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  1. wolkenbeisser

    Check if player is in a specific turret

    Thanks everybody! Problem solved. All provided solutions work now. 🙂👍 The only thing left for me now is to find out which solution fits best for my scenario. Btw. @ killzone_kid: Got the syntax for turretUnit corrected now. So my example would look like this (here the turret of the copilot "[0]" is included): vehicle player isKindOf "Helicopter" and ( (driver (vehicle player)) isEqualTo player or (gunner (vehicle player)) isEqualTo player or (vehicle player turretUnit [0] == player) )
  2. wolkenbeisser

    Check if player is in a specific turret

    Thanks killzone Code of the condition field of the trigger now looks like this: vehicle player isKindOf "Helicopter" and ( (driver (vehicle player)) isEqualTo player or (gunner (vehicle player)) isEqualTo player or (vehicle player turretUnit turret, [0]] == player) ) But it still doesn't work. I can't even klick the OK-button of the trigger. I imagined that I had to leave the "if" and the "then", as they are already represented by the condition field and the on activation field of the trigger. But even leaving these I stil get an error message. It says missing ")" which is not correct (all the brackets match perfectly). @ sarogathtyp: Thanks for your reply too, but I have no idea how I can compare the player object with the first elements of all nested array... that really sounds like chinese to me (as I said, I have no idea about programming, so... I'm really lost with that requirement).
  3. wolkenbeisser

    Check if player is in a specific turret

    Thanks for your reply sarogahtyp But, that's not exactly what I need (except I miss the meaning of fullCrew somehow). I already know who is in the vehicle. --> It's always the player (who is a local thing on each client I guess). By the way 1: The code will be used for a MP-mission. By the way 2: Another great thing would be if I could somehow save the headgear the player has before replacing it. Because with that I could give it back to him as soon as he leaves the chopper (within the "onDeact" field of the trigger). But I don't think that this is possible, so I would already be happy with the answer to my original question. Thanks guys.
  4. Hi everybody In a trigger I have the following condition: vehicle player isKindOf "Helicopter" and ( (driver (vehicle player)) isEqualTo player or (gunner (vehicle player)) isEqualTo player or (commander (vehicle player)) isEqualTo player ) With this I would like to check if the player is the driver/gunner/commander of the helicopter he just entered and can give him another headgear (a helmet for example). The reason I do this is because I don't want the player to have another headgear when he enters into a cargo space. Now the problem is: It works great for driver and gunner, but the commander doesn't work, as he sits in a turret. So I'm now looking for a way to replace the term "commander" with a code that checks the turret. Something like this: ([vehicle player turret, [0]] (vehicle player)) isEqualTo player Sorry if the question looks stupid. I'm not a programmer and therefore have almost no knowlege about code. I googled for an hour now with "Arma 3 check if unit is in a specific turret" (and with similar search words) but I couldn't find anything that solves my problem - or maybe I didn't understand it. So thanks everybody for your help and kind regards Wolkenbeisser
  5. Hi everybody One of my worst nightmares (regarding Arma3) has come true. Some buildings have no longer the same height above ground since 1.68. In many many of my missions i placed object inside buildings (target courses, offices, medical rooms, command posts... you name it). And they were all perfectly set to the correct height. But since 1.68 some of the buildings have different heights and due to that my objects now float in the air. Example: I put some desks, computers, screens, mices, water bottels, etc. into the airfield tower of Tuvanaka (on Tanoa). To make sure they are absolutely precise on the spot, where I wanted them, I switched off "simulation" of these objects and adjusted their height manually. And they still have that height after 1.68. BUT the tower seems to be 0.5m lower now.... great! Everything is floating in the air now! If I would have that problem only within one building in one mission, no big deal. But I have more than 50 missions. And in most of them I have several buildings with several objects inside. Work of almost a year. BIS, are you serious about that? Can I have the old buildings back, please? I'm not willing to spend half a year for correcting my missions. Anybody else has this problem? Any ideas, solutions? Thanks very much P.S: Im almost at the point, where I throw Arma3 out of the window....
  6. Wow, thanks engima! Now, everything works as expected. Thanks a lot for your great script - and for your support of course. Best regards from Switzerland Wolkenbeisser
  7. @engima: Cool! I tried traffic with a whitelist marker (didn't change the script at all, only the parameters in ConfigAndStart.sqf, as you proposed) and it works great! --> No longer civ traffic in restricted areas... But one question is still left (as I'm not really a script crack): Within the civilians script I use this code to prepare the civilans for "counting the player murders on civilians" ---> ["ON_UNIT_SPAWNED_CALLBACK", {_unit = (_this select 0); _unit addEventHandler ["KILLED",{call GDT_fnc_civCounter}];}], How do I have to change that code for the vehicles (resp. drivers) of the traffic script? My goal is, that the drivers of the cars spawned by the traffic script also count as victims if players kill too many civilians. Thanks in advance everybody for your support :-)
  8. Great script. But there are two things I'm really missing: - Possibility to add an eventhandler to the crew of the vehicle (this feature is in the civilians script, why not here? If you count civ-murdering, drivers from the traffic script are excluded) - Possibility to add blacklist markers as in the civilians script (traffic ignores the blacklist markers from civilians)
  9. wolkenbeisser

    Civilian Occupation System (COS)

    I tried COS on Stratis (I like COS :) )and switched to debug mode to find out the marker names for the blacklist. All names work, except Stratis Airbase and Kamino-Schiessplatz. What are the correct names for these two locations for the blacklist? Thanks.