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  1. I'm experiencing a problem with my Object Builder viewport. The mouse constantly flickers while trying to move the camera around, and the sensitivity of the mouse is painfully slow, likely because of this flickering. Even with Direct3D enabled this issue is apparent. My mousepad is 8 inches wide and utilizing all of that space with the mouse doesn't even move the orbit of the camera 90 degrees. This has occurred for months now and I'm dreading the mere thought of opening this program because how strenuous it is.


    Please, does anyone have a fix, or any idea on where to start to fix this? I've tried reinstalling Tools. I've tried countless combinations of settings in the compatibility mode for the program, yet nothing has worked. I'm running windows 10, and I've heard that the fall update may have caused similar issues. Has this bug really gone months without resolution?

  2. 50m is the largest a model can be while still retaining collision, that is 25m from the origin point (0,0) in the x/y plane. Height however can be incredibly high, as far as 100m if I remember right, and still retain collision.


    My knowledge comes from buildings and environmental structures. A vehicle/character might have different properties at larger sizes, but the geometry limit is pretty universal.

  3. It seems like you've created the foundation of hand-to-hand combat, and then extended that to lightsaber combat. Would you consider the possibility of releasing a medieval sword mod using that shared hand-to-hand combat? You've done so well with animations and the striking that it would be a shame if it was limited to only lightsabers.


    Nonetheless, your mod work has always amazed me.

  4. im a bit worried about what you said in the subreddit, about limiting the content to halo reach... Shouldn't you try to pick up the best of every halo game?

    We're going off reach as the main reference point as it's close to the time period we're shooting for. That isn't to say it's the ONLY halo game we'll look for ideas/inspiration, we still have a rich universe full of things that can't be found in reach.

  5. You bloody children

    I'm making a forum account just to tell you how stupid you're all being. Pathetic:mad:

    It's not an easy decision. But after reviewing all the steps we've taken and what has happened, there is no other alternative.

    Since everyone else is doing this, just to get it out of the way:

    My models include:

    • Scythe AA

    • UNSC watchtower

    • Modular base walls

    • Specops building

    • Communications dish http://i.imgur.com/MLGBhAK.png

    • M168 demo charge

    • Military office/barracks

    • Radiobox

    • Billboard

    • Equipment crate

    • Weapons crate (before overhaul)

    • Old Mombasa Buildings

    I'm sorry it has come to this. I'm using my right to pull the models I've created in the development of TEI.

    To the community, this sounds like the end, but while people still have the desire to drop feet first into hell and bip bap bam those innies, we'll still have a desire to make it come true. :bye:

  6. http://www.halowars.com/assets/leaderpowers3/ob2.jpg

    Halo wars alpha/beta had some interesting building designs, may be good concepts for base structures for maps, like using the original UNSC firebase (shown under "wars") as a large bunker

    Only issue with some of the buildings is they have ramps leading to underground portions. This is impossible for Arma, so I'm focusing on buildings like http://imgur.com/a/Paibt

  7. The game is coming along great. I recently purchased the alpha and have to say it's amazing what is already finished.

    My friend and I were messing around with the Mobile Lab:

    http://i.imgur.com/5Bmys0n.jpg (117 kB)

    (Photo Credit: Dram)

    We noticed on the side it says pressurized, and the back has an airlock.

    So it got me thinking of a way to make it pressurized. Perhaps a menu on the driver panel can pressurize the rover, which also locks the two side doors from being accessed. The only entrance would be the airlock in the back.

    I don't know how hard it is to implement, but it would be cool to have a mobile fob instead of running back to base for oxygen.

    I'm glad you guys are so open with your games.

  8. Now if only there were a way to script it, where there is a player who lands on a ship. Ounce he gets out and onto the ship, it automatically uses "attachtowithmovement", and when a player leaves the ship, it automatically disables it for that player, or something along those lines.. This way, you can actively use an asset such as a drivable LCS/LHD, and enable the ability of live and active deployment. Being able to operate from a small ship in a multiplayer session would be really amazing, especially if you are able to walk on it while it's moving.

    Perhaps check for distance between the player and ship, and then check to see if the player isn't in a vehicle?

  9. Are there going to be slightly different armor variations, like the Marine version without the leg armor plates?

    I believe we made the decision to have light and heavy army variants, the light variant will not have as much armor (leg armor). I'm not sure about heavy marines though, I'm sure Space knows about it.

    In other news, I'm currently working on the generator for the orbital defense platform.


    Pardon the MsPaint:


    Also, barracks:


    Each one should hold 18 soldiers. This is an old pic, when I get home I'll edit this post with the newer version, it has a door and a keypad.




    Concept screenshot of the generator facility put together.

    The reactor complex seen here: ODG Facility A-331 http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20131008034034/halo/images/c/ca/ODG_Facility_A-331.png




  10. Sorry you're having an issue with this, for starts:


    "Pilot" the dude jumping.


    [this,"STAND","FULL",{(player distance _this) < 5}] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnimCombat;



    hideObject this;

    You may need to use the setvectorup command (this setVectorUp [0,0,1];) if the bunker is on rough ground.

    "Plane" (I used a block for this)


    this attachto [bunker,[0,0,200]]; pilot attachto [plane,[0,0,0]]; detach pilot;

    Some of the pilot Init is in the plane so it will occur in proper sequence.

    When initialized, the unit MUST be touching the roadway lod, otherwise the game will lock it in freefall animation. This only occurs beyond 100m elevation. Depending on the plane, you need to adjust the attachto command for the pilot.


    You can now jump from the platform. and you'll lock into freefall.


    You can download this here:


    Wanted to keep it simple, I didn't bother to place it into an .sqf

    I'm sure there is a better way to do it, this was just a simple way to place a loadout area before jumping.