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  1. The problem is that there is another older version online which is causing the freezes and is not up-to-date: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18949&d=15
  2. army0104

    Fog script

    Is this still working? At least it's not working for me though.
  3. Sorry for the delay, here is my latest RPT file.
  4. Oh, sorry, it was uncommented, just read somewhere that it would be unnecessary, that's why I changed it :P we tried it with it uncommented :\ Edit: Thanks for your help :) will upload the RPT over the weekend ;)
  5. Thanks for your reply. I got the key files from the mod archive. Also I can join without any problems when the mods are loaded. I got a batch file loading my server with the parameters: Start.bat: server.cfg: Does the RPT file has to be when my friend is trying to connect the serve
  6. Hi there! Hopefully I will get an answer here :) I got a very strage problem. I've set up an dedicated server on my client pc with mods and other stuff. It's working really great but my friends can't connect to it, when there are mods enabled. So I disabled battleye etc, remove all mods from the start-up parameters of the server and we all can join with our mods installed. Great, except that TFAR is waiting for the server to initialize. Of course it's failing because there are no active mods on the server. After adding only CBA and TFAR to the start-up parameters of the server they can't connect. Their versions are up-to-date and the same as installed on my server. They just get the error: "connection failed". It's not even showing in my log etc. All "anti-cheat" features, verifications, etc disabled. Is this a TFAR related problem? Can anyone help me? Thanks, Army
  7. What kind of mods do you have installed? Or did you fixed your problem?
  8. army0104

    Picture in Picture flickering

    Did you tried lowering the settings of PiP?