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  1. If you want shots from Halo 2 in a similar was as using the pan cam from Halo 3, there is a program called Entity you can use. It's a BSP and level viewer/modifier for Halo 2. All of the cutscenes are done in engine, so their characters and geometry are present in the level, usually somewhere outside the map. For example, that bridge you want pictures of, the one shown in the Delta Halo level intro, that exists. I would offer to get you those pictures, but I'm away from my computer for about 3 more weeks. I can try to walk you through how to make entity work and all that, though it's a bit of a trick. Regardless, either drop me a pm or holler here if that helps. Quick caveat regarding entity, the textures and lighting are not correct in the PC viewer. I could use it to create a modified spawn from a campaign level that puts you on the bridge in game, but that takes more time. This could also be used to look at all the character and vehicle models, but the same issues of color exist. Also, vehicles or characters with permutations or destructible surfaces show all possible states at the same time. Looks kinda odd, but it's just how it works.