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  1. thesuperkuif

    Multiple Trigger Problem

    Yeah dont get me wrong here, I love triggers because they are so easy to use. But anyway i got it working now just by changing the group name to enka3 instead of enka2 and ofcourse change it in the trigger too. I just find it strange why i need to do this to make it work while with my other triggers it worked the first time. Anyway thanks for the help!
  2. thesuperkuif

    Multiple Trigger Problem

    I'm begining to think the same thing as well. I have made a different arma 3 scenerio before and after a while i added a trigger wich seemed to be doing random things. The thing is just that i'm not yet good enough to know how to replace those triggers.
  3. thesuperkuif

    Multiple Trigger Problem

    Hey Pierremgi, The groups are all there, the script should just be working. And like i said it does work but only when i complete a different objective after seizing the faulty one. Almost as if it needed a reminder to update or something. The strange this is is that it should just work like the rest of those simular triggers but somehow it doesnt :( Thanks for the quick reply
  4. Hey Everyone, I'm having issues with 2 out of 7 identical triggers. I have made several bases each have their own trigger responisble for completing the task and changing some map markers and flags. Most of them seem to work but 2 of them will only fire once i complete a different objective after supposedly completing the faulty one. I have checked all the conditions of the trigger and where its synced to etc but i cant find any typo's or mistakes. Does anyone know if this is a known issue for having too much triggers? Faulty trigger example: Condition : {alive _x} count units enka1 == 0 && {alive _x} count units enka2 == 0; On Activation : "KaminoMarkerRed" setMarkerAlpha 0; "KaminoMarkerBlue" setMarkerAlpha 1; KaminoFlag setFlagTexture "\A3\Data_F\Flags\Flag_nato_CO.paa"; KaminoBanner setObjectTexture [0,"\A3\Data_F\Flags\Flag_nato_CO.paa"]; Thanks in advance! *Edit : I got it working now just by changing one group's name to enka3 instead of enka2.
  5. thesuperkuif

    Reusable Strategic Map

    Larrow, you are a genius! It works perfect now. Thanks a lot!
  6. thesuperkuif

    Reusable Strategic Map

    Hey Mr H, I have tried to do this with scripts as well and it worked however this means i have to do allot of scripting for all of my mission modules. Perhaps there is a way to link them in a script by names?
  7. thesuperkuif

    Reusable Strategic Map

    Hey Play3r, The trigger is indeed set to repeat however this doesnt seem to have any effect :(
  8. Hello everyone, i have created a whiteboard with an addAction script that will activate a trigger wich is synched to the Open Strategic map module. This all seems to work fine however once the strategic map is openend once it cannot be activated again. So my question is how to make addAction repeatable or how to link my strategic map modules to a script? The addaction script in my whiteboard : this addaction ["Choose Insertion Point",{Trigger_Con = true; publicVariable "Trigger_Con";}]; Condition field of the trigger : Trigger_Con; I have been searching the internet for hours now without any luck and so i hope some of you here knows the answer. Sorry if my english is a little rubbish and if this is the wrong section of the forum. Thanks in advance