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  1. Can't wait to see all of that. I've been following another thread that was developing an attachtowithmovement script, basically allowing players to walk around on moving vehicles. It would fit perfectly with the moving castle that is the Mammoth. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?170227-AttachToWithMovement-Walkable-Vehicle-Interriors-and-Exterirors
  2. That beast is absolutely my favorite vehicle from the Halo universe. Yes, that would be crazy and beautiful at the same time.:bounce3:
  3. Awesome, I'm looking forward to seeing some more crazy development.
  4. Wow, that was pretty fast. The bay looks fantastic, walking into the room from the briefing and preparing to drop will be epic. All of the pieces are falling into place, the warthog looks great. Are you planning on adding different variants like the transport warthog?
  5. It's looking good, can't wait to see it finished and textured.
  6. http://i.imgur.com/ZxVczmZ.png (4929 kB) This might help. The main issue is the Paris Class frigate doesn't have hatches there, so I don't know if a drop bay will fit.
  7. The ODST drop depicted in Halo 3: ODST was from a marathon-class heavy cruiser (UNSC Say My Name). Marathon Bay: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090910091339/halo/images/thumb/5/5f/Concept_dropbay.png/524px-Concept_dropbay.png (226 kB) Frigate Style Bay: I can't give an accurate location right now, but I'll research where the bay is on the Paris-Class. Edit: Found where the bays are: This next image shows an ill-fated frigate, but the hatches can be seen behind the lower cargo bay: http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110414034630/halo/images/6/6b/Ffg-127.png (2318 kB) However this is not the same frigate model as the one you have, so placing it somewhere near the pelican bays might be a better idea.
  8. Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 (now Master Chief Special Warfare Operator of the Navy) is a spartan-II. The Spartan-II Program was created to completely wipe out the Insurrectionists, who had claimed the lives of millions both civilian and military. But due to the Human-Covenant War a few groups of rebels maintained and attacked the UNSC inflicting small blows resulting in resource loss. The ODST's (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper's) are a completely different group of specialized soldiers branching from the UNSC marines. They've been trained in deep ground recon, direct action and guerrilla warfare to name the few. After their first drop onto mars, in which was a battleground against neo-communist rebels, they became increasingly used in other high-risk operations. The ODST's had become one of the UNSC's greatest ground forces, destroying enemy supply lines and stopping major terrorist attacks that could have claimed the lives of millions more.
  9. Also, have you contacted spacenavy90 about his plans? Is he still working on the units? I don't want to begin something that someone else has already started.
  10. I don't really have any experience on the mod side of things, I'm more of a mission and scripting guy. But I want to learn all the stuff about mods and configs, so once I get the basics down I might be able to help with some stuff here and there. I really want to see this mod turn into something great. But you'll still need more people, I have no experience making mods, so I'm basically useless right now.
  11. I guess it would be okay if it had proper autohover. But it depends on how the pelican flies, if it flies like the osprey in Arma II, then the auto-hover will only switch to vtol mode, but if it is configured like a helicopter, then the autohover will actually counter the player control to keep velocity down.
  12. Wow, that is cramped. I'm sure that pilots can find there way out, it's getting back in that's going to be the challenge. Maybe a forced animation to return it to the bay would be a good idea later on. BTW: Nice Pelican model, can't wait to see it with some textures.
  13. I use this line for High Altitude jumps from c-130's. I've used it up to 9000 meters. In the unit Init: [this,"STAND","FULL",{(player distance _this) < 5}] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnimCombat; It returns the player to the default stand animation. However, there are some issues like getting out of vehicles will cause the player to return to the free-fall until they have removed both primary and secondary weapons. I would consider the free-fall a buggy feature right now, since it can't register when a player isn't falling. Hope this helps.
  14. It's looking awesome, but are you having an issue with the never ending free fall animation above 100m though?
  15. Really nice, I'm hoping to see where this goes. I'm quite sad Microsoft would hold back a PC version. I'm a halo fan and have always dreamt of large scale battles using strategic planning. I can't even imagine dropping feet first into hell. http://i.imgur.com/yWF4tE6.jpg (244 kB) I'm sure you've already got one started, but here is a concept piece that I used a while back. I prefer the center one since it is the most commonly used variant of the SOEIV. http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140409143551/halo/images/a/a0/H3ODST_Pod.jpg (137 kB)
  16. indoorbradster

    ASM - Arma Samples Mod

    Shame, this would have opened many windows especially bridging modern war assets with the near futuristic concepts of Arma 3.:(
  17. indoorbradster

    ASM - Arma Samples Mod

    All the images have 403'd, I remember being able to see the gallery a few months ago.
  18. Users>User>AppData>Local>Arma3>MPMISSONCACHE That should give you the multiplayer mission pbo history of servers such as wasteland or life. It should have everything from icons to scripts. Unless you are looking for a direct download, then I don't know if that exists.
  19. I would love to see a polished script for food and water with gui icons aswell.
  20. indoorbradster

    No damage while near building

    That fixed the insta-kill. I never thought to reset the speed of the building. Thanks for fixing this issue, glad I didn't resort to an invincible zone.
  21. Hello all, Apart of a mission I'm making requires the player to set a building down. I accomplished this by attaching it to the player and adding a "place" action for the player. But now when the player "places" the building, coming in contact with the building is lethal. So I would like to know if there is anyway to create a perimeter around the building so if the player comes close, he/she becomes invincible. If anyone understands why the player may be dying on contact, I would love to understand how to fix it.
  22. indoorbradster

    No damage while near building

    Not only stops, the player must move in any direction other than forward, so if a script forced-moved the player backwards, it wouldn't happen anymore. The issue with the workarounds is the fact that other objects are attached to the building like tables. The player has the option to move the building repeatedly. I'll try some more, thanks for the help.
  23. indoorbradster

    Help with a script for Hunger/Thirst

    Thanks, that helped tremendously.:D
  24. I've started working on a survival mission, and needed to find a simple hunger/thirst script. I've been playing with this > http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?167118-Survival-Basic-Needs-Script However it isn't working for me at all, and instead of digging up this thread I thought I could get some fresh help. Two things I need to continue: to understand whats wrong with the script and how to remove the "addactions" from the player when it is unnecessary. Any help is appreciated. ;)
  25. indoorbradster

    Help with a script for Hunger/Thirst

    That's pretty much what I would need, however I'm not experienced with scripting. Do you still have the script for reference?