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    co10 Escape

    I've been playing this mission for the past 5 years, and I remember playing something similar in the years before that, stretching all the way back to Arma 2 (not sure if it was yours). To this day, I have yet to actually complete it. I always play on super expert (1st person lock, expert AI, no HUD, etc...), and with at least 4 of my friends. We've gotten extremely close sometimes. But the day we beat it we'll have a big celebration or something lol. There is just something about this scenario that allows it to act as a timeless classic to me and my friends. We've joked about making a standalone game around this concept (similar to PUBG's start), but I think the base game of Arma 3 allows it to reach the heights that it does. I'm surprised that you are still here pumping out updates for this. I guess it's for people like me who enjoy the challenge, but still, it is nice to see. Do you have any other plans for this concept? My friends and I dream of a day where we can play it with more than 15fps. That'll be the day, lol. Great stuff, Sal.
  2. tuffleader

    co10 Escape

    Hi NeoArmageddon. Me and a couple of friends love playing your escape missions for RHS and CAF for ArmA 3. However, we cannot figure out how to complete your mission. We are unable to "hack the comms center". The farthest we get is getting the UAV bag, using the "Hack" option on the metal box, and then setting up the darter. We don't know what to do with it from this point. Are we missing something? Would really hope for this to be resolved if possible.