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  1. Apologies for the slow progress on updates guys. I have a day job now in insurance claims haha so my time is basically limited to weekends :P should hopefully have something more on the C2 update this week though :P
  2. Some New Year speed modelling haha Happy New Year everyone :) hope you all have a great 2019 xxx
  3. this is really cool and I absolutely have no problem with you releasing your version of this but for the love of god let me make some new textures and materials (and i guess interior! lol :D ). Because those textures are really bad. They were made when i basically didn't know what I was doing and If i'm honest they kind of hurt my eyes these days lol :P
  4. No not at the moment. They were not of sufficient quality anyway to be honest. Also, not specifially modding related but I am putting out tutorials again if anyone wan't to leanr more about materials/textures :)
  5. And thank you everyone for the warm welcome :)
  6. That was written like 4 or 5 years ago lol. it is no longer my plan going forward and only refers to previous releases
  7. hmmm, maybe. I could open source that project to tbh as i'm not sure how involved in ArmA as a whole i'm going to be in future. I tihnk me and the ArmA community have 'grown apart' these past few months... But still i'd hate to not help if i have the opportunity too so yeah i'll link to the project files very soon :)
  8. Thanks Reid :) that's really nice to hear :)
  9. I'm sorry but I literally have no idea what the Blackfish ViV is
  10. EODS Source files. Long requested. Now available :P