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  1. Hey Shay, thanks for the help on Youtube the other day. Do you think you'll ever have it so you can have multiple users using MCC at the same time similar to how the multiple Zeus setup works? I'm currently trying to setup Assistant DMs for my group as we play more in a "DnD" type session for Arma 3. The issue with multiple Zeus is they can't control units they don't place.
  2. Rectorol

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    So I'm using the following modules turned on. and I have this Set to 1200 seconds. This is the first time I've tried these settings and the only thing I changed to our operation settings for last night. After we revived our pilot after he crashed and brought him back to base he died. I didn't clock it at the time but it was around 20 minutes. Our other pilot had a similar thing happen to him. One of our infantry fireteams had the same thing happen to them after they got ran over by a t72 (From RDS Tank Pack). So I decided to test it again today but couldn't replicate it, and then during the op when one of our trucks blew up, after everyone was revived and fully back up they died when the unconscious timer hit. Put the time down to 180 seconds and spent time trying to replicate it and couldn't. I'm not sure what's up and will continue to test it to try and replicate, if you have any ideas though I'd be glad to hear. Since I haven't screwed around with the bleeding coefficient yet, how does this work in relation to the unconscious. Can you bleed out faster than the unconscious timer?
  3. Rectorol

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Latest AGM added in a new key so you have to manually check it each time. Should be default "tab". It's on the first page of the AGM options i believe.
  4. Rectorol

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hi I'm trying to create a medical training mission for my group based on AGM. I've got the this setVariable ["AGM_AllowUnconscious", true]; added into the line for the AI. However I want to spawn them unconscious, using this setDamage 1; they start fully dead. Is it possible to set it up so that the AI spawn unconscious?
  5. Rectorol

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    AGM is amazing a couple things though Is there currently a way to swap from using the person you are working on medical supplies and use your own first? Also cable ties on prisoners keep timing out when combat is nearby. (only AI) On Version 0.93
  6. Rectorol

    [Suggestions] Zeus Custom Units and Saving Missions

    Getting used to Zeus and MCC working together is amazing and is the best way you're going to run dynamic missions for your group(s). The latest update to MCC made it extremely simple for newer users to get started with, honestly hop on an empty server and play around with MCC + Zeus together for a few hours and you'll figure everything out pretty easily.