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  1. Hello, Yes as the title says: Im stuck and have been for days now.... Im apparently not the only one getting stuck the same place as mem but something i must do wrong.. Someone plz help me out -_- ? Thx in advance.
  2. Yes I already know that. The thing im trying to find out is how to host a multiplayer editing session, for people to join and participate in building on the map and maybe with a 3D editor to help out..
  3. Yes I know that's possible to do, but I dont have the hardware specs or nor the bandwidth to host a server - In larger SP missions my mouse keeps freezing every 5 sec. Daamn you Bohemia ! -.-
  4. Hello, iv been trying to find out if there is a way to edit the Altis Life map (in multiplayer), adding scripts, shops, objects, etc. I know this is not the Altis life forums, but since im am referring to the Map Editor I thought it might be the right places to post. Well as some of you properly know its pretty simple to do on your own system, you simply just start a LAN or Internet server by pressing "NEW" in the multiplayer section where you see the server list and off you go, you can now edit in multiplayer. Its not the same on a shared game box or a deticated server.. I just have just setup my the server, cant find the option to load the arma map editor on my server.. I think its pretty weird you cant do it on a shared box or deticated server, considering its almost the same thing when you host it on the internet or on a LAN. Any help is appreciated ;) Thx in advance!
  5. Thats some cool looking textures im gona try it out .
  6. snippi


    Nice work looks damn cool, can i use this for my server or is it restricted ?
  7. This is absolute the most handy and properly the biggest addon you ever can imagine having by your side, it saves you so much time going trough websites looking for objects 1 by 1. :j: Just love the idea behind it, Keep stacking up objects !