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  1. Hello everyone,


    i´ve encountered a hacker/glitch user whatever you like to call him.


    Gamemode was Clash (so usually no respawn, and definitively not on his mate i just killed.

    Time was around 22:00 CET (Berlin Time).

    His name is glum24

    You can see what i mean in the video i´ve linked.




  2. On 26.6.2017 at 5:59 AM, Omega1543 said:

    Hi Bohemia / Argo Team.

    I would love to host a Official Argo server. I got a dedicated a gaming server just to see if it was possible...
    Mind you it only cost $15AUD so no big loss.

    However it is rendered pointless, i will be canceling it due to no rewards being on the XP or Money side of things.


    The point of Argo or the thing that brings players back is the progression.

    Personal i think it would benefit Argo as there are not many OFFICIAL Oceania servers...
    Community Ranked / Hosted sever would be great however it would only work if BI / Argo made a application forum with
    transparency from the severer owners and working closely with them / giving them access to the server itself.

    I love the game so do my friends however servers are limited where we are from.

    I think Bi / Argo should look into making Official Server Applications.
    however it should be strict, and non forgiving guidelines.


    1. Its saves them having to manage IT.
    2. Expanding the player base in certain countries. (Oceania / Australia)


    1. Assholes who try to change or hack / tamper with the reward system.
    2. Non Complaint Server owners.

    Fell free to ad to this list of pros and cons.


    dedicated gaming server for 15 bucks... stopped reading there.