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    Angles in mission.sqm objects

    Thank you for the replies. I will try these out :)
  2. redmarstrd

    Angles in mission.sqm objects

    Apparently it is in radians indeed. I should have seen it when the factor between the degrees and unknown was about 57.3...
  3. Hello, I have been breaking my head over a certain set of variables in the mission.sqm, generated by the Eden 3D editor. What i am trying to figure out is to what the "angle" array actually has for values. Doesn't seen to be degrees. Maybe radians? I have no idea at the moment. In the editor I have rotation values like x:356.795 y:305.726 z:3.890 . Here is what i have found in the mission.sqm: class Entities { items = 22; class Item0 { dataType = "Object"; class PositionInfo { position[] = {4904.0103,336.05936,21883.053}; angles[] = {6.227246,5.3359337,0.06789292}; <-------------------- }; side = "Empty"; class Attributes{}; id = 19; type = "Land_BagBunker_Small_F"; }; What i am trying to do is to extract this information and use "createvehicle" in a script serverside. I gotten as far as extracting the "position" part, but the "angles" part are values that seem to be different from the usual "degrees" that you find in the 3d editor itself. Does someone have an idea how to convert these angles[] = {6.227246,5.3359337,0.06789292}; values to values that i can use with setVectordir ? Or maybe has a better idea for getting 3D editor information in a servside solution? cheers, Redd