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  1. Important Hint Ok. Since BI decided to make changes to their file patching system it is now impossible to use any mods that use unpacked data in order to work. UNLESS you use the command "-filePatching". Since the Super Soldier Mod uses a loose file system for the sake of customization it too would be affected by the latest patches. So I strongly advise you too use the mentioned parameter until further notice by the mod creatot 2fast. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up about this. :)
  2. damaj0r

    AAF Desert

    Ok, sadly it was neither of my thoughts...not the patch nor EUROFORCE. Instead Dragonfyre Light gets the hickups when using your replacement. But fortunately since Dragonfyre is rather modular it was easy to delete the sound replacement pbo for the Hellcat. Now all of your and EUROFORCEs Hellcats are working again. Even though I don't know why the unarmed Hellcats didn't throw an errors even when using the Dragonfyre file since Dragonfyre only replaces the sound of the engine and stuf like that. :confused: I don't know if you'd still want to look into that but I found my way around the glitch.:) Thanks for the quick reply though.:)
  3. damaj0r

    AAF Desert

    Umm...can anybody confirm that the last update somehow broke the armed AAF Hellcat when using your mod? :eek: Somehow it is only referred to as Helicopter instead of Hellcat in the editor list and when chosen displays the "cannot open bmp.p3d" error message. From what I read about that error it means that something in the config file went wrong. By the way I'm also using the Replacement config. I noticed the glitch when I tried placing a Hellcat from the EUROFORCE addon by IndeedPete and that brought up the previous error message. When I deactivated the optional Replacement Addon I could use any of the armed Hellcats again. I will also look into any compatibility issues with mods like EUROFORCE since I don't have any other mods including the helicopter but that will have to wait until tomorrow. :)
  4. damaj0r

    AAF Desert

    Do you happen to know if there's anything one could do to get the newly added unit insignias to work with your units?:confused: Whenever I call the insignia function on any unit in an AAF Desert uniform it doesn't show up.:icon_neutral: