spawn an enemy using the below set of code: _buildings = nearestObjects [(getMarkerPos _marker), ["house"], 400]; _building = selectRandom _buildings; _buildingPositions = [_building] call BIS_fnc_buildingPositions; _group = createGroup [EAST, true]; _unit = _group createUnit[(selectRandom EnemyUnits), (selectRandom _buildingPositions), [], 0, "NONE"]; Enemies will sometimes spawn floating inside the building, on windows, on crates or outside the building. Is there a more specific function like unit building position that will stop AI spawning on these less than ideal positions? I imagine this is because of the z field in the buildingPos but would like to see if anyone else has experienced this issue and how they've overcome it?
  2. Hi All, Looking for assistance with how to find the closest player to a marker. Have tried using nearestObject with a type of "Player", this returned a Nil result. Any help is greatly appreciated. Regards,
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    Getting this error, Error in expression <throw "System.IO.FileNotFoundException"> Error position: <throw "System.IO.FileNotFoundException"> Error