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    United States Air Force

    I collided with a rock when flying fast in the b1 (Afterburners and swept swings) but I survived, for a moment anyway. The plane seemingly "bounced" off the rock before hitting the ground and exploding. I suspect this is a bug because the damage indicator didn't change (it remained white), now I am unsure if this is a game engine limitation or if it is a bug with the plane but I thought I would let you know.
  2. natpro38

    BWPH4273 projects

    I am looking forward for your SR-71, is there any chance of an alpha release or more screens of it in-game?
  3. natpro38

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I doubt anyone would take this up but I would like a YF-12A with close to real performance. In fact I would be happy with just about any of the Lockheed's "Blackbird" family and maybe a large map for flying around (not just for a high speed jet). If anyones up for it there was also a proposed bomber variant (B-71) that was never taken up. A few ideas: All: They could require a starter cart, set off with low amount of fuel and rendezvous with one of the refueling planes available. YF-12A: Speed off to intercept a bomber (or two) using radar. SR-71/A-12: Recon mission, need to photograph a target site for bombing/strike force. M-21/D21: Fly to target altitude and speed and successfully release drone. B-71: Fast strike bombing mission. It would fit for a coldwar/vietnam era mod, I just want it for flying around for fun. If anyone does read this and takes it up, Thank you.
  4. natpro38

    United States Air Force

    Hi there, I would like to first congratualate you for the progress made on this mod. I would like to ask if there any plans for adding an SR-71/A-12/YF-12. while I know that a High-Speed, High-Altitude Recon plane does not really fit with the game (except perhaps the YF-12, and there was a proposal for a bomber variant) I think it may fit in with this mod. I can just see it: taking off and accelerating to meet up with a KC-135(Q), refueling, changing direction and speeding off for the main mission and then heading back. I could even see it as it's own mod with a start-up cart, interactable cockpit (Similar to Peral's A-10C) and leaking fuel while on the runway, but I lack the skills for this and I doubt ,with the fact it is also decomisioned, anyone would make it (gone off track abit). one a side note, there is the SR-72 which is planned to have a release about the time frame the game is set. Thank you for your time and your amazing addon.